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Alice wants to go, Jennifer won’t let her: Fri 29.03.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Friday 29th March 2013
  • Success is a full fridge
  • Brenda’s at work on Good Friday
  • James is 40 tomorrow
  • Amy has a cracking flat
  • The Easter Walk
  • Ruairi got a HUGE Easter egg
  • Alice wants to go
  • Lilian’s looking well

Success is a full fridge

[Jennifer] “You really ought to get this kitchen organized Alice. Everything is so higgidy piggidy …are you planning to buy a bread crock? … Do you realize your fridge is half empty … I make a habit of keeping our cupboards well stocked.”

Jennifer’s then horrified to hear Chris will only be getting pasta and a jar of sauce for his dinner.

She insists on bringing round dinner for them.

And while she was at it:

[Jennifer] “Have you made any decision about the job in Vancouver?”

But Alice’s saved by Susan ringing the door.

Brenda’s at work on Good Friday

Lilian’s shocked.

But seems Brenda needs to update the website. And she has slips to email to the accountant.

[Lilian, actually concerned for her] “Are you alright Brenda?”

Brenda tells her about Bethany. Who, it seems, has got the all clear from the doctor.

Though we know Brenda’s not upset about Bethany.

It’s Tom.

James is 40 tomorrow

[Lilian] “I can’t believe my baby is middle aged. What does that say about me?”

[Brenda] “I wouldn’t worry about it. James is the sort of person who will never grow up.”

(true enough)

Amy has a cracking flat

Alice is very impressed.

Actually, Alice sounds quite jealous.

From Amy’s flat, you can just about see the Cathedral. She has “stunning” curtains. It’s in a great location. Has all mod cons. Has a comfy sofa. And is massive.

[Alice] “You’ve certainly got space than me and Chris. We’ve hardly got space for a bread bin!”

(ah … Jennifer’s getting to Alice)

Amy’s flat also has a relaxing vibe about it. She reckons it’s like living alone, as her flat mate is hardly ever around when she is.

[Amy] “Somehow I feel like I’m more my own person now.”

Though she still adores Alan and Usha, she’s glad to get space away from them. Something Alice would relish.

[Alice] “Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to break free.”

The Easter Walk

This year, was to Darrington.

They sang songs, read from bible, and took turns to carry the cross.

[Jennifer] “It was a good way to start the Easter break.”

And they have the dawn service on Lakey Hill, plus Easter breakfast at the hall to look forward too.

Life of Riley, mon ami!

Though Lilian isn’t so convinced:

[Lilian] “Early hours of the Sunday morning out to be about sleep and nothing else.”

Ruairi got a HUGE Easter egg

From Lilian.

[Lilian] “I need to spoil someone.”

[Jennifer] “He’ll be thrilled, and possibly quite sick by the time he’s finished.”

Well, Lilian can’t buy Easter eggs for James anymore.

He wouldn’t be interested, now that he’s about to turn 40.

For his 40th, Lilian got him a case of expensive vintage champagne. Though that is likely to be overshadowed by Leonie taking him to Marrakesh.

Ah well.

If only life was as simple as the happiness to be gained from being a HUGE Easter egg.

Alice wants to go

Having a chat with Amy over a cuppa, Alice admits that, in her heart, she wants to go to Canada.

[Alice] “The truth is, I’ve got itchy feet, and I think Chris and I could do with a new challenge.”

In Alice’s mind, Canada is perfect for them. And if it isn’t, they could just come back.

[Alice] “It’s perfect for Chris, there are mountains and beaches all around.”

Though she only has 2 weeks to decide, like Chris, Alice doesn’t want to be the first one to bring it up.

[Amy] “You have to speak to Chris, tell him about how passionate you are.”

Alice is waiting for Chris to tell her that it doesn’t matter where they are, it’ll be enough just to be together.

(ah, you can take the lad out of Ambridge, but Ambridge won’t be out of the lad. Making for a very unhappy lad)

When Jennifer later brings round Alice and Chris’ dinner:

[Jennifer] “But you’re not really thinking of taking up the offer … that was before Christopher had the accident … after all that has happened, you can’t contemplate leaving the country.”

[Alice] “It’s an opportunity that could transform both our lives.”

[Jennifer] “You weren’t even in the country when Christopher had his accident … and I think it’s very selfish of you to even consider accepting this position!”

[Alice] “You don’t understand,. This isn’t solely about my employment prospects … by going to Canada Chris and I have the chance to have a whole next set of experience .. to live our lives on our own terms.”

[Jennifer] “The fact is you’re a young couple and you need your friends and your family around you. You must see Alice, you simply can’t go.”

Well, that’s that then.

Jennifer has said no.

So it shall be.


Lilian’s looking well

[Jennifer] “I must say you’re positively glowing at the moment … Matt must be treating you very well.”

Oh ho!

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