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Andrew knows? Matt knows? – Thurs 25.04.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Thursday 25th April 2013
  • Lilian is nervy
  • Brian’s affronted
  • What’s Andrew after?
  • Brian’s in for a shock …
  • Matt knows …
  • Darrell finally realises he’s a bad man
  • Paul still doesn’t care

Lilian is nervy

Lilian can’t find a file she needs for the Borchester Land Board meeting.

[Lilian] “I do so hate walking in late, it’s such bad manners.”

Matt found it for her, easily enough. And also noticed that she seemed to be nervous.

[Matt] “Is there something you haven’t told me?”

[Lilian, now panicked] “What?”

[Matt] “Have you been secretly gambling away the hospitality fund?”

[Lilian] “That’s not even funny.”

Ooh … that was a tad close to the bone.

Matt also asked Lilian to say hello to Andrew at the Board meeting.

[Matt] “As soon as he’s up for another 9 holes, give me a call.”

Has Andrew already told Matt he’d spotted Lilian with ‘Steve’?

Brian’s affronted

[Brian] “On my land, in my barn! … I couldn’t believe the cheek of it.”

Brian still hasn’t worked out how the dogfighters got into his barn, but he’ll surely work  it out eventually (or that Des will grass on Darrell).

Anyhoo – Brian is ever so grateful to Neil for finding them, and dobbing them in,

[Brian] “He didn’t mess about.”

When Brian later sees Neil and Darrell, he asks them to dinner at Home Farm. Just to say a wee thank-you.

Susan will love that … Elona, probably not so.

What’s Andrew after?

When Lilian sees Andrew at the Board meeting, the first thing he says is:

[Andrew] “Any luck on Tuesday?”

When Lilian then tries to cement her lie about Paul being Steve the builder, Andrew won’t talk to her there and then. He wants to find a quite spot for a “proper chat” after the meeting.

During their chat, Lilian insists that Paul/Steve was a restoration specialist, but that:

[Lilian] “It was pretty obvious he didn’t have the skills we were looking for.”

So, she’s wondering if Andrew knows anyone.

Andrew seemed to know more than just restoration specialists.

And he enquired whether he can “help out” Lilian.

Sounds ominous, and a bit dodgy …

Brian’s in for a shock …

… methinks.

[Brian] “There should be a very interesting and formative piece about Home Estate.”

Now, while Brian thinks it’ll be great PR, I suspect Jim hasn’t quite written it that way.

Matt knows …

Matt was rather over-enthusiastic when he congratulated Darrell for being part of stopping the dogfighters.

He also reckons Darrell is now famous, what with him being all over the front of the Echo.

On and on Matt went at Darrell … then, he asked Darrell to tell him every detail.


Sounds like Matt knows Darrell was involved.

So, what’s Matt’s angle?

Darrell finally realises he’s a bad man

Darrell is not amused that he’s front page news.

[Darrell] “I’d rather be anonymous.”

He also doesn’t want to have dinner at home farm.

[Darrell] “Neil, I can’t, I’m feeling really bad about this, I’m feeling terrible.”


Neil’s still trying to help him. He reckons that if they stick to their story, all will be well.

But, Darrell’s still worried about Des. Especially considering he still hasn’t been caught. And now that Matt is asking too many questions:

[Darrell] “He’s got a lot of contacts.”

[Neil] “Not in the dog fighting world. You’re just being paranoid … Look, you stuck around, so you got involved …”

Yup, Darrell should have listened to Neil and not been there when the Police arrived.

Actually, Darrell should have had the sense not to get involved in such a horrible, nasty business in the first place.

[Darrell] “Elona’s right. I’ve got no guts, no will power … I’ve got a bad feeling about this Neil, I’m not out of it yet.”


Darrell doesn’t deserve to get away with anything.

Those poor dogs …

Paul still doesn’t care

[Lilian] “I can’t understand how you can be so relaxed about it.”

[Paul] “We can’t always live in a glass bubble Lilian. I mean, what’s this all about, you and me, if we can’t take a few risks now and then.”

[Lilian] “That’s easy for you to say!”

Lilian is obviously panicked, Paul doesn’t give a hoot. In fact, he’s still berating her for spoiling their day out. In fact, all was perfect:

[Paul] “Until you met some harmless bore and pressed the panic button .”

Really … why isn’t Lilian seeing through him?

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