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"Does every sentence have to have sausages in it?": Thurs 14.03.13 #thearchers

The Archers Thursday 14th March 2013
  • Just. Tell. Pip. To. Pay. Rent.
  • Tom has to hear it from Kirsty
  • David teaches Josh basic farming skills
  • Where’s the wrapping paper?
  • Tom had to pay for parking

Just. Tell. Pip. To. Pay. Rent.

Or move out.

Pip’s once again too busy to help out at Brookfield, citing that she has work to do for Uni.

[David] “Maybe if you didn’t leave things until the last minute you’d be able to help out here more.”

[Pip] “It’s my business to manage my time.”

Later on, Pip has enough time spare to head off out to see a band. And, unknown to David and Ruth, she’s thinking of going away with Spencer again for a wee holiday. Ruth’s expecting her to use her holiday to finally help out.


[David] “It is about time that girl got her act together …We had a deal, when she went to Uni she could live her rent free as long as she helped on the farm.”

What on earth is wrong with David and Ruth?

Is their fury blinding them to the easy options of either charging her for her room, or telling her to move out? The money they’d save or gain would be enough to get proper help round Brookfield.

Tom has to hear it from Kirsty

Brenda is home after another bad day at work.

[Brenda] “If I have to put up with much more of Lilian, I’ll swear I’ll do violence.”

That doesn’t sound good.

Tom’s been in to see Chris (who was able to say a few words to him). Brenda also wants to see him, but doesn’t sound keen on doing so with Tom.

She then goes off for a bath when Tom utters “ready meals”.

Trying to placate Brenda, Tom suggests they go out. Brenda won’t hear of The Bull, in case she bumps into Lilian or Matt, so they settle on Jaxx.

[Brenda] “On one condition. You’re driving.”

When they get to Jaxx, Brenda demands a jog of cocktails, which she will be happy to drink herself (as Tom has to drive).

[Brenda] “It’s been a hell of a week. Don’t you think I deserve a drink!”

She then flounces off to talk to an acquaintance (who she actually doesn’t really like).

Kirsty smells trouble.

[Kirsty] “You two. You’re not exactly love’s young dream.”

Tom reckons it’s because Brenda has sided with Pat and Tony over the organic status.

[Kirsty] “Tom. For god’s sake! Do you ever stop and listen to yourself. Not everything’s about the business you know … does every sentence have to have sausages in it, or ready meals … no wonder she’s fed up with you … people do laugh at you a bit behind your back … I’ve done it myself, Mr one track mind …”

[Tom] “I’ve not got a  one track mind. I’ve got lots of things going on in my life …”

[Kirsty] “Other than work, what exactly?”

Tom can’t answer that. But he reckons he’s obsessed with work to build him and Brenda a future.

Kirsty reminds him that it’s here and now that’s most important.

[Kirsty] “You’ve got one unhappy girlfriend there.”

AND Tom can’t even explain to Kirsty why Brenda is so furious at work.

[Kirsty] “Think on, Tom …”

No. Don’t think on Tom.

Brenda would be far better off without you.

David teaches Josh basic farming skills

The cows were getting restless. Seems their water thingy wasn’t working.

[David] “Time for a bit of percussive maintenance.”

(we hear a loud clang)

[Josh] “Oh, bashing it with a fork!”

[David] “Farming repairs 101, that is.”

I’ll say it again – Josh is now odds on favourite to inherit Brookfield over Pip.

Where’s the wrapping paper?

In the drawer:

[Ruth] “Next to the fridge, with the wonky hinge for wrapping paper.”

Tom had to pay for parking

The horror!

They’ve put parking prices up, and now also charge after 6pm.

[Tom] “So, having paid, I’d better display.”

(what a prat!)

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