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Robert had a sausage! In a bap!!!: Mon 05.11.12 #thearchers

(Bonfire Night 2012)

The Archers Monday 5th November 2012
  • Hourly breaks for smokers
  • Robert’s started The Globe
  • Kenton’s the binding agent
  • Hilary Noakes is right!
  • David’s happy for Kenton
  • Tomato sauce gave the game away
  • Leonie seems to be back for good

Hourly breaks for smokers

Is what Naomi has persuaded Fallon is the norm at Jaxx.

Kirsty says it isn’t, so Fallon calls Kenton. Who confirms it isn’t.

When Fallon asks Naomi is she’s sure about the rule, Naomi gets uppity that she’s being called a liar.

Oh dear.

Not to happy a start to Fallon’s managerial career.

Robert’s started The Globe

He really is Lynda’s perfect match.

Kenton’s the binding agent

[Lynda] “It feels so unfocused. A song here, a sonnet there …”

Lynda’s worried that her Elizabethan Christmas Extravaganza isn’t really hanging together.

Robert’s on grand form again:

[Robert] “What you need is a Lord of Misrule … he could act as a sort of compare.”

And who could that Lord of Misrule be?

[Lynda] “You would be the thread running through the whole production, bringing the show to life, and drawing it to a close.”

[Kenton] “Sorry Lynda, but …”

[Lynda] “The Lord of Misrule … with your natural bon ami and sense of mischief.”

[Kenton] “Well I’ve been called plenty else, but Lord of Misrule, it does have a certain ring to it …”

[Lynda] “Can I take that as a yes then? It won’t work without a start performer of your quality.”

[Kenton] “No, I’m sorry Lynda, Jolene won’t forgive me if I duck out of my duties at The Bull.”

[Robert] “Very wise, don’t upset the boss.”

[Lynda] “Robert!”

[Robert] “See …”

[Lynda] “Honestly, off all the times for him to decide to be sensible.”

So, Lynda asks Jolene. Jolene’s fine about it, and (actually) Kenton did want to do it.

Two minutes behind the bar, and Kenton’s already taking time off.

Ach well.

Jolene must know what she’s doing. I;m sure having less hands is fine during her busiest time of year.

Hilary Noakes is right!

Now that’s a rare thing.

David and Kenton are getting the fireworks ready.

They’re actually being a bit mean. They’re placing them:

[Kenton] “Where will we be closest to Hilary Noakes’ house … give her bird a fright!”

Now,  Hilary Noakes was wrong to complain last year about the village green being singed. It always gets repaired.

This year, she’s complaining that her cockatoo will be scared by the noise.

Which is actually fair enough. There’s a lot of other Ambridge pets who will live in dread of this night.

David’s happy for Kenton

Goodness me!

[David] “Well would you look at that. An Archer back behind the bar of The Bull.”

[Kenton] “I’ve travelled so far, and where do I end up. At The Bull, in Ambridge.”

[David] “The way it’s worked out between you and Jolene, I’m really cuffed for you mate.”

I don’t think I’ve ever heard David say something nice to Kenton.

Maybe Kenton really is home for good at The Bull.

Tomato sauce gave the game away

Lynda wants to go home from the bonfire night.

[Lynda] “If you’d just come home for dinner … a sausage, in a  bap! And you’ve got tomato ketchup on your face!!!”

[Robert] “You’d better come and lick it off …”


What a brave chap he is.

Leonie seems to be back for good

(with James)

Seems Robert and Leonie were the last to know that Leonie was intending to fly to James in his hour of need.

[Lynda] “He’s not an ex now. She’s saying he’s the live of her life … she does seem genuinely happy.”

Oh, that just makes me shudder.

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