Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Jim pumps Brian: Thurs 18.04.13

Pondering The Archers Thursday 18th April 2013
  • Jim’s pleased with his article
  • Helen berates Tom
  • David’s not a fool
  • Brian is a fool

Jim’s pleased with his article

Well there’s a first!

[Jim] “For once, I'm quite pleased with it.”

(told you so!)

[Jim] “The questions in the box are quite sensible this month.”

So, that just leaves Brian’s interview to do, and he’ll soon be free of Borchester Life and Glen Whitehouse.

Helen berates Tom

Tom’s still refusing to call back potential retailers for his ready meals, and the auctioneer for the cows. He can’t face talking to anyone.

[Tom] “The pigs don’t care what mood I’m in.”

[Helen] “You really need to get your act together, Tom.”

[Tom] “Now that Brenda’s gone, I don’t think I have an act.”

[Helen] “Don’t be ridiculous Tom … I know how hard it is, and I feel for you … I wanted to give up too, but you can’t … I know you can be brave and strong and stay focused. You’ll get through this.”

Well, if anyone would know that, I’d be Helen. As tough as it may have sounded.

David’s not a fool

Ruth is  delighted that Pip seems to be tacking University seriously. She left very early today to go and study.

David’s not so sure her nose is really that firmly pressed to the grindstone.

[David] “So she says.”

[Ruth] “Don’t be so suspicious!”

Will they finally chuck her out, or start charging her rent, when they find out she’s in London, not the Library?

Brian is a fool

Jim’s interviewing Brian for his Borchester Life article.

[Jim] “I do like to give my readers sense of the person behind the public façade.”

[Brian] “It’ll be a short interview then … I’m really not that deep, what you see if what you get.”

Jim starts with how Brian is so busy with so many successful businesses, yet finds time to do so much for the community.

[Brian] “Come on Jim, stop buttering me up. You’re making me sound like the squire of Ambridge.”

So, Jim lets Brian talk,:

[Brian] “Trouble with a lot of people is that they simply don’t have vision … they seem to be incapable of seeing the bigger picture. That’s what you’ve got to focus on … never mind being popular, I’d rather be right.”

[Jim] “And you usually are.”

[Brian] “People usually come round to my way of thinking in the end.”

[Jim] “I’m sure they do.”

Hmm … what’s Jim up to?

He asks Brian to talk him through the mart, and the objections against it. Including Joe’s.

Which prompted Brian to mention that it was he who removed the Grundys from Grange Farm:

[Brian] “I’m afraid we were the wicked landlords who turfed him out.”

[Jim] “Just victims of history?”

[Brian] “I’m really enjoying this, much more fun than I thought it’d be!”

Oh dear. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Brian being so naïve. Jim looks to be crafting a hatchet piece.

Maybe Jim shouldn’t recorded the interview (he relies on his hand written notes instead). I imagine Brian won’t take lightly to the truth being told …

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