Sunday, 31 March 2013

The tale of two Simnel cakes: Sun 31.03.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Sunday 31st march 2013
  • Feeding the early Easter risers
  • Topical alter … another clock reminder
  • The organ is sticking
  • Jennifer’s still horrified by Alice
  • Where’s everyone for Easter?
  • The Easter Egg hunt
  • Two Simnel cakes … twice the fun
  • Ed’s milk leaflets do not impress Clarrie
  • Pip’s back to old habits
  • Clarrie sounds a bit different

Feeding the early Easter risers

Jennifer’s buttering the toast. Clarrie’s making the rolls. And Nic’s brought in the boiled eggs.

[Nic] “I daren’t go near the urn … you’re all very professional.”

[Jennifer] “Well, we’ve had plenty of experience, haven’t we Clarrie.”

Topical alter … another clock reminder

This time from Nic. She’s feeling tired being up so early on a Sunday.

[Nic] “And the clocks going forward hasn’t helped.”

Ta for that, Nic.

The organ is sticking

The horror!

Won’t somebody think of St Stephens!?!

Jennifer’s still horrified by Alice

[Jennifer] “Instead of tuning down flat, she asked them for time to ask, after what happened to Christopher … I don’t know how she can even entertain such a drastic move?”

Jill reasons that Alice needs time. She and Chris have a big decision to make.

If only if it were Alice AND Chris making the decision …

Where’s everyone for Easter?

Jennifer and Brian are having Adam, Ian, Alice and Chris over.

The Grundys are off to The Bull.

And Heather and Jill are visiting Brookfield.


Nic is especially feeling she’s found her place in Ambridge.

[Nic] “I enjoyed helping. It made me feel like I was part of something.”

[Clarrie] “You are.”

The Easter Egg hunt

It’s on, at The Bull.

“ a day of non-stop chocolate”

Nic managed to say no to wearing a full bunny suit, but gave way to bunny ears.

Well done Nic!

Two Simnel cakes … twice the fun

Heather has brought a Simnel cake, which she made from her granny’s recipe. It includes a “secret ingredient”.

Jill’s also at Brookfield for Easter. She’s also made a Simnel cake.


[David] “If you ask me, they both look absolutely delicious.”

Both have made their own marzipan from scratch.

But Jill’s has chicks on them (which is seemingly “fun”), heather’s has flowers (“traditional”).

Ben prefers the one with chicks, as the one with flowers “tastes like biscuits”. That’s because Heather’s secret ingredient is ginger.

But before Heather notices the slight, everyone else rallies round to say the ginger gives her cake “depth”.

Disaster averted.

Ed’s milk leaflets do not impress Clarrie

Emma’s taking any opportunity to hand out Ed’s milk leaflets. Including The Bull’s Easter egg hunt.

It’s the first time Clarrie’s seen them.

She’s none too sure they say what they need to say:

[Clarrie] “The word nostalgia may make it sound like the milk’s gone off.”

But seeing that everyone else gets it:

[Clarrie] “Just me then. I am daft.”


Pip’s back to old habits

Ach well. Pip lasted one whole day of realising that she shouldn’t be a selfish wee madam.

She’s at Spencer’s for lunch, but had promised to come back for tea.

(tea as in tea and cake. How posh is Brookfield!)

But, Pip calls to say that she isn’t coming back. Spencer’s granny has arrived.

[Ruth] “Back in a bit is not good enough … So you’re going to let everyone down again!”

[Pip] “Why do you have to make such a big deal out of everything?”

Erm … cause Pip’s granny has also arrived. Actually, both of them are at Brookfield.

[Heather, not realising Pip has chosen another family over her] “At my age you realise there’s nothing more important than your family.”

When Pip eventually shows, she was about to refuse a slice of Heather’s cake from heather, but Ruth buts in:

[Ruth] “You’d love to try it though, wouldn’t you Pip?!!”

[Pip, confused, but compliant] “Yes.”

When Heather goes out of earshot:

[Ruth] “You don’t even think you’ve done anything wrong!”

No. Pip can’t see what she’s done wrong.

So Ruth makes her promise to take Heather to Lower Loxley’s Eater Fayre tomorrow. Which means cancelling her plans with Spencer. Much to Pip’s annoyance.

[David] “Yes, happy Easter, Everyone.”


Clarrie sounds a bit different

Don’t you think?

Odd …

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