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Brenda’s running away from Tom: Sun 24.03.13 #thearchers

The Archers Sunday 24th March 2013
  • Tom’s sooking up
  • Ruth says no to buying expensive Easter eggs
  • Palm Sunday
  • Pip’s with another family for Easter
  • Tom’s begging
  • Beth’s better than telly
  • Breast feeding … the new excuse for biscuits
  • Brenda to do an Alice?
  • Lily’s first quarter peel
  • Amy’s moved out
  • How do you solve a problem like Pip?

Tom’s sooking up

He’s been milking, and has come back home to make Brenda breakfast.

He even taped a film about “the chocolate shop” that Brenda likes. He reckons they can watch it together later.

[Brenda, sounding sad] “Oh, actually, I’ve seen it about a hundred times. The DVD is on the shelf somewhere.”

[Tom, sounding terrified] “Bren …”

Tom’s next plan is to get the papers, and they can relax together.

But, Brenda says she’s going to go into the office. She wants to get ahead so that Lilian can’t complain at her anymore.

[Tom] “Bren, I’d really like us to spend some time together.”

[Brenda] “I should go in.”

Oh dear.

Brenda can’t even stand to be around Tom at the moment.

Ruth says no to buying expensive Easter eggs

[Ruth] “As long as it’s egg shaped and make out of chocolate, the boys will eat it.”

That’s Heather told!

Palm Sunday

Ruth’s taking Ben to meet Jill. They’re off to watch the “little procession”:

[Ruth] “Ben likes the donkey.”

That sounds lovely.

Pip’s with another family for Easter

Heather is coming down for Easter, but Pip won’t be there for lunch. She’s going to Spencer’s.

[Ruth] “But it’s Easter Pip. Tell him you’ve changed your mind.”

[Pip] “It’s not that simple.”

Seems Spencer’s mates are also going to be there.

[Ruth] “His mates? This is your grandmother we’re talking about!”

[Pip] “I can’t be rude to him, can I?”

Pip then commits a most heinous act.

She suggests she come home for tea, and they can open their Easter eggs then.

Ruth’s not having that!

[Ruth] “Your dad and I will be giving the boys their Easter eggs in the morning, like we always do.”

(I’ve never made a fuss of Easter. My birthday falls just before it, so have developed a loathing for Easter eggs. I always got stacks of them, rather than toys. Poor, poor me!)

Tom’s begging

As Brenda heads out to work, Tom chases after.


Right down the street.

(the chap has no dignity …)

[Tom] “I know it’s not easy, I know I’m not easy sometimes …”

But, just as Tom is about to make his plea, Ruth happens by:

[Ruth] “Morning you two? Gave you seen the donkey? It’s called Belinda.”


Once Ruth had gone:

[Brenda] “I appreciate what you said, I really do, but I must go to the office.”

And, she’ll not be back for lunch. She’s going to see Vicky and Bethany (well, Beth, as they all now call her).

I’d feel sorry for Tom, if he wasn’t such a w*nker!

Beth’s better than telly

So reckons Vicky. She reckons they might as well get rid of their, as she and Mike just stare at the bairn.

[Brenda] ”It’s amazing seeing him with her. She’s given him a new lease of life.”

Breast feeding … the new excuse for biscuits

[Vicky] “You feel ravenous when you’re breast feeding … I’m in heaven!”

Brenda to do an Alice?

Vicky spots there’s something wrong with Brenda.

[Brenda] “To tell you the truth, I don’t know how I’m feeling. Everything’s full on at Amside. Lilian’s been a nightmare. We’ve never been close, but we’ve always been civil at least. Recently though it’s like she's constantly on edge, and whatever’s wring she’s taking it out on me.”

But it’s not just work:

[Brenda] “I come home and I want to relax and forget about work for a few hours, but Tom’s completely obsessed about his business … he was lovely today, he was trying to be different … he’s so focused, and that’s a good thing I know, and we do have good times together, but it always seem like so much of an effort,. It’s as if even the fun we have has to be setup with a PowerPoint presentation or a spreadsheet … I’m happy for him … I want him to succeed, but, I dunno …”

[Vicky] “Well, you’ve got ambitions too … it sounds like you need to think about what you want with your career.”

Brenda’s sure she can’t stomach Amside much longer.

[Vicky] “So, what’s next?”

[Brenda] “I honestly have no idea.”

[Vicky] “I’m always here if you need a chat … remember every relationship has it’s rocky moments, and you and Tom will get through this, I’m sure.”

Well, I’d not be so sure.

Nor would I be sure that Vicky’s idea of Brenda and Tom properly teaming up would work.

Imagine trying to work, and live with, and share a bed, with Tom Archer!?!


Lily’s first quarter peel

Well done Lily!

[Ruth] “Bell ringing, eh. It only seems like yesterday Lily was crawling along my kitchen floor.”

Amy’s moved out

Seems she did so a few weeks ago, and is sharing with another midwife called Nina.

Alan missed her, but they still have dinner once a week.

[Alan] “She’s really coming into her own .”

How do you solve a problem like Pip?

[Ruth] “I have to say Pip’s quite a challenge at the moment. She’s become so selfish, and she’s developed this lax attitude to, well, everything… at the moment, I feel like screaming at her.”

[Alan] “Young people have those phases.”

Alan reckons all Ruth can do is be there for Pip, and try to keep communicating with her.

[Alan] “The trick is, as I’m sure you know, is to be firm but gentle.”

[Ruth] “I know, but it’s not that easy.”


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