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Darrell has a wodge on him: Tues 26.03.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Tuesday 26th March 2013
  • Freddie does love a maths trail
  • The flirting of Ifty and Elizabeth
  • No wonder Darrell was caught first time round!
  • Chris can’t play darts or cricket
  • Canada? No-one’s talking

Freddie does love a maths trail

Freddie and Lily are trying out Ifty’s maths trail at the Science Museum. Seems Freddie has been “transformed” but it, according to Elizabeth.

Freddie has to do something about a life rule, Lily a four dimensional object.

Sounds riveting. If you’re into that sort of thing …

[Elizabeth] “You haven’t done a trial for me, have you?”

[Ifty] “No, but I’m sure I could work on one.”

As the day goes on, sounds like both Elizabeth and Ifty’s are set on something rather more exciting than a maths trial …

The flirting of Ifty and Elizabeth

As the kids so their trail, Elizabeth and Ifty seem to ‘trial’ each other.

(I know … sorry!)

They gently joke with each other:

[Ifty] “Hey, how do you fancy the astronauts room? There are some fascinating exhibits of rockets and space suits.”

[Elizabeth] “Boys toys, you mean.”

(which Elizabeth does eventually relent to go and see)

They have coffee in the prison (Elizabeth jests)  … prism (Ifty corrects)…

They discuss how the Mayan’s produced rubber thousands of years before Goodyear. Purely by chance.

[Ifty, sounding deep and meaningful] “I suppose that’s how things happen sometimes. By accident …”

They “mooch” around the museum. Chatting about Lower Loxley’s Easter Fayre, and the exhibition Bert and Lewis have created.

Actually, seems Bert unearthed Doris Archers’ pudding bowl and whisk to use as part of the exhibition. Ifty’s gran used to use something scythe like to cut mustard greens.

[Elizabeth] “We’re all made up of different memoires, aren’t we?”

[Ifty] “But I’m more concerned about what the future holds.”

(oh ho! Think Elizabeth is noticing these rather unsubtle hints?)

At the end of their day:

[Elizabeth] “Sitting in the rocket launcher was a first. I’ve had so much fun …I know you don’t need to see Freddie next week, but would you like to come over to Lower Loxley for a bit of dinner? Nothing fancy.”

[Ifty] “I’d like nothing better.”


Elizabeth did get the message. And seems to be thinking the same thing.

Ifty and Elizabeth ahoy!

No wonder Darrell was caught first time round!

Darrell got home very late again last night. Elona is not amused. Especially as Darrell reckons he can’t remember exactly what time.

[Elona] “What do you remember then? About last night?”

He really is rubbish at this sneaking around malarkey.  He hasn’t got a cover story, then drops a roll of notes on the floor. A whole £100. Which he tries to fob off as a bonus from Brian.

[Darrell] “Well I’ve done a good job, innit, Brian said so.”

Elona gets upset. She reckons she doesn’t want money “like that”, Darrell reckons she just wants a new freezer. Which he’s trying to get, as she demanded.

[Darrell] “I’m networking, trying to find work.”

[Elona] “I’m frightened. What is happening to you … what is really going on. Please talk to me.”

While Darrell’s later out, Neil has the misfortune to call round. He came to ask Darrell onto the darts team, and ends up having to calm down a crying Elona.

She tells him all.

[Elona] “I think he’s doing something illegal …This is what life used to be like in the old days, the bad old days. He’s done it before … Darrell was in prison a few years ago for receiving stolen goods. Please don’t say anything, he doesn’t want anyone to know … he’s just so easily influenced and I’m worried he’s got back into the same crowd. They’re dangerous, and they don’t care who they hurt.”

Poor Neil. He didn’t want to know any of that. Luckily enough, Darrell comes home again, allowing Neil to beat a hasty retreat.

[Neil] “I think you need to speak to your wife …”

Darrell’s rather angry. He knows Elona has told Neil more than he’d want him to know.


Chris can’t play darts or cricket
Chris sounds fed up having to rest.

He’s worried about the business, even though Ronnie knows exactly what he’s doing.

[Chris] “I’ve out so much of myself into it, I’ve got to keep on top of things.”

Worse still, the Duck and Drake are setting up darts tournament, and want a game against The Bull. Though Chris will just have to watch.

At least Roy pops round with beer. Which Chris welcomes gladly.

Though Chris wasn’t as glad about the news the cricket season is starting again. The first game will be against Little Croxley. Which he’ll again have to sit and watch, rather than play.

Poor Chris.

At least the footy season is nearly over. He’ll be back on his feet to be in the starting line up next season (here’s hoping).

Canada? No-one’s talking

[Roy] “So, how are things with you and Alice?”

[Chris] “Alright … she got the job in Vancouver.”

[Roy] “So, what are you going to do?”

[Chris] “We haven’t talked about it … feels sort of awkward … the fact is I want Alice to come and tell me she said no to them … everything that’s important to me is in Ambridge. How can she think of taking that all away?”

Oh dear.

Roy was right when he said someone out of the two has to start talking this through.

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