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Lilian buys Peggy cake: Wed 03.04.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Wednesday 3rd April 2013
  • Paul’s an unwelcome visitor at Celia’s
  • Lilian buys cake, saving Peggy 50p
  • Peggy’s noticed something …
  • Tony is STILL feeling positive
  • Chris wants Canada?
  • Peggy’s on Tom’s side

Paul’s an unwelcome visitor at Celia’s

[Celia] “On no, Paul! What on earth are you doing here?”

Paul wants to talk. And will have his talk, even though Celia tries to not let him in, then immediately asks him to leave.

[Paul] “I care about you, that’s why I’m here.”

Later on:

[Paul] “So, you’ve been on holiday together … Don’t marry him, Celia. You can’t trust him. He was my friend before he was your fancy man. You don’t understand at all … I’m trying to protect you … you’re making a terrible mistake.”

(ah … the plot thickens. It was seem Paul’s ex-wife is about to marry his (ex) best pal)

And even later on, Paul wants to know if Celia and his ex-pal were at it while he and Celia were still married.

Celia says no. It’s only been since she divorced Paul.

[Paul] “In love with Frank, you can’t be serious!”

Paul gives it the ‘I’m the father of your kids’, ‘we made vows’ type of chat. Which doesn’t sway Celia.

Then he tries:

[Paul] “Frank can’t make you happy, he’ll hurt you, I’m positive he will.”

Paul reckons he’ll stop them marrying, at which point Celia manages to throw him out.


Paul is a bit of a looper.

And what does this mean for Lilian? She obviously doesn’t realise what’s going on with his ex, let alone that he’s a stalker. AND in love with his ex (or at least still trying to control her).

This is going to get nasty …

Lilian buys cake, saving Peggy 50p

[Peggy] “Date and walnut loaf, scrumptious … my Lilian, is this the right price? I could bake my own for 50p!”

[Lilian] “So I’ve saved you 50p … Honestly mum, the war’s over. Can’t you let yourself enjoy a bit of luxury?”

[Peggy] “My generation are used to being grateful with what we’ve got.”

[Lilian] “Well, thank goodness times have changed. Now we can all have what we want and there’s no need to settle for anything less than perfection.”

[Peggy] “I always think that if people lower their expectations, there’s more chance of being happy.”

Well well … who’d have thought a date and walnut loaf could inspire such a deep discussion.

Peggy’s noticed something …

Peggy hasn’t meet Matt and Lilian in the same room for some time.

Lilian (rather stupidly, in my opinion) told Peggy that they “need a bit of space”, as they both live and work together.

That’s surely enough to start Peggy pondering aloud … probably to Jennifer … who will spot what’s what within milliseconds.

Tony is STILL feeling positive

I thought Tony was back to his doom and gloom ways. But no. he’s still very chirpy.

[Tony] “Few more hours of daylight means there’s a lot more work to do.”

[Peggy] “Ah yes, but isn’t it lovely!”

[Tony] “Oh yes, of course it is!”

Chris wants Canada?

Roy’s round to see Chris again, but this time with juice rather than beer.

He wants to know if Chris has talked to Alice about Canada.

Nope. Seems not.

[Roy] “This is what things were like when I was with Kate. She could never deal with life, well, not properly. The Aldridge girls are used to having everything served to them on a  plate.”

Chris defends Alice – though she’s been privileged, he reckons she isn’t “selfish”. And she studied hard to get her degree, so Chris reckons it’s fair enough she now wants an “interesting career”.

[Chris] “I can see where she’s coming from.”

[Roy, sarcastically … he must still be thinking of Kate] “Well, that’s good of you.”

But Chris loves his work. So reckons Alice should also be able to love her work.

There’s more.

With all the time he’s had to ponder, Chris is also starting to get excited about the opportunity that could be Canada. His main problem is his own business, which is doing very nicely indeed.

[Chris] “Problem is, me and Alice can’t both have what we want.”

Roy counsels that this feels so HUGE because it is a big decision, and the first big decision Alice and Chris have had to face. As long as they love each other, they’ll be fine.

(um … really?)

[Chris] “What we’ve got feels like the real.”

[Roy] “A few years in Vancouver might not be so bad.”

Roy now also seems excited about Canada for Chris. He reckons Chris could have a fantastic time, with Alice earning a very good wage, big house, all mod cons, plenty of chance to “play” …

[Chris] “Sitting around and doing nothing, it’s really not me.”


Will Chris chose his business over being a kept man?

Peggy’s on Tom’s side

Well, she always is. Tom seems to be her golden boy.

Tony’s been telling Peggy about Bridge farm’s “dilemma” over where to keep or get rid of the cows.

[Tony] “I’ve got to hand it to Tom, he lives and breathes the business, but he’s a money man.”

Which is the complete opposite of Pat. Who won’t even consider Tom’s idea.

[Peggy] “You can’t let your feelings get in the way of what’s best commercially.”

Tony reckons he’s starting to also see it that way. But feels stuck between Pat and Tom.

[Peggy] “Tom has continually impressed me with his common sense.”

[Tony] “We’re all attached to the cows in our own ways.”

[Peggy] “If Tom and Helen are the ones who are ultimately going to be running Bridge Farm, they should have a say.”


Pat’s being completely out-voted.

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