Saturday, 16 March 2013

Josh and Ben make Yorkshire pudding: Sun 10.03.13 #thearchers

The Archers Sunday 10th March 2013
  • Mother’s Day at Brookfield
  • Brian’s already thinking about Chris dying …

Mother’s Day at Brookfield

Josh and Ben are (trying) to cook Ruth Sunday lunch. With all the trimmings.

That involves making Yorkshire pudding (which is very brave of them. I’m sure Aunt Bessie’s would have done just grand).

David walks in while Ben’s using the mixer with the lid off (oops). And notices that Head Chef Pip isn’t there, after promising she would.

[David] “That does it!”

So, David helps them. He drains the tatties, Ben mashes them. And David sees to the gravy.

(though why David didn’t tell them not to out the Yorkshire puddings on so early, I’ll never know).

Pip eventually appears. Swanning in without a care, having the nerve to say how good the food smelt.

She really doesn’t care anymore.

She claims her phone went wonky, and her alarm didn’t go off.

Even if that’s true, she certainly didn’t apologise.

[David] “It’s not good enough Pip. You’ve let the boys down.”

And she’s left David to have to help make the lunch, while also trying to manage everything else on the farm (so that Ruth can have the day off. Though she still cleaned out a wardrobe).

[Pip] “Sorry, It was just one of those things … and I’m here now … the main thing is that we’re all here.”

David does not agree. The point was for everyone to come together both  to make the lunch, and to eat it.

So, he makes Pip do the cleaning up. Which. Remembering that Ben didn’t have the lid on the mixer, is a nasty job.

And at least Ruth has a nice lunch. She didn’t even notice the digs between Ben and Josh, and Pip.

Brian’s already thinking about Chris dying …

Alice spent most of today crying next to Chris.

Even Susan had to try and comfort her (when Susan’s in no fit state of mind herself).

Chris is making an improvement, though that only means swapping one machine for another. As Brian said, there’s a long way to go.

As Jennifer and Brian drive home:

[Jennifer] “Still nothing has been said about the elephant in the room …”

Ah. Of course.

Alice’s job interview.

[Brian] “I wonder what she’d do if she was offered the job?”

Jennifer thinks Alice would say no. Brian isn’t so sure.

[Brian] “On the other hand, if things go badly for him … we have to face it Jenny, Alice might want to make a completely new start …”

[Jennifer] “Don’t talk like that. I can’t bear it!”

Well, Brian has a point.

Though tactless of him to say so (as per).


caroline_venezia said...

"though why David didn’t tell them not to out the Yorkshire puddings on so early, I’ll never know"

Er - because he doesn't know how to make them either? Actually I was pondering on the unspoken implication that Ruth normally cooks Sunday dinners like this - a side of her we haven't seen before, I think?! Now she wouldn't have complained at frozen pizza :-)

Inga McVicar said...

True, true.

And yes ... as far as I was aware, Ruth can only do frozen pizza!