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Emma goes to the food bank: Wed 14.11.12 #thearchers

The Archers Wednesday 14th November 2012
  • Make do wae nowt
  • Leonie gave olives to the food bank
  • Walking in on your daughter eating at the food bank
  • Sam Smith whacked Freddie in the shins
  • Is Emma being punished?
  • “Everything comes down to maths”

Make do wae nowt

Emma’s out shopping in Borchester.

Their account is empty, and she only has a fiver on her. Ed used what was left in the account for petrol

When Emma calls in a panic, all Ed can say is to “make do”.

That’s not exactly helpful …

[Emma] “Ed, we’ve got no food. I can’t make meals out of nothing.”

Leonie gave olives to the food bank


[Susan] “As if someone desperate enough to go to a foodbank would want them!”

Well, actually …

Walking in on your daughter eating at the food bank

The next we heard of Emma was her at a food bank, trying to get a food box.

Which she couldn’t do, as she needed a referral from a health visitor or the CAB.

Just as Emma is about to combust with frustration, the nice lady at the food bank says she can at least give her and Keira lunch there and then. They’re rather hungry, and later sounds like it’s a good enough lunch.

Trouble is, Susan’s also at the food bank (of course she is!), dropping off the food collected at the village shop.

Susan spots Emma.

[Emma] “It’s not what it looks like. We’ve never been here before. I was just walking past …”

Emma tries to bluff her way out, saying they’d been going to the supermarket but the cash machine was broken.

[Emma] “I just didn’t know what else to do …”

But, Emma can’t keep up the lie:

[Emma, while starting to cry] “We’ve no money. There’s nothing left. There isn’t any food at home, and I’m so hungry … I’ve been trying so hard. But it didn’t matter what I do, it’s never enough.”

[Susan] “Come here. What have you been going through?”

Ah well. At least Ed and Emma might get some proper help now. They can’t exactly deny their abject poverty.

Sam Smith whacked Freddie in the shins

Not sure what with, nor who Sam Smith is (apart from another pupil at Freddie’s school), but Freddie was quite upset about it.

Is Emma being punished?

Susan gets Emma home. Emma doesn’t even have any teabags as the kids don’t have it. Susan’s horrified, but to put it into perspective.

[Emma] “Bigger problems than not having a cuppa.”

Emma explains that she can’t work due to how much childcare will cost. Which is actually a good point (I admit, after months of telling her to get a job). And, Ed can’t work anymore than he does.

Susan’s heartbroken for them.

[Susan] “All that hard work Ed does, and he can’t even put food on the table.”

[Emma] “Nic and Will are never hard up. What do they do that’s so special … I just feel like, sometimes I'm still being punished for choosing Ed.”


So, Emma thinks folks are thinking she got what she deserved. Which is why she’s so embarrassed (alongside the obvious reasons).

Anyhoo, Susan bought Emma’s shopping, which means Ed gets a slap up meal of steak and kidney later on. Though Emma has to tell him why Susan bought it for them.

[Emma] “She saw me, Ed, at the food bank in Borchester.” 
[Ed, obviously very upset] “All I’ve ever wanted is to take care of you and the kids … prove to everyone that I’m not a waster, and look what’s happened.”

[Emma] “I know it’s hard, but if we don’t accept their help, I don’t know what we’ll do … now come on, we’ve got a nice dinner for once, try and enjoy it. Please.”


“Everything comes down to maths”

Ifty has a nifty way of helping Freddie to enjoy maths.

(see what I did there! … sorry …)

He takes Freddie outside.

The pediment about Lower Loxley’s front door helps him teach Freddie about obtuse angles. Casper (the horse) helped with centimetres.

Well done Ifty.

Maybe if all of Freddie’s classes were like that, he’d do a bit better at school.

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