Monday, 25 March 2013

Some bloke fancies Helen!: Mon 25.03.13 #thearchers

The Archers Monday 25th March 2013
  • Chris is home, surrounded by cards
  • Why was Tom “scrubbed up”?
  • Cheesestraw excited by Cheese
  • Tom’s just misunderstood?
  • Helen gets picked up
  • Brenda Vs Lilian, round 899538922783 (prt 2)
  • Emma’s kids are artists

Chris is home, surrounded by cards

[Chris] “This one is from a couple whose mare I took care of after she took chronic laminitis … I only met them once, and that was a couple of years ago.”

[Alice] “Hey, this is what it must be like for celebrities when they get fanmail!”

As well as his cards, Alice has stacked the fridge with “treats”, and has a wodge of cricket DVDs for Chris.


But too little too late …

Why was Tom “scrubbed up”?

[Helen] “Tom, what are you doing all scrubbed up?”

We’ll never know.

Tom did not give an answer.

Cheesestraw excited by Cheese

Well, only natural, I suppose.

[Helen] “No matter how often you’ve done it, it’s always exciting when Borchester Blue gets to this stage.”

Tom’s just misunderstood?

Tom’s wondering if Helen has made up her mind to agree, or not, with his idea of getting rid of Bridge Farm’s dairy cows.

She reckons she has an open mind, but needs time to ponder.

[Helen] “And you ought to think seriously about the emotional impact on mum and dad.”

[Tom] “Maybe I just don’t express myself very well.”

[Helen] “Why don’t you park it in your brain for a while? … Oh come on, there has to be more to life than business. Take Brenda out, do something wild!”

I snorted just as loudly as Tom when Helen said that … as if she can talk!

Helen gets picked up

Actually … she can. She’s going to have a night out at The Bull with Emma tonight.

[Helen] “Call it a bid to improve my work life balance.”

[Tom] “You and Emma Grundy in the razzle, eh!”

[Helen] “It’s not quite the phrase I’d use.”

Emma’s certainly thrilled by it:

[Emma] “Guess what, I’m going out after. Helen’s treating me to a few drinks down the pub. I can’t wait!”
At The Bull, Helen comes back from getting more drinks:

[Helen] “The weirdest thing just happened.”

Seems a bloke started chatting to Helen.

[Helen] “His name’s Jonathan, and he’s lovely. Very friendly. He’s just left, and before he went he gave me his number, even suggested we get together next week.”

[Emma] “He’s fit.”

[Helen] “Yes, I suppose. It’s been a  long time since anything like this has happened to me.”

Emma’s far more excited than Helen is at the prospect of Helen going out on a date, and reckons she should call him tomorrow.

Sounds like Helen is going to do so.

(now, when did this happen before? A bloke approaches Helen. She’s not sure. Her mate encourages him (and her) to go for it. The result, Helen with a broken heart, leading onto Henry)

Brenda Vs Lilian, round 899538922783 (prt 2)

Lilian’s trying to catch out Brenda again. But she can’t – everything Lilian checks on, has already been done.

[Lilian] “Have you been stuck by a bout of efficiency, Brenda ?”

[Brenda] “I’m just doing my job Lilian.”

Which seemingly includes finding Lilian’s keys for her. Which were on the filing cabinet.

As Lilian heads out:

[Brenda] “Where are you going?”

[Lilian] “Pardon!”

Course, Lilian’s only furious at the question because she’s off to her and Paul’s flat.

When we later join her, it’s the usual kissing, declarations of love, and wishes that it could be like this forever.

(though Paul has bought a full length mirror)

Luckily for  us, they’re interrupted by Lilian’s mobile. It’s Brenda, looking for some plans, which Lilian finds in her handbag.

[Lilian] “Why does real life have to intrude?”

[Paul] “This moment is what matters, isn’t it?”

You know what … I do adore Lilian, but this is getting rather drole.

Emma’s kids are artists

[Emma, on Keira’s card] “That pink splodge started off as a princess and turned into a pig.”

And on George’s picture of Chris at the forge:

[Chris] “It even looks like me!”

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