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Paul was Steve, now Fiona – Tues 30.04.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Tuesday 30th April 2013
  • Matt knows about Darrell
  • What passes for tea and sympathy in Matt’s world?
  • Matt and Andrew play golf
  • Bridge Farm selling their cows is all about Pip
  • When Tom met Brenda
  • Pip or Tom’s fault?
  • A second trip to the Races for Lilian

Matt knows about Darrell

Chatting to a (very distracted) Brenda, Matt was saying he reckons the bloke who shot Neil must have been “insane”.

[Matt] “Taking a pot shot in the dark, from a moving vehicle, doesn’t such much for his mental capacities!”

(hmmm … does Matt know Des?)

And what’s more, Matt reckons there’s no way the dogfighters just happened to stumble upon Home Farm, and gain access to their sheds that easily.

[Matt] “Chances are they had some sort of contact, with local knowledge.”

Better hide now, Darrell … Matt’s gonna get ya!

What passes for tea and sympathy in Matt’s world?

Brenda wasn’t listening to matt’s conspiracy theories about the dogfighters. She was a tad knackered after Abby came into her room at 6 in the morning.

[Brenda] “She wanted to tell me about this dream she had.”

[Matt] “I keep forgetting about your temporary living arrangements.”

[Brenda] “Not so much temporary …”

[Matt] “You are you and Tom still …”

[Brenda] “There is no me and Tom, not anymore.”

[Matt] “Okay. So, how’s that working out for you?”

[Brenda] “Doing okay, thanks.”

Well, that’s as far as Matt gets to showing he cares.

(‘how’s that working out for you’ … chortle!)

Matt and Andrew play golf

Two can play at skiving off of work to play … Matt’s off out with Andrew to play Golf.

You could hear Lilian’s heart skip a beat when he said that.

As they’re playing, Andrew’s not doing too well. He blames his clubs, Matt reckons it more to do with the second brandy Andrew had, and that he’s on “unbeatable” form.

[Matt] “It’s not all about winning. It’s all about getting out in the fresh air and sunshine, communing with nature and relaxing.”

Andrew then drops his bombshell (well, I suppose Matt did deserve it after his blustering). He mentions that he’s heard about the problems Matt and Lilian are having getting the right men for the old Mill job. Which he heard from Lilian. When he met her at the races.

[Matt, caught off guard for once] “Races?”

[Andrew] “Felpersham. She said you were too busy to come.”

[Matt] “You met Lilian, at Felpersham races?”

Matt tries to recover, and pretends he’d forgotten Lilian had told him. Then, he slices his ball into the rough.

[Andrew, very smug indeed] “So, maybe this game’s not over yet. This is my chance to get even.”

Bridge Farm selling their cows is all about Pip

Knowing that Pip’s looking for more milking shifts, Tom decides it’s time to tell her there will actually be no more milking shifts.

[Pip] “So, you're telling me I won’t have any work at all. This cannot be true, how am I going to save …”

Yes Pip … it's all about you.

Tom has already though about her, though. He’s suggested she runs the burger van this summer, considering Brenda won’t be around to do it.

Ever ungrateful:

[Pip] “So we’re talking minimum wage?”

[Tom] “Not quite, no.”

Tom reckons that if Pip is willing to train up someone like Rosa, he could give her (Pip) a while extra £1 an hour.

[Pip] “Yeah, like that’s going to make any difference.”

Erm … yes it will. A whole £1 difference.

Though why Tom even wants to keep Pip on is well beyond me.

When Tom met Brenda

Abby, quite literally, bumped into Tom at the village shop. She was with Brenda.


[Brenda] “So, how’s thing, you doing alright?”

[Tom] “Yeah, getting by. And you?”

[Brenda] “Actually Tom, I was going to give you a call … I need to come round to yours and pick up a few things.”

Poor Tom.

Brenda’s about to move the rest of her stuff out.

Pip or Tom’s fault?

Pip was in The Bull putting up ‘job wanted milking’ advert.

Spencer then called her, and she just happened to immediately tell him about Bridge Farm selling their dairy herd.

Very loudly.

Right in the middle of the pub.

So, is Pip devoid of all sense, or did Tom just not emphasise that they don’t want this to be common knowledge as yet?

A second trip to the Races for Lilian

When Matt gets home from the golf:

[Matt] “I meant to ask you, did you win anything, at Felpersham races?”

All Lilian could say, at first,  was “um …”.

[Lilian] “I should have told you. I just felt so guilty about it.”

(aye, so she should!)

Lilian then spouts a lie about her pal Fiona. Seems Fiona is getting a divorce, had two tickets for the races, so asked Lilian. All very last minute.

[Matt] “I see, so you were there with this Fiona … Just glad you had a good time.”

[Lilian] “I’ve been a very naughty pussycat …”

[Matt] “Don’t worry about it.”

And he suggests they go together to the Races, soon.

Trouble is, Andrew mentioned to Matt that Lilian was there with some bloke called Steve … Whoops!

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