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George doesn’t like cheap cereal: Tues 06.11.12 #thearchers

The Archers Tuesday 6th November 2012
  • Brenda’s having a horrid time, Tom isn’t listening
  • Nic to the rescue
  • Brenda’s printer is broken
  • Does Speakman’s like salty ready meals?
  • Jamie got the job
  • Brenda’s computer is broken

Brenda’s having a horrid time, Tom isn’t listening

Brenda actually missed Bonfire Night (even though she just lives over the way from The Bull) because she was in bed early. Knackered.

Leonie seems to be causing havoc at Lilian and Matt’s.

[Brenda] “She was at the Dower House all yesterday, which means Matt's even in a worse mood.”

So, Brenda is getting shouted at by a bad tempered Matt, a bad tempered Lilian, a constantly rude James and a vitriolic Leonie.

Does Tom hear that?


He’s too busy talking about pigs in blankets and what he’d sold at Bonfire night.

[Brenda] “What do you think I should do though. I’m not prepared to be treated like a dogsbody.”

Tom doesn’t have time to answer. He’s off out again.

What is it with the Ambridge men at the moment?

Tom wants to marry Brenda. She doesn’t seem to be too interested these days. Instead of treating her as gold to get her interested, he ignores her.

Matt knows Lilian has a fondness for his half-brother Paul. He took her to Paris to remind her how much he loves her, and how good they are together. Since then, he’s treating her like pants.

Odd way to keep their women still their women.

Nic to the rescue

Nic’s in a foul mood with Will. Seems he and Ed spent all of Bonfire Night glaring at each other.

Though Will claims the kids still had a great time, Nic reckons:

[Nic] “But only because me and Emma managed to keep you both apart.”

Will sees himself as just looking after his son.

But, Nic later calms down when George asks her to buy the cereal he likes. The proper brand, not the cheap replica Emma buys him.

That seems to have struck a chord with Nic.

[Nic] “It’s because they’ve got no money Will … can’t you see that they’re struggling …  we are lucky. You earn a good wage, and our home comes with the job.”

And, Will’s house on the Green (that Tom and Brenda rent) was gifted to him, not earned.

[Nic] “You’ve told me what it was like growing up, you know how hard it can be making ends meet, especially today.”

So, Nic agrees that it would be better for everyone if George does spend more nights with them.

[Nic] “The way you went about it was appalling. But it’s still a good idea.”

But, Nic is going to do the suggesting this time.

Brenda’s printer is broken


Does Speakman’s like salty ready meals?

Seems so.

They placed another order with Tom.

Jamie got the job

I didn’t even know he’d gone for one.

He’s to be a groundsman with some chap called Isaac. And, he’ll be doing courses to learn felling, climbing, and using a chainsaw – which will take him up to 3 years to complete.

[Jamie] “It’s like a  proper job, It’s no longer than Uni, and at least some of the time I’d be getting paid. And I’d enjoy it.”

Though Kathy obviously still wants Jamie to be Cambridge material, she’s accepting that he’s passionate about becoming a tree surgeon.

Brenda’s computer is broken


Seems Lilian told her to lend it to James, who then managed to encrypt all of the files.

Which means Brenda has to stay late to fix it, rather than have dinner (salty ready meals?) with Tom.

He still doesn’t seem to notice she’s having a horrid time.

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