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Will no-one think of Anna’s piano lessons!!!: Sun 17.03.13 #thearchers

The Archers Sunday 17th March 2013
  • Darrell (doesn’t) wish death on Chris
  • Pip warms up a lamb
  • Chris isn’t a corpse
  • Chris reckons it’s Chris’ fault
  • Elona heaps the pressure onto Darrell

Darrell (doesn’t) wish death on Chris

Darrell’s chuffed to hear from Neil that Chris has been moved from intensive care to a ward.

[Darrell] “One step nearer the exit innit … the good exit!”

(the last bit Darrell had to add hastily!)

Pip warms up a lamb

David is rather stunned to see Pip up and about just after 10am. She normally only surfaces in the afternoon these days.

But, the shock doesn’t make David hold back from trying to get Pip to get to work on Brookfield. Especially that she’s now on holiday from Uni.

[David] “Can you take responsibility for the ewes and the lambs, please … twice a day would be useful. I need you to pull your weight, Pip.”

Pip reckons she wants to do her bit, but also needs a break after all that taxing Uni work (!).

[David] “Unfortunately, the stock don’t take holidays.”

Pip then reckons she’s already spoken for, at Bridge Farm. Though that’s only milking two mornings a week. And David suspects she’ll prioritise Tom’s work over Brookfield because Tom’s has a cash value.

[David] “Unless your only motivation these days is money, above the welfare of our animals …”

Pip claims not, and reckons she’ll get to work this afternoon.

[Pip] “Okay, okay. Whatever …”

Pip really is turning into a right odious wee madam. But I still don’t understand why Pip, Ruth or David haven’t realised the simple solution of making her pay rent and board, or just getting rid.

But later on, Pip actually does do some work. She found a lamb that had been separated from its mum, and took them both into the shed as the wee thing was far too cold (down to 37 degrees).

[David] “I’m glad you spotted him.”

Maybe the pretty we lambs will win round Pip to being part of Brookfield again.

Chris isn’t a corpse

Nor is he stupid.

He’s able to hold a conversation for a bit longer, but is still in a lot of pain.

[Alice] “Try not to move then.”

Chris then asks Alice what happened at the job interview. Alice tells him they offered her the job.

[Chris] “I see. And?”

[Alice] “And they were really good about it. They've given me, they’ve given us, a month to think about it. So, lots of time.”

Good god … Alice really can’t see beyond the end of her own nose.

It’s going to take Chris more than a month to recover. And she surely should be thinking of his state of mind right now, rather than a job.

Didn’t someone tell her she needed to be the one giving at the moment?

Which I suppose she is doing, in her own odd way. After winding Chris up about the job, she then obsessed about getting new pillows in.

[Alice] “Ours are really flat, and we need to proper you up.”

[Chris] “I’m not a corpse!”

Well, the thought was there.

Chris reckons it’s Chris’ fault

Neil was in seeing Chris, and brought him music and footy magazines. And some soft drinks. He also told Chris Susan was “starting to look normal again, but aged ten years.”

[Neil] “We thought we’d lost you. We’d never have gotten over it.”

(Neil was nearly crying when he said that)

[Chris] “Poor mum.”

Chris starts to apologise for everything he’s put everyone through.

[Chris] “I should never have acted so unprofessionally, no matter how I was feeling.”

Chris is also worried that his clients will now think he’s not up to his job. He’s deeply concerned his business will go under.

[Chris] “I’ve not got much else to think about, have I? I don’t want to burden Alice with it.”

(eh? Isn’t that what a partner is for – to share the burden?)

But Neil has it in hand. Ronnie’s staying on to keep the business going. And Neil doesn’t think Chris’ clients will be so brutal in their opinion of him.

[Chris] “I just feel so helpless dad. Like I’m not in control of anything, anymore.”

Well, Alice has a lot to do with that …

Elona heaps the pressure onto Darrell

I quite like Darrell.

He seems a bit gormless at times, but he’s not a bad lad.

So, I think it’s a shame Elona seems to put him well and truly at the bottom of the heap when it comes to family priorities.

With The Laurels cutting staff hours, and possibly also laying staff on, Elona’s been making an effort to make sure she doesn’t get the sack. She even stayed late, without pay, to help put up Easter decorations.

Elona is outing her effort in, but seems to expect Darrell to move mountains. She starts nagging that he hasn’t been paid by the Aldridges for the decorating work:

[Elona] “Rich people are so casual.”

She reckons he shouldn’t be doing a formal invoice, then having to wait.

But Darrell reminds her that she’d insist on everything being ‘above board’ when matt was trying to get him to take cash …

Darrell is trying. He’s even made a flyer to try and get more one off bits and bobs of work (seem Darrell’s pitched himself as “clean and reliable”). Yet, Elona isn’t impressed. He reckons he needs to get a regular wage, from a regular job.

[Elona] “Poor Anna. What if we have to stop her piano lessons. It would break her heart … I wish you would stop telling me not to worry. We are down to one wage … You are always on the back foot. You never push yourself.”


Poor Darrell. How can he win when Elona insists they pay for non-essentials like bloomin’ piano lessons? No wonder they’re skint.

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