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They ran out of sherry on Peggy’s birthday: Tues 13.11.12 #thearchers

The Archers Tuesday 13th November 2012
  • “Well, I couldn’t miss Granny’s birthday”
  • Peggy is 88
  • Matt’s working
  • What’s funny about The Bull?
  • Tom brings a rubbish gift
  • Pat and Tony aren’t allowed into the living room
  • “Most Chinese people are lactose intolerant”
  • Leonie is Annie Wilkes
  • Jennifer didn’t just want a cucumber
  • Even Brian has sympathy

“Well, I couldn’t miss Granny’s birthday”

So says Leonie.

Who invited herself to Peggy’s birthday.

And then has the nerve to call Peggy ‘granny’.


Later on, Leonie called Jennifer ‘Jen’.

To her face.


[Leonie] “You have such a close family. I’m just so touched you’ve let me been part of it.”


I don’t think Leonie stands a chance of being a real part of their family if she keeps on path she’s taken …

Peggy is 88

Well done, Peggy.

As well as the family party, Peggy had coffee at The Bull with Jill and Christine. And was most tickled that Kenton brought her out a brownie, with a sparkler with it.

Matt’s working.

As Jennifer said, he couldn’t even spare an hour for Peggy.

Badly done, Matt.

What’s funny about The Bull?

[Leonie] “I still find it’s hilarious that’s where your mum grew up.”

[Peggy, offended] “Really?”

[James] “Why do you think she’s always got a drink in her hand!”

Peggy was not amused.

Tom brings a rubbish gift

He brought Peggy a Tom Archer hamper prototype.

[Tom] “So much of it was your idea gran, I just wanted to say thank you.”

Well, I suppose the sentiment was right. And the hamper itself is probably full of yumminess.

But couldn’t he just have avoided something with ‘Tom Archer’ for one day?

Just for Peggy?

Pat and Tony aren’t allowed into the living room

Nobody said as such, but they certainly weren’t heard of in the living room …

“Most Chinese people are lactose intolerant”

According to James. Which means milk prices will plummet as it’s a ‘ticking time bomb’.

Brian does not agree.

Leonie is Annie Wilkes

Leonie’s rude about Mike and Vicky

Brenda was telling folks that Mike was made to watch a birth

A pre-recorded one, during Vicky’s antenatal.

[Leonie] “I must say, I think they’re being incredibly brave, what an appalling shock for them.”

[Brenda] “Actually, they’re very happy.”

[Leonie] “Well, I suppose there’s no point in dwelling on it.”

Later on …

[Brenda] “I could have scratched her eyes out.”

[Tom] “A brainless, made in Chelsea, reality show wannabe.”

[Brenda] “Exactly, although I was going to say the only way is Essex.”

James comes in, being nursed by Leonie (almost literally).

[Brenda] “It’s a good thing he’s got you to look after him.”

[Tom] “It means he can’t escape … what’s that film, about the famous novelist who crashes his car … he gets held captive by a crazy nurse …”

[Brenda] “Misery!”

[Tom] “That’s the one … have you seen it Leonie? It’s like you’ve been taking notes.”

Tom asks Jennifer if she’s seen Misery.

[Tom] “We think Leonie’s got a similar bedside manner.”

Jennifer has a wee chuckle at that.

[Tom] “You out to look out James. There’s no escape.”

[Brenda] “Even when you get better.”

[Tom] “She’ll probably try to …”

[Brenda] “Break your legs again!”

Poor Leonie.

Ganged up on, and she doesn’t get the joke.

Jennifer didn’t just want a cucumber

[Lilian] “Is this all you really wanted me for, to pass you a  cucumber?”

Mais non.

Jennifer wanted to talk to Lilian about Matt.

She must have finally realised Lilian’s been trying to tell her she’s not exactly happy.

[Lilian] “As soon as he heard she was coming, he was suddenly overwhelmed with paperwork … It’s like everything else though. He’s never around … If he really loved me, he could at least spare a couple of hours to be by my side … I’ll know he’ll never be the most empathetic of partners, but it’d be nice to feel that we’re on the same side … juts a quick smile, or a touch on the arm … I can’t remember the last time we were alone together and we felt completely at ease.”

[Jennifer] “He does love you though Lilian.”

[Lilian] “He needs me … That’s a different thing … and I'm getting pretty tired of living my life through ultimatums.”

Even Brian has sympathy

[Brian on James] “The nonsense he was coming out with about the Chinese … Lilian’s got her hands full with those two.”

Goodness me, it must be awful if even Brian is noticing.

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