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Chris wakes up: Wed 13.03.13 #thearchers

The Archers Wednesday 13th March 2013
  • Chris talks to Emma
  • The village blames Alice
  • Ed’s a marketing genius!
  • Peas or beans?
  • Ed doesn’t have to be forced into the same room as Will
  • Ed’s a gent
  • Just good friends

Chris talks to Emma

Helen’s giving Emma a lift to go and see Chris.

Though Emma isn’t losing as much sleep as Alice and Susan, she’s obviously still beyond worried.

Alice had to go home from the hospital before she collapsed (as Susan nearly did).

When Emma’s next to Chris, she starts talking to him.

Eventually, he squeezes her hand. And she thinks he recognised her when he opened his eyes.

Hurrah! Emma goes to phone Susan and Neil, Helen to phone Alice.

(why was Helen ringing Alice? That seemed a tad ambulance chaser)

[Emma] “It’s ironic really. That I was there and not Alice. She’s hardly moved from his bedside since she got back.”

That’s step one for Chris. There’s still a long way to go, though.

The village blames Alice

[Helen] “Emma, have you heard any talk in the village … people have been saying things about Chris’ accident.”

Later on:

[Helen] “People are saying the accident was her fault!”


Well, I suppose they have a point.

Personally, I’d blame the horse …

Ed’s a marketing genius!

Now that Mike’s agreed to paying an extra penny on Ed’s milk, it means he and Ed need a marketing campaign to stop customers seeing the penny being passed onto them as a bad thing. And to bring in new customers.

So, Ed and Mike brainstorm.

Surprisingly, they’re really good at it. Especially Ed.

[Ed] “It’s a different product, that’s what we need to tell them.”

So they need to have a flyer that tells them about their pedigree Guernsey’s, family farm and that the milk is bottled daily by Mike the Milker.

[Ed] “It’s friendly innit, like Bob the Builder.”

[Mike] “Okay ... Yes we can!”

And, the milk has travelled less than most. So has a low carbon footprint. Plus Mike also delivers the milk.

[Mike] “You’re sort of like a travelling village ain’t you. The shop that comes to you.”

Then there’s the nutritional benefits, and that it tastes great.

They’re going to use the picture of Mike from the Borchester Life article:

[Mike] “I’m still not sure about that jumper though. Vicky’s pleased anyway.”

(and Jazzer reckoned: “It should be a picture of J McCreary, Housewife’s choice.”)

And possible the line Rob said after he tasted the milk:

[Ed] “He said it were like nostalgia in a bottle.”

Well. I’m sold!

Peas or beans?

[Jazzer] “Peas, they green things, nae fear!”

Beans it is!

Ed doesn’t have to be forced into the same room as Will

Plans are afoot for Eddie’s birthday dinner at Clarrie’s.

The whole family is invited and, for once, Ed has no issues being there with Will.

[Ed] “It’ll be fine, he’s been a bit less narky recently.”

Ed’s a gent
Despite Jazzer disagreeing that they’d done anything wrong to the old, nice widow who sold them the tractor, Ed gave her an extra £500 anyway.

[Jazzer] “No!”

[Ed] “She was very touched.”

[Jazzer] “You’re touched …What do you think Emma’s going to say about you throwing away spending cash!”

Ed reckons Emma will never know, but Jazzer threatens to tell her …

Ed reckons they’re now even. Jazzer bought the tractor without Ed’s say-so. And now Ed gave some money back without Jazzer’s.


That’s not a very solid start to their partnership.

Just good friends

[Helen] “She’s had an emotional morning, and I think a nice lunch is in order.”

[Emma] “Helen’s already had to mop me up once today.”

[Nic] “I see. I didn’t realise you were such good friends.”

What an odd couple they must make.

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