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Matt can’t take his eyes off of Tom: Sun 11.11.12 #thearchers

The Archers Sunday 11th November 2012
  • A new podcast announcer?
  • Can one not go to the supermarket at lunchtime?
  • Paul’s been worried since his brief encounter moment
  • Tom gets romantic

A new podcast announcer?

Sounds like it.

Rather plum English rather than lowland Scots.

Can one not go to the supermarket at lunchtime?

Not according to Matt.

Lilian’s told him she’s making the desserts for Peggy’s birthday meal, so needs to go to the supermarket.

[Matt] “What, at lunch time? … I’m just wondering what I’m supposed to do for lunch?”

Lilian (rather than just telling him to boil his own heid), tells him to ask Leonie.

[Matt] “Have you lost the plot. She’ll end up feeding me a sprout banana smoothie!”

Matt also notices that Lilian’s doing her hair.

Does he know she’s off to meet Paul?

Paul’s been worried since his brief encounter moment

[Paul] “Smashing to see you … you look great, better than when you were at the hospital, anyway.”

Like a proper gent, he also takes her coat.

And then asks how Lilian is coping with Leonie. He listens. And makes her laugh.

But, he’s worried about before. When he told Lilian how much he cared:

[Paul] “Ever since my rather impulsive declaration … shall we call it my brief encounter moment …”

Lilian reckons they were both just emotional back then – her, with Matt in prison – him, because his mum had just died. He’s coping better about his mum, but is Lilian faring well since Matt was released?

[Paul] “Has it been the new start you were hoping for?”

[Lilian] “It’s not been plain sailing, as you’ve probably guessed … I’m sorry it didn’t work out Paul, between you and Matt. I so wanted him to get to know you as his brother … One thing I’ve learnt about Matt is he is what he is. He doesn’t change.”

Just as his brother, eh?

Tom gets romantic

As Brenda’s walking home, she bumps into Matt. He’s escaping James and Leonie – so (of course) welcomes the excuse to trap Brenda into talking business.

On a Sunday.

At her house.

When they get to the door, Brenda notices their curtains are closed. Which is odd.

As they walk in, the house smells more fragrant than usual. Which is odd.

As they get into the living room, there’s a burst of music, and Tom’s singing:

[Tom] “I love you baby ….”

[Matt] “Thank heavens you kept your clothes on!”

Tom’s trying to be romantic. He’s got candles and love hearts (the wee sweets).

A tad embarrassed, Tom beats a hasty retreat:

[Tom] “Right, well I’ll leave you to it. I’ll be upstairs if you need me.”

[Matt] “I bet he will!”

After Matt has talked business (yup, Matt insisted on still doing so. On a Sunday. In Brenda’s house. After he’d seen Tom try to get fruity).

[Matt] “Yeah, we’re done, I’ll let you carry in with whatever it was you were, um …”

At least Brenda and Tom can have a laugh about it. It’s been an age since they did that together.

[Brenda] “It was so sweet.”

[Tom] “Well you’ve been so stressed with work, and you’ve been hacked off with me … I had a plan, I thought we could curl up on the sofa, candles, wine, slushy DVD …”

[Brenda] “You're my stud muffin … maybe you better prove it … I might have a surprise for you upstairs …”

(ew … I think I prefer it when they fight)

Lilian’s back from her coffee (ahem, date, methinks) with Paul when Matt got home.

[Matt] “Tom had the place done up like a  tart’s boudoir … singing Brenda a love song … is that what girls like these days, he looked a real plonker to me!”

[Lilian] “I bet he didn’t to her. It’s called romance, Matt.”

But Matt doesn’t get it.

He just demands a sandwich.

(coast is clear, Paul!)

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