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Wiggo doesn’t win in #TheArchers: Tues 27.11.12 #thearchers

The Archers Tuesday 27th November 2012
  • Wiggo!
  • I still don’t understand why Josh is doing the chickens
  • David use to demand 50% extra
  • George would prefer a truck
  • Eddie didn’t know
  • Jamie’s knackered from work
  • Cashflow, cashflow, cashflow


Wiggo in Ambridge is not a cyclist. Wiggo is a cow.

David and Ruth are showing Wiggo at a livestock show, and have high hopes.

But, first things first. They need to out the steer on Wiggo. Which they are struggling to do.

[David] “That was josh. The Magic Milkman … they got to know each other.”

Maybe Josh should have had the day off school.

Wiggo didn’t win, but came second. So, David got a great price for Wiggo at auction.

And David’s glad to see that there are more rare breeds being shown this year.

[Ruth] “It must mean more people are interested in proper tasting meat at last.”

I still don’t understand why Josh is doing the chickens

He’s doing a grand job, according to Neil, but why didn’t he give the job to Emma?

Every penny counts.

David use to demand 50% extra

Wages, from Phil, for doing the morning milking.


George would prefer a truck

Susan was eyeing up a tablet computer.

[Susan] “Do you think George would like it?”

[Emma] “I think I’ll get him that pickup truck. He loves anything with big wheels.”

Susan doesn’t really listen.

She just gets George the tablet anyway.

Which shows the madness of Christmas – Ed and Emma have to move in with her and Neil due to be so skint, yet she still splashes out.


Eddie didn’t know

Ed’s seemingly still worried about everyone thinking him a failure for not making the farm pay. Susan reckons not so. Ed started it up with nothing.

[Emma] “All he sees is the bills pilling up.”

[Susan] “It’ll sort itself out, I’m sure … and staying with us ill speed it up a bit … Try not to worry. I’m sure it’s all going to work out.”

At the livestock show, David and Ruth bump into Eddie. David tells him that he’ll be sorry to lose his neighbours.

Eddie has no ken. He has no idea what David’s talking about.


No one has thought to tell Eddie (and the very absent Clarrie) that Ed and Emma are moving.

Course, Eddie goes round to see Ed. Only Emma is in.

[Eddie] “Now look, what’s this I hear about you not be able to afford your rent?”

Eddie’s offended, and reckons he and Clarrie could have helped.

Which I;m sure they could have done, but surely not with money?

[Emma] “Ed didn’t want you to know, He didn’t want anyone to know.”

[Eddie] “Well you tell him, we’re here for him okay?”

Jamie’s knackered from work

According to Kathy.

Jamie’s loving his work, and is in awe of his boss who has the habit of:

[Kathy] “Dangling on ropes thirty foot in the air with a  chainsaw.”


Working hard all day has taken exhausted Jamie. He even fell asleep in front of his computer.

So, that was all Jamie needed to stay out of trouble and take his mind off of Natalie.

Honest, hard, labour.

Cashflow, cashflow, cashflow

[David] “Ed’s scale of operation, there can’t be any cash in the system.”

He and Ruth are feeling sheepish that they hadn’t spotted Ed’s problems, and also now can’t do more for them.

Though they will now lose money with Rickyard not being rented (though they will advertise it), they let Ed and Emma leave without a month’s notice.

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