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Alice is leaving on a jet plane: Sun 03.03.13 #thearchers

The Archers Sunday 3rd March 2013
  • Alice doesn’t know how to pack a shirt
  • Chris doesn’t kiss Alice goodbye
  • Tom infuriates Brenda
  • Brookfield’s paddocks are ruined
  • When is a farm cottage not in a farm?
  • Josh to inherit Brookfield

Alice doesn’t know how to pack a shirt

[Alice] “I never know whether to fold shirts or roll them.”

[Chris] “Don’t look at me.”

So Alice goes for the safe option of assuming there will be at least one iron in Canada (!).

Actually. Alice should have just asked Jennifer. She was dropping of Alice’s laundry anyway …

Chris doesn’t kiss Alice goodbye

Goodness. He really is furious with her.

At least Chris is driving Alice to the airport, but is hurrying her, as he has things to do. No long, wistful goodbye at home then.

[Alice] “I know I’ve forgotten something.”

Turns out just to be her phone charger … maybe it’s her marriage vows?!?

As they drive there (with Chris near crashing the care in his fury on a few occasions), Alice says she’ll call Chris when he gets there.

He says a text will do.

When they get to the airport, Chris doesn’t want to park.

[Chris] “I might just drop you off … seems like a waste of money.”

And when Alice asks if he will collect her when she gets back from Canada, he’s so non-committal that she reckons she can just get the train.

At security, Chris is again trying to rush Alice through so that he can leave. When it’s time to say goodbye:

[Chris] “Right, well, have a good journey.”

[Alice] “Thanks. Drive carefully.”

[Chris] “Will do. Bye then.”

And that was that.

No hug. Or kiss. Or any sort of fond farewell.

Hmmm …

Tom infuriates Brenda
A common occurrence, really. But, this time he’s woken her up from her Sunday long sleep in.

[Brenda] “Tom, why don’t you bang around the kitchen a bit louder!”

He then can’t find the oil to make his breakfast. Brenda has to get it for him. From the place it’s always kept.

Seems he’s bashing about as he’s in a mood at having to get up for milking. He’s still harping on about having better things to do.

[Brenda] “I don’t want to hear it. You’re not the only one having a hard time at work,. You know! … Grow up, it’s not going to change anytime soon, so just over yourself and get over it.”

[Tom] “Well, thanks for your support …”

Later on – Tom’s feeling sheepish and apologises. He even tries to treat Brenda to a meal at The Bull (fancy!), but Brenda can’t be bothered.

[Brenda] “I’m not having you taking your bad moods out on me.”

Brenda’s also having a tough time with work. Lilian is getting her to do all of the work, most of which she isn’t used to doing. Though I do agree with Lilian that Brenda did want more responsibility.

[Tom] “At least they’re speaking to you at work!”

(Pat’s still not speaking to Tom. Ha!)

[Brenda] “Whose fault’s that?”

[Tom] “All right. Don’t let’s start rowing again.”

They calm down – only for Tom to yet again go on about his work, and his parents. He reckons he’s going to try and talk to them again tomorrow.

[Brenda] “Don’t just go wading in. Give it some proper though, okay?”

Chances of that happening?

Next to none.

I foresee Tom, and the verbal equivalent of a sledgehammer.

Brookfield’s paddocks are ruined
Seems David and Ruth’s gamble of letting the cows into the paddocks on their daily sojourn outside has backfired.

The paddocks were still sodden from the rain, snow, rain, snow, rain.

When is a farm cottage not in a farm?

Ruth was showing round a woman (and her two kids) round Rickyard today.

Ruth was annoyed (actually, there was a lot of angry people in Ambridge today) because Pip wasn’t there to either hoover Rickyard, or to help on the farm to let Ruth have time to do it.

Anyhoo – seems this woman got Ruth to show her every room. Then told her she didn’t want it.

[David] “Nosy timewaster then?”

(um … or just someone who didn’t like what they’d seen?)

[Ruth] “She hadn’t realised the cottage was in a farmyard.”

Ah – I see David’s problem.

Seems the woman hasn’t worked out from the address that Rickyard was on a farm.

Which I suppose it fairly dim.

[David] “I suppose she imagined splendid rural isolation in a field.”

Don’t we all?

Josh to inherit Brookfield

So I reckon!

David and Ruth were yet again moaning about Pip. She’s refusing to help on the farm as she has two assignments to work on, which are due in any moment.

[David] “”If she have done them in time, would have been free to help.”

David’s also griping that Pip manages to do her work at Bridge Farm and the like. But she gets paid for that,

[David] “Well she can think on, it all needs to be paid for, and she can contribute by helping out.”

Then they go onto saying that Josh has been very helpful and “mature”, whereas Pip is behaving like a “self-centred teenager.”

If both Josh and Pip keep this up, Brookfield will be all for Josh.

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