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Helen makes gratin, and sides with Tom: Mon 01.04.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Monday 1st April 2013
  • Tony’s feeling positive
  • Helen defends Tom … and agrees with him?
  • Chris wants outside
  • Henry is a handful
  • April Fools’
  • Helen made gratin
  • Jonathan’s already stood Helen up
  • Underage drinking at the Lower Loxley Easter Fayre

Tony’s feeling positive   

Now that’s not a thing I often get to say!

Seems Bridge Farm is struggling to fill their veg boxes with their own produce. The bad weather has knackered them.

But Tony isn’t flapping. Seems he doesn’t mind “buying in a few cauliflowers”.

Helen defends Tom … and agrees with him?

[Helen] “I suppose he must feel like the enemy at the moment … it’s only a suggestion dad, it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen.”

So, Helen is wading into the fray.

[Helen] “I don’t think Tom’s being contrary for the sake of it … this is too big, he knows how much he’s asking of you and mum … he honestly believe the Tom Archer brand is important to the survival of Bridge Farm as a whole … we’ve got to stop looking at Tom’s own ventures as a separate entity.”

[Tony] “So, you don’t think Tom’s personal ambitions is playing a part?”

[Helen] “Ambition to succeed is yes, definitely. But it’s not at the expense of what mum thinks. He’s just being a good businessman.”

[Tony] “Well, your mum’s not convinced of that.”

[Helen] “She hasn’t even given him a chance. Tom’s right, Bridge Farm is going to have to support all of us, in the future … and if Tom thinks we should sell the herd in order to achieve that, we should seriously consider what he’s saying.”

When Helen, Pat and Tony later have a chinwag:

[Pat] Why does he have to make everything sound so clinical?”

Helen does seem to be now singing from Tom’s songbook. (I’m always so disappointed when she does that – Helen is surely the more astute and intelligent of the two?!?). She agrees with Pat and Tony that she can’t imagine life without the cows, and that when Tom first uttered getting rid of them she saw it as a “betrayal”. BUT she’s had time to ponder it “rationally”.

[Helen] “I think I can see Tom’s point of view … the fact is we’re trying to do so much … This isn’t an easy thing to say, but I think we should listen to Tom. We should think seriously about letting the cows go … let’s not turn Tom into the bad guy, we all want the same thing.”

[Pat] “The bottom line is the ethos of the farm won’t be the same without the cows … we produce everything, we know the history of every animal, we are completely sure about what’s going into our milk.”

But, in a very Tom like manner, Helen tells Pat that they must find a “viable” future for the farm.

[Helen] “Without letting your emotions get in the way.”

Oh dear.

With Helen onside, Tony will follow and Pat won’t have much choice.

(bloomin’ Tom Archer’s!)

Chris wants outside

Seems Chris can’t take anymore tea or coffee. Nor being stuck inside.

[Chris] “I’ve been staring at a screen for days. I’m fed up of it … every day feels like a bank holiday to me at the moment.”

So, Alice lets him look at some business invoices.

Steady on!

It’s a Bank Holiday. Though Chris wants to call Ronnie to check about new shoes (of the horsey variety, of course), and also his clients to check they’re okay – Alice manages to persuade him otherwise.

[Alice] “There’s no way you can make business calls on an Easter Monday!”

Henry is a handful

[Helen] “I’m dreading the day he stops having a nap … what will I do with him all day?”

Pat reckons it will get easier.

Hmm …

April Fools’

Was seemingly this year only celebrated by George.

He swapped the salt for the sugar.

[Pat] “I suppose April Fools a bit of a gift when you’re seven.”

Fair enough.

But poor show by the rest of the Ambridge residents.

Helen made gratin

With her Blue.

[Helen] “Give it a chance.”

[Tony] “Oh gladly!”

And the result … Tony gave the gratin 10 out of 10.

Jonathan’s already stood Helen up

Seems they were meant to meet up, but Jonathan to postpone as he has to work.

[Tony] “It’s good to see you getting out and about a bit.”

Well, not yet Tony.

Helen’s new beau has to actually meet with her first.

[Helen] “We’ll see how it goes. I’d just rather he hadn’t postponed.”

Good god … I hope Jonathan turns out to be a good ‘un. I doubt Helen could live through another horrific relationship experience.

Underage drinking at the Lower Loxley Easter Fayre

Well, not exactly.

The kids tried to get into the beer tent, but Roy chased them out.

Roy used to be one of those very kids …

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