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The lads reckon it was Chris’ fault: Mon 11.03.13

The Archers Monday 11th March 2013
  • “Don’t you ever get tired of leek and potato?”
  • But Susan hasn’t got flu?
  • Tom sees reason
  • A whopping profit for Ed and Jazzer
  • Jazzer fancies Elona
  • When is prison “ a holiday camp”?
  • Chris is in hospital because of Chris

“Don’t you ever get tired of leek and potato?”

So says Pat to Tony, after he’s finished his soup.

Not at all, reckons Tony.

But Susan hasn’t got flu?

Susan may be off from the Post Office, but she’s still working at Bridge Farm. She wants to keep herself busy, some of the time.

Though she is obviously a tad distracted.

Tony hopes that doesn’t lead them to another break out of E coli …


Susan hasn’t got flu, or any other illness.

And surely even her son being in hospital won’t lead to poor hygiene?

Not Susan.

Tom sees reason

Tom wants to have another chat with Pat and Tony.

But a calm one, this time.

[Tom] “Maybe I’ve given you the impression that I don’t value what you've done for the farm.”

[Tony] “What we’ve done for it?!? We’ve made it what it is!”

Tom explains that he’s had a chat with Brenda (well, Brenda talked at him. Very firmly and loudly). He now realises that they might think he doesn’t take their opinions “seriously”. And that wasn’t his intention.

Pat doesn’t want his whataboutery …

[Pat] “Is this the veg boxes again?”

Tom says no. It’s the “wretched ready meals” again (as Brenda called them yesterday).

Problem for Pat and Tony is that though Tom claims the meals will use  meat that’s been outdoors and of high welfare, it’ll damage their entire brand.

Problem for Tom is that he can’t get the right amount of supply or organic meat. Not without having  to pay over the odds.

But, Pat and Tony also don’t want Tom to keep ignoring what they see as the main part of the family business – the day to day business of the farm. Tom reckons that ready-meals:

[Tom] “Could become the main business of the farm.”

[Tony] “Now hold on!”

[Tom, ferociously tying to back pedal- “That’s what I mean, one of the main businesses.”

Pat has to spell it out for Tom.

She tells him that if he needs to go non-organic, he’s starting the whole venture in the long place. Literally.

[Pat] “The fact is we’re an organic farm, we’re organic producers.”

Tom actually seems to accept that. He’s going to go away and do more research, and see if he can get the quantity he needs organic.

Though he did still say “if I stayed organic” …

So – that’ll be Tom off to do his business elsewhere.

Back to Brian?

Brian’s at least one Ambridge resident who understands that it can sometimes be quantity over quality …

A whopping profit for Ed and Jazzer

Ed and Jazzer sold the tractor for £3,800. Which leaves them £3,550 profit.


Ed wants to split the money there and then, but Jazzer reckons not:

[Jazzer] “I know fine well what will happen if I walk off with the thick end of two grand … I’ll wake up next week with a big smile on my face and not a penny in my pocket … let me be sensible for once.”

Well done Jazzer. That money will be safe to buy their pickup and shearing equipment.

Still … he’s still got the money back that he out in for Ed’s share … so pints at The Bull on Jazzer! That’s a rarity …

BUT. Ed still has a conscious. He reckons that as they were only looking for £3,000, they should go back and give the nice old widow some more money.

[Jazzer] “Well done us, that’s the free market for you … don’t be soft!”

Jazzer fancies Elona

Darrell was missing his pals from Paul’s church job, so Elona told him to organise to meet up with them at The Bull.

Jazzer’s stunned. That makes her the perfect woman. AND she’s not too harsh on the eye.

[Jazzer] “She’s got that dark stormy thing going on.”

Ed has to stop him waxing too lyrical.

She is, after all, Darrell’s wife.

When is prison “ a holiday camp”?

It’s when Des turns up at The Bull, and Darrell has to explain how they know each other.

(Des is that chap Darrell was in prison with, and doesn’t seem too keen to be back in touch with)

Darrell isn’t happy to see Des again.

But seems happy to tell Des all and everything.

(maybe Darrell is just a bit dim)

He tells him about his decorating job at Home Farm. How it’s a big farm. Lots of outbuildings. How they have loads of money …

Des sounds very interested indeed.

[Des] “There must be bits they don’t see from one week to the next.”

Silly Darrell.

Chris is in hospital because of Chris

[Tom] “Poor bloke … how he managed to be so careless?”

Tom reckons Chris knew the horse was jittery, so should have had it sedated.

Though Ed points out that Chris would have had a horrific hangover.

So the lads have spoken.

Chris is in hospital because he took a “shortcut”.

Actually, can’t say I disagree with them. But, they are supposed to be his mates.

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