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Rhys is ignored: Mon 12.11.12 #thearchers

The Archers Monday 12th November 2012
  • Kenton’s NOT just excited about the models?
  • Deck the halls!
  • Kenton, the community chap
  • Nil desperandum
  • Joe has new teeth
  • Joe has a class consciousness?
  • Is Rhys invisible?
  • Jim wants to put ribbons round the trees
  • Nigel’s cane and scythe

Kenton’s NOT just excited about the models?

So he claims.

And we don’t mean the airfix variety neither.

It’s to be The Bull’s fashion show next Tuesday … Kenton reckons it’s making him feel Christmassy.

Aye, right then.

Deck the halls!


I do love it when Deck the Halls gets a mention for the first time.

It means Christmas is on its way.

[Elizabeth] “I can’t believe we're there again already.”

But, this year, there will be no ice rink. Seems it costs too much.

Though there will be the German Market. So there will be Gluehwein.

Shame about this rink, but at least the string stuff will be flowing!

Kenton, the community chap

Kenton’s been asked (or he asked?) to switch the Ambridge Christmas lights on.

[Kenton] “I’m becoming quite the pillar of the community, I'll have you know.”

[Elizabeth] “God help us all!”

Nil desperandum

[Jim] “… never despair. There's worse things than a  Monday morning.”

Indeed Jim.

I used to think a Sunday night when I was at school was worse than a Monday morning. Last of the Summer Wine was ruined by the thought of Double French.

Joe has new teeth


Seems they’re comfy, and of normal hue.

[Jim] “At least we won’t be able to see you coming in the dark.”

Joe must be mightily relieved. Though Jim reminds him that most folks have more things to do:

[Jim] “Other than to admire your dental furniture.”

Joe has a class consciousness?

Seems Joe doesn’t approve of or buy Borchester Life.

[Joe] “By toffs for toffs, if you ask me.”

Then Jim tells him about his articles. About “interesting” Ambridge folks.

[Joe] “And you chose Mike Tucker ... well, if you're looking to interview someone else, wise old country gentleman who actually knows what he's on about …”

Ah – caught!

Jim reckons he couldn’t ask Joe to be a subject due to his “strong moral objections.”

[Jim] “Although I can quite understand your class consciousness.”

[Joe] “We could change it from the inside.”

Is Rhys invisible?

Kenton and Jolene ignore Rhys while they’re mucking around.

When Jim and Joe are talking about a community event in the Community Orchard (see below), Rhys suggests they could tell stories.

Everyone ignores him. Again.

Kenton comes into the conversation, and suggests storytelling. Which everyone agrees is a marvellous idea.

[Kenton] “It’s nice being useful.”

Jim wants to put ribbons round the trees

[Jim] “The idea is to celebrate trees in all their variety.”

Not sure why, but Jim wants to hold another day to celebrate the Community Orchard. Like the Apple Day, they just had.

Joe’s quite interested, though.

He could sell his holly and mistletoe.

(ah – it must really be Christmas soon!)

Nigel’s cane and scythe

Lewis and Elizabeth are having a look at the old dairy, to possibly turn into wedding accommodation.

Seems Nigel used to squirrel away some of his odds and sods there.

[Elizabeth] “It’s the cane Nigel used to spy on swallows.”


And also the scythe he used to cut the meadow.

It seems it’s quite a big building - 200,800 square feet, Lewis reckons. Which could need a £840,000 budget to fix up.

Which Lewis reckons would be a good investment. Though Elizabeth would need to get a loan.

AND it’s a grade listed building (so couldn’t possibly be a quick fix)

[Elizabeth] “I don’t suppose the scythe is worth very much?”

[Lewis] “Not financially, no.”

I’m amazed at how far Elizabeth has progressed with her grief.

That sort of conversation – finding things of, and remembering things about, Nigel used to send her over the edge.

Now, it’s fondness rather than overwhelming sadness.

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