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Pip moves out (temporarily … *sigh*) – Sun 28.04.13 #thearchers

The Archers Sunday 28th April 2013
  • Pip thumbs Tom
  • Pat still doesn’t want visitors
  • Is no-one there for Tom?
  • Fancy a holiday at Brookfield?
  • Pip moves to a sofa
  • Where’s the Kingfishers, Will?
  • Helen had a plastic pony collection
  • Just let him think it’s a duck, Helen
  • When to admit the cows are going?

Pip thumbs Tom

Pip’s trying to hitch hike, and manages to stop Tom. Who can’t take her where she wants to go. So, she starts that horrible, whiny complaining of which she’s recently been making a fine (and awful) art:

[Pip] “Tom, I’m telling you, it’s a total disaster. I’m having to walk everywhere!”

Pip has the nerve to tell Tom that it’s David the one being unreasonable.

And then, the cheek to ask for more milking (after having let him down so often).

Tom doesn’t commit himself to an answer. In fact, he just flaps.

Pat still doesn’t want visitors

[Pat] “A house of strange people coming to take our cows.”

But Tony, ever so gently, points out that Pat does seem to be more worried about the stress selling the herd at Bridge Farm, rather than the market, would be for her.

(will nobody think of the cows!?!)

[Pat] “You're right. I’m just being silly, I need to pull myself together.”

Helen reasons that it’s good for them all to talk about their feelings. A very Helen thing to say.

And she later offers to go on a wee trip out with Pat and henry, while the cows are being sold at Bridge Farm.


Wonder why no one else thought that Pat could just not be there …

Is no-one there for Tom?

Ruth and Brian are having a chat about Brenda and Tom’s split.

[Ruth] “She seemed ok, still sad, but keeping it together. Doing her best to move on.”

[David] “It’s been a lot harder for Tom, from what I've heard. Stuck there in an empty house.”

David says he’s been meaning to call Tom, but has just been too busy. And:

[David] “To be honest, I felt like we’ve got enough family problems of our own right now.”

Poor Tom.

Thank goodness he’s got his folks and Helen. His mates seem to have deserted him.

[Pat] “Oh dear, Tom.”

[Helen] “Mum, Tom’s fine. He’s tougher than you think. Once he accepts Brenda’s really not coming back, he’ll pull himself together, move on … best way is to keep him focused on his work.”

Fancy a holiday at Brookfield?

Rickyard’s open for business!

[David] “Let’s hope it’ll tempt the holiday punters.”

If I didn’t already live in the back of no-where, I’d been booking right now!

Pip moves to a sofa

Pip’s decided to stay on her friend Caitlin’s sofa for a few nights. She reckons it’ll be easier than trying to commute.

Ruth and David are horrified.

[Ruth] “Sofa!”

Whereas Ruth sees sleeping on a sofa as abject poverty, David thinks it’s just a ploy by Pip to ram home her point.

[David] “How’s she going to do her University work if she’s camping out on someone’s sofa. Feels like she’s playing games to me, you know, grown up tantrums. If we won’t give her cash for a shiny new car, she’ll take her sleeping bag and move out.”

[Ruth] “You know it’s more complicated than that … I know it’s frustrating, I know it makes you cross, but it’s not going to solve anything … I think you need to calm down, for starters.”

[David] “She dug herself this hole, so she’ll have to dig herself out again.”

Ruth still has hopes that Pip will “see sense” and agree to their compromise (of lending her the money, and helping her find a car), but I’m with David. Pip’s just being obtuse.

For goodness sake … get her to move out, or charge her rent!

Where’s the Kingfishers, Will?

No-one else has seen them. But Will swears they’re there.

Helen had a plastic pony collection

That she used to play with down by the stream.

Happy days.

Apart from the time Tom pushed her into the nettles. Though he did then apologise and find her some dock leaves.

(question is, did he spit on them first?)

Just let him think it’s a duck, Helen

[Henry] “Duck!”

[Helen] “Oh no Henry, it’s a moorhen.”

Helen may have changed from her Hellin days, but she’s still a particular lass.

Most mums would have been chuffed their little ‘un could even say ‘duck’, let alone tell the difference between a  duck and a moorhen.

When to admit the cows are going?

Tom flapped when Pip asked him about extra milking shifts because Pip (and Trevor) are about to lose their milking jobs. He couldn’t say that, as they haven’t told anyone.

[Pat] “I’d rather the whole village didn’t know.”

The cows need to be tested for TB before they can be sold. So while they want to hold off telling anyone until they know they can sell, Clarrie, Susan, Pip and Trevor will need to know.


It’ll be round the village in seconds.


caroline_venezia said...

Spitting on dock leaves - is that what you're supposed to do, Inga? I didn't know that - maybe that's why they never worked that well!

Inga McVicar said...

Maybe I just have some minging mates ... :-)