Friday, 30 November 2012

Rhys finally asks Fallon out: The Archers Sun 18.11.12 #thearchers

The Archers Sunday 18th November 2012
  • Cows bulling thrills Ruth
  • Daniel had a hangover
  • Since when was Hayley a tree decorating expert?
  • Hayley has no experience with adults
  • Fallon’s plans for Jaxx involve board games
  • The barn shall be rebuilt!
  • Rhys makes a play for Fallon

Cows bulling thrills Ruth

[Ruth] “Are you excited?”

[David] “I’m not bulling, Ruth.”

[Ruth] “Here we are at the start of our new system.”

So, Brookfield is officially starting its new system. Which is fraught in itself when it comes to feeding and the like. But I don’t suppose they had any other choice – it was that or give up the cows.

[David] “Doesn’t look like any of these are ready for your inseminator charms.”


Daniel had a hangover

Quite right too after one’s own 18th birthday. Seems Daniel didn’t see much of Saturday at all.

Since when was Hayley a tree decorating expert?

Jim reckons she is.

[Jim] “I can’t think of anyone better qualified to talk about craft for young children.”

So, alongside giving Jim advice about decorating trees, Hayley also suggests they get the kids to bring jam jars so that they can decorate them as lanterns.

Sounds bonny.

Hayley has no experience with adults

(what’s Roy then?)

She’s worried about the consultant making mention of Lower Loxley needing to have closer links with the local College, running adult education courses and the like.

Hayley’s only got experience with young kids. She thinks they’ll get rid of her and someone with the experience.

But, Hayley doesn’t want to Elizabeth in case she puts the idea in her head (if she’s not thinking like that in the first place). Roy offers to have a “subtle” word.

[Hayley] “We can’t afford to lose my job.”

What a worry.

It’ll get as grim as Ed and Emma’s.

Fallon’s plans for Jaxx involve board games

Fallon’s worried Jaxx is quite quiet today. She’s thinking of how to get more punters in.

She reckons a Sunday roast and board games will get them in, and staying for longer.

[Fallon] “A bit like going round your gran’s for tea. Kind of home from home atmosphere.”

[Rhys] “Yeah, but without the unspoken tension of causal racism …”

[Fallon] “What sort of home did you come from?”

(quite an average one, I’d reckon)

She’ll also get a reggae DJ in.

[Fallon] “Sociable Sunday. Heal your hangover.”

[Rhys] “You’re an absolute natural, aren’t you?”

And Rhys also reckons it is all stuff she’d never be able to do at The Bull.

[Fallon] “It was the right move. Work wise, anyway.”

Missing Rhys, Fallon is.

The barn shall be rebuilt!

David’s heard from the insurers, and they can get cracking on building the barn again.

Rhys makes a play for Fallon

[Rhys] “It’s my night off. I heard a  rumour you had drink on sale.”

Rhys is in at Jaxx. Allegedly to have a drink, but more likely to see Fallon.

Rhys tells Jim that it’s better to be having a busman’s night off than collect stamps (which he doesn’t do anyway).

But he’s really there to see Fallon.

He asks her if she has a night off this week.

[Rhys] “Do you think, I mean you’ve probably got something planned, if not maybe you’d like to go for a drink. Or meal. Or cinema. Anything you want really.”

[Fallon] “Rhys, are you suggesting a date?”

[Rhys] “I am. Say yes, only if you want to.”

[Fallon] “I do want to. Yes.”


At last!!!


caroline_venezia said...

Roy and Hayley have got a free house, haven't they? :-) And I imagine Roy probably gets paid more than Ed & Emma put together?

Didn't you think a Sunday roast & board games sounded more trad pub than trendy bar (which I think Jaxx is still meant to be)?

Inga McVicar said...

Ah - very good point about Roy and Hayley. Wonder if they are rent/mortgage free (or if Mike just gifted them the conversion to his house). I'm not sure if Roy is on a super dooper wage ... Elizabeth doesn't strike me as a generous employer (though Caroline does, so might be a very decent wage packet).

Indeed - maybe Fallon is just trying to re-create The Bull in Jaxx. Though there is something to be said for retro now being groovy ...