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Lilian has adult relations with Paul: Wed 28.11.12 #thearchers

The Archers Wednesday 28th November 2012
  • Mike and Vicky gets the giggles
  • Matt makes toast!
  • Lilian and Paul get intimate
  • Matt cooks a chicken!

Mike and Vicky gets the giggles

Mike’s getting quite enthusiastic about going to the antenatal classes with Vicky. Though:

[Mike] “I’ll be quite happy not to watch another film on childbirth.”

Aye, well, we all have our limits.

It’s breathing techniques at today’s class.

[Mike] “Ooh, a bit of heavy breathing!”

And though Mike is the oldest dad (by far) in the room, Vicky doesn’t care a jot. He’s the best hubby, and will be the best dad.

While they do their exercises, Vicky can’t help giggling. Which makes Mike giggle.

[Vicky] “Oh come on, give us a kiss. At least we can still get that right!”

I, for one, am really enjoying Mike and Vicky being so openly delighted about their baby.


Matt makes toast!

Goodness me!

And the double whammy shocker is that he offers to make it for James, to stop him having to try and do it himself, while on crutches.

Too little, too late?


Lilian’s off to Birmingham to do ‘Christmas shopping’ …

Lilian and Paul get intimate

Matt may have an inkling that he’s not exactly Lilian’s favourite person at the moment, but it takes James to spell it out.

[James] “You don’t need to be Sherlock Holms that she’s been a  tad frosty to you lately.”


Lilian’s trip to Birmingham is to see Paul, not to do Christmas shopping.
She first has a moan about Matt:

[Lilian] “He’s like a force of nature. Sometimes I wonder if I mean anything at all to him.; Nothing I say seems to register. Now this business with our tenants …”

Paul reckons he’s never do such a terrible thing to Lilian, or to any tenants.

[Paul] “You and me together. Now that would be a team.”

[Lilian] “I think we’d have fun .”

[Paul] “I’m sure we would.”

[Lilian] “I feel better, just having you to listen to me … let’s not think about Matt anymore. Let’s enjoying just being here, together … Paul. Let’s go up to your room.”

[Paul] “Are you sure?”

[Lilian] “Yeah. Yeah I am. Very sure.”


At least the BBC had the decency to turn off the secret microphones while Lilian and Paul got to know each other a tad better …

After their first bout of … *ahem* … activity.

[Lilian] “Oh Paul, that was wonderful. I don’t want this ever to end .. tell me, I’ll see you again soon. Very soon, and for longer.”

She stays for half an hour longer.

Then heads home.

To Matt.

Matt cooks a chicken!

[Matt] “What do I do, stick a fork in?”

[Lilian] “What on earth’s going on here?”

[Matt] “I’m cooking dinner.”

Wonders upon wonder.

Lilian sounds decidedly dodgy when Matt asks her about Birmingham. She tells him she only bought shoes. And she …erm … has left them in the car.

[Lilian] “Well, there was only the one thing I really wanted.”

(oh ho!)

As well as cooking dinner, Matt also has claret ready, AND has laid the table.

[Lilian] “I still think I must be in the wrong house.”

[Matt] “I want to apologise to you puss … I can see I was wrong not to keep you informed about the Walters.”

[Lilian] “All you had to do was to talk to me.”

[Matt] “I know that puss. And in future I will. Things are going to be different now. We’re going to be a team again. Will we drink to that. To the future. To the team.”

[Lilian] “Oh Matt, I really don’t know where I am with you anymore.”

Again - too little too late from Matt? And too late for Lilian to give up her Paul?

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