Friday, 30 November 2012

It gets worse for Ed: Thurs 22.11.12 #thearchers

The Archers Thursday 22nd November 2012
  • Fallon and Rhys wake up together
  • The milking bail is broken
  • Oliver’s reaction to hearing himself
  • Emma’s got pies in

Fallon and Rhys wake up together

[Rhys] “So it wasn’t a dream then.”

[Fallon] “As long as it wasn’t a nightmare …  Not that we seemed to get much sleep … Who would have thought this was going to happen.”

[Rhys] “Caught me by surprise.”

(Really? We’ve all been waiting for this to happen for months!)

[Fallon] “Did you change your bed sheets?”

[Rhys] “Did you shave your legs?”


They’re actually moving at a fair pace. Rhys even suggests Fallon gets a toothbrush to keep at his.

[Rhys] “I mean, if we’re going to make a habit of this, it’ll be handy.”

[Fallon] “If that’s the way you feel, why did you wait until now?”

Rhys tells Fallon that he’s always been attracted to her, but he couldn’t make his move while she was his boss. Seems he had a rather nasty experience with someone else he worked with, whom he now calls  “Cindy the Psycho”.

[Rhys] “I was lucky to escape with my well, let’s say last night wouldn’t have been half the fun!”


The milking bail is broken

I have no idea what a milking bail is or does, but it’s really important for Ed’s dairy. But the pump is broken.

So, Ed’s having to milk by hand. Oliver helps him.

Once Ed’s had someone round to look at the milk bailer, seems the pump has given out. And the motor is burnt. Which will cost £2500 to fix.

Worse still, seems Ed also needs to upgrade the electrical supply. Ed's not been keeping up his services.

Just what Ed hasn’t got. Yet more money.

[Oliver] “Chin up Ed!”

Now here’s a thought – Oliver has money, Ed doesn’t.

Surely Oliver would rather help fund Ed’s business (at Oliver’s farm) than see yet another Grundy go out of business at Grange Farm.

Oliver’s reaction to hearing himself

[Oliver] “Oh Lord! … oh good grief!”

Sounds like Oliver isn’t very good at his sonnets yet.

So, Oliver being Oliver, he blames his tools and dumps his tape recorder.

(tape recorder! I haven’t even seen one of those for 10 or so years. How sweet of Olive to still have one, and use it)

[Oliver] “It makes me sound like a complete buffoon!”

Emma’s got pies in

So Ed gets two pies rather than bread and cheese. Not that there was often any bread left for him …

Ed’s a bit distracted, but doesn’t tell Emma that their money problems just got worse. He doesn’t tell her.

But, later on, Emma finds Ed crying.

He tells her that he now needs to find £4000 for the business.

[Ed] “I didn’t have a choice Em. The cows have got to be milked … Whatever made me think I could be a farmer. I’m a failure. What sort of man can’t support his family.”

Ed’s sobbing even harder now. Emma reckons will sort it out somehow …


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