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Ifty kisses Elizabeth: Thurs 04.04.14 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Thursday 4th April 2013
  • Ifty and Elizabeth get close … then not
  • Kathy and Pat have a girls night out
  • Jamie’s still working
  • Pat’s hesitancy might make Tom go elsewhere
  • Alice and Chris decide about Canada

Ifty and Elizabeth get close … then not

Ifty’s is having dinner with Elizabeth tonight.

He’s even taken the “liberty” of buying Rose. Which Elizabeth is very partial to.

Ifty reckons he will be partial to Elizabeth’s cooking, just even judging by the delicious smells from her kitchen.

[Elizabeth] “Don’t get too excited. It’s nothing fancy.”

(true … it was baked salmon and roast vegetables. Nothing fancy indeed, but better than pie and beans!)

Ifty was a tad surprised to hear Elizabeth had got rid of the twins (off with friends to the cinema as a treat, allegedly).

[Elizabeth] “It’ll just be you and me tonight. Is that okay?”

[Ifty, obviously delighted] “Yeah. It’s perfect.”

Later on, Elizabeth has Move Closer on the stereo (remember that one? A ‘getting fruity’ tune if there ever was one).

[Ifty] “I like spending time with you Elizabeth, very much … and you look beautiful.”

Ifty starts to kiss Elizabeth … she stops him.

[Elizabeth] “I can’t. I’m so sorry.”

Though Elizabeth has loved spending time with Ifty, and hasn’t “felt so positive” in many a day.


[Elizabeth] “I’m so sorry. It didn’t feel right.”

[Ifty] “When I kissed you?”

[Elizabeth] “Maybe I’m not ready for anything but friendship.”

[Ifty] “I can’t say I’m not disappointed.”

[Elizabeth] “If it’s any consolation, so am I.”

That’s a shame.

But maybe it’ll be a slow burner (as so many relationships are in Ambridge).

Kathy and Pat have a girls night out

At The Bull.

(steady …)

Pat chose the Mussels, beef, sticky toffee pudding.

(outrageous behaviour!)

[Pat] “On a girls night out there should be no limit to pleasure.”


Limited only by their (lack of) imagination, I’d say.

Jamie’s still working
Kathy’s still worried that he left College.

[Kathy] “I wonder if things might have been different if his dad had been around?”

[Pat] “For all we know it might have been worse.”

[Kathy] “It’s hard sometimes to accept he’s his own person.”

Well, at least Kathy is being honest.

And, at least we don’t have to hear Jamie and Kathy shouting at each other anymore.

(Also, well done Jamie! Looks like the forest suits you)

Pat’s hesitancy might make Tom go elsewhere


[Pat] “I feel as if I’m being leaned on by all of them.”

Though Pat agrees with Kathy that she and Tony need to slow down somehow, she just can’t accept that the solution is as drastic as selling the herd.

[Pat] “It’s very hard to express the attachment I feel for the herd.”

[Kathy] “He’s as passionate about what he wants to achieve at bridge Farm as you and Tony were.”

So … far from Tom trying to dismantle everything Bridge Farm stands for, Kathy sees him as being passionate about the future of Bridge Farm because of everything Pat and Tony achieved. But, if Pat doesn’t realise that Tom isn’t completely evil:

[Kathy] “Have you ever considered that Tom might just jump ship?”

Ah … maybe Pat does.

Alice and Chris decide about Canada

Chris finally plucks up enough courage to talk to (with?) Alice about Canada.

[Chris] “I’ve decided. I don’t want to hold you back, if you want to go to Vancouver, then I’ll come with you.”

[Alice] “I don’t believe it. Are you sure? I don’t deserve you.”

[Chris] “Course you do. So, we going then?”

[Alice] “Thank you Chris. For loving me so much … what you said has made my decision so easy. I think I knew before, but now I;m sure. I’m going to turn the job down in Canada.”


Alice has decided that she and Chris need to be together, at home in Ambridge, while Chris gets fully (and literally) back on his feet.

Chris is a tad shocked, but also delighted.

[Chris] “Our whole future doesn’t have to be dependent on this one job, and I now understand how much your career means to you … You're going to achieve all you want and more. And I’ll be right by your side.”


That’s that then. Alice and Chris to stay.

Until Alice spots another wonderful opportunity …

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