Sunday, 17 March 2013

Darrell will have to do wrong again: Tues 12.03.13 #thearchers

The Archers Tuesday 12th March 2013
  • Brenda’s not a happy work bunny
  • Elona buys sweets for the residents
  • Jill ties to recruit Elona to the WI
  • What’s a “sporting evening”?
  • Matt in Borchester Life?
  • Vicky’s fuming

Brenda’s not a happy work bunny

She hasn’t even got her coat off, but is already having to answer the phone to a disgruntled tenant who is living with a broken boiler.

Lilian isn’t helping.


[Lilian] “Something’s come up. I have to go to Felpersham.”

(I could make an inappropriate comment about Paul’s what’s come up, but shall not stop that low …)

So. Brenda has to deal with the boiler. Deals with advertising deadlines. Do something call a ‘book out’ (which we find out later on is when they check over a flat before a previous tenant gets their deposit). And answer the phones.

(actually, that doesn’t seem entirely unreasonable for one person to cope with in a day)

Anyhoo – the booking went badly, with the previous tenant challenging any of their deposit being kept back. Which means more paperwork for Brenda.

Lilian’s furious, reckoning Brenda should have handled the tenant better. Brenda reckons Lilian should have handled her herself.

[Lilian] “Something came up … that’s what we pay you for. Just remember I;m the boss here, and I decide who does what in the office. Alright!”


Brenda to join the dole office queue very soon – either through choice, or force.

Elona buys sweets for the residents

Folks who live in the Laurels with family get sweets taken into them.

Seems Jack likes humbugs.

But for those who don’t have family, Elona gets the sweets for them.

Which is really nice of her.

Even though the residents pay for them – they give her the money.

Still, I suppose Elona's and Darrell’s finances mean they can’t be that generous.

Jill ties to recruit Elona to the WI

[Elona] “I’m not sure it’s my sort of thing.”

[Jill] “Oh please don’t think it’s all old fogies like me.”

Jill mentions Nic goes.

And that they don’t just do craft. They do “serious campaigning”. Get to meet other folks. And have talks that “can be entertaining and informative.”

(note Jill’s use of “can be”. Quite telling, really)

Though I think Jill may have put Elona off for life when she mentioned that their next speak had cancelled. He or she was about to deliver a fascinating session on the history of the British Postage stamp … oh dear.

Elona says she’ll have a chat with Nic, but already cites that she is very busy with her family and work.

What’s a “sporting evening”?

Sounds illegal.

And quite horrible …

It’s what Des wants to hold somewhere at Home Farm. And he wants Darrell to sneak them in (he wants one of Brian’s barns, but not his number).

Des only says that Darrell will get a drink out of it but though Darrell sounds dubious, he more or less agrees.

One can assume Des is the knee-capping sort of chap?

Well, if this “sporting evening” involves animals, I’ll happily turn into a knee-capping sort of gal to deal with Des.

To add to Darrell’s woes, Elona has been told that due to the gables cutting their costs, she’ll be down by one shift a week.

With Darrell’s job only being a temporary one, they need every penny they can get.

So … looks like Darrell’s boxed in yet again. Back to the bad boys!

Matt in Borchester Life?

Seems Jim has one more Borchester Life article to do.

[Jill] “Chris thinks he should round off with someone weighty.”

[Lilian] “What, Fat Paul?”

Actually … Jill seems to think Matt would be the very chap. Local businessman, and all that.

Lilian’s not sure Matt would be interested.

And actually, would Jim?

It would make for a rather tabloid type feature.

Vicky’s fuming

[Vicky] “Pat Fletcher … she was being so sympathetic … you’re being so brave, Derek and I do feel for you … she was talking like having Bethany was the worst thing that happened to me, but she’s the best … she’s a blessing, why can’t people see that!?!”

Quite right too Vicky.


Unknown said...

Brenda to join the dole office queue very soon – either through choice

Is choice still possible? I've an idea they say it's self-inflicted, come back in a few months. Brenda should avoid doing any work for Mat and every time he complains explain that she had to cover for his wife who had to stray out of the office, again.

One can assume Des is the knee-capping sort of chap?

No, I think he just spots the dim/weak that he can manipulate and blackmail.

Inga McVicar said...

Well, technically, she would indeed have to wait a few months to get any dole. But you get my gist.

I see your cunning plan re Matt, but I also think Matt will eternally side with Lilian. Though it could make Matt do more to find out where Lilian is dissapearing off to.

Fair point about Des. I have a horrible feeling what these sports evenings will entail ...