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Ruth does a bad impression of a witch: Thurs 15.11.12 #thearchers

The Archers Thursday 15th November 2012
  • When did David get more spare time?
  • Spend more on a ski jacket than a suit
  • Neil has to give up Sky Sport for Ed and Emma
  • Leonie Vs Lilian Vs Lynda
  • Ruth goes all witchy
  • The Friar and the Nun
  • Actually, that hammering was irritating
  • Wiggo
  • Leonie doesn’t like Matt

When did David get more spare time?

He’s had such a blast being NFU Chair for his local chaps, that he now wants to run for County Chair.

Remember when he first became NFU Chair? He was rather stressed, and pushed for time.

Seems now he more or less a man of leisure.

Spend more on a ski jacket than a suit

Which is what Pip has done. Compared to what David would so.

In my humble opinion, I don’t think it was be too hard to spend more than David would on an item of clothing.

Josh is also in a spending mood, though he doesn’t have much of it until he starts doing Neil’s chickens, and he’s not really allowed to spend his money on what he wants.

[David] “Pip’s a grown up Josh, I might not like it.”


Neil has to give up Sky Sport for Ed and Emma

Neil and Susan were debating how much they could afford to give to Ed and Emma to help out.

Susan wants to give them £50 a week (a week!)

[Neil] “Where are we going to find that sort of money, we can only just about to afford our bills.”

Susan reckons they could manage it if they cancelled some of their TV – though they didn’t actually mention Sky (the Beeb will have edited that out).

[Susan] “How much football do you watch anyway?”

Susan reckons she’d rather they (well, Neil) gave something up than the “kids go hungry”.

Neil grudgingly concurs, though they settle on £40 a week (a week!).

Neil also wonders if Eddie should be told about Ed and Emma’s predicament. Susan reckons not so, as Ed has his pride. And anyway, Eddie won’t be able to help them anyway.

Well, though Eddie probably hasn’t got the cash to lend them, I'm sure he’d find a way to help out if he was told … won’t he be angry that he was kept out of it?

Leonie Vs Lilian Vs Lynda

Leonie’s trying to get rid of Lilian and Matt. She wants their house to herself, and James to herself.

Lilian’s obviously losing the will to live, having Leonie around. She feigns concern about Leonie missing so much work.

[Lilian] “Aren’t they missing you at work?”

Seems not. Which isn’t surprising, really.

Later on, Leonie tells Lynda that she’s been given unpaid leave.

[Leonie] “He told me I was welcome to take as much time as I need … I’m not leaving James until he’s back on his feet again … don’t worry Lynda, I’ll be around for a while yet!”


Later on, Lilian and Lynda are back onto sniping at each other about whether who is worse. Leonie, or James

[Lilian] “Someone needs to tell her to calm down … it doesn’t seem entirely healthy.”

Lynda reckons James ignored Leonie for months.

[Lynda] “If Leonie’s behaviour is a little obsessive, well then james shouldn’t be taking advantage of it … Leonie’s very easily manipulated … Well, she must feel she needs to be there.”

[Lilian] “I beg your pardon! I can look after my son Lynda!”


It’s one thing to be negative about one’s son, bit a different matter entirely to question one’s abilities as a mother.

Bout time James and Leonie left Ambridge, before Lilian and Lynda really fall out.

Ruth goes all witchy

Ruth has to practise her witch in front of Lynda (she’s 1 of 3 from Macbeth in the Elizabethan Christmas Extravaganza).

Lynda has quite exact standards for her witches.

[Lynda] “The last thing we want is to descend into cliché. Remember back in Shakespeare’s day a witch could be anyone. I’d like to aim for something rather more insidious and authentic.”

[Ruth] “Yeah, fine, I’m not quite sure …”

When Ruth runs through her lines, she sounds like a crow with a very sore throat.

[Lynda] “I see  … well, top marks for learning your lines.”

(big Lynda *sniff*)

The Friar and the Nun

Is the ditty for Jazzer to sign at the Christmas show, as discovered by Pip.

[Lynda] “Apparently, it revolves around a friar who … well, you can imagine, those Elizabethans have no shame.”

We shall wait Jazzer’s signing with interest …

Actually, that hammering was irritating

I thought it was rather off of Lynda to demand Neil and Robert hammered the set very slowly and in silence while the ‘talent’ were rehearsing.

But, it actually was rather irritating while trying to eavesdrop in.


Is the Brookfield cow, named after Bradley Wiggins, which Josh is helping David to halter train ahead of a cattle show.

Josh also tries to angle for a day off school to take Wiggo to the show.

Nice try!

Leonie doesn’t like Matt

The feeling’s mutual!

Even when Leonie actually spends time at Lynda and Robert’s, she’s immediately back on the phone to James.

Seems Matt came home, so Leonie left.

[Leonie] “Even just knowing he’s in the house, it spoils the atmos.”

(yay! Something Matt can do for good rather than evil)


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Yes, Ruth was awful, wasn't she? Thanks for all your posts - they help me catch up. Merry Xmas from Sicily. xx

Inga McVicar said...

Aye, Ruth shoudl stick to her cows ...

My pleasure. Just glad I got caught up with 2012 before 2013 came round!

Hope Sicily is marvelous x