Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Paul dumps his son – Wed 01.05.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Wednesday 1st May 2013
  • Brenda takes the oven dishes, but leaves the frying pan
  • Paul’s openly laughing at Matt
  • Paul dumps Charlie
  • Matt’s reading Lilian’s diary
  • At least Kirsty’s interested
  • Paul tells Lilian what to do

Brenda takes the oven dishes, but leaves the frying pan

When Brenda arrives to clear more of her stuff out from Tom’s, she’s surprised that he’s there. Seems he wasn’t milking.

So, she explains that whole she’s taken the oven dishes (they were a gift from Vicky, and she doesn’t think he’ll use them), she’s living him the frying pan. Tony and Pat gave them that.

(and, let’s face it, the brains behind Tom Archer’s Sausages needs a frying pan).

I was a very uncomfortable meeting between the two of them. As well as Tom having to watch Brenda move out of his life, Tom also made mention of the big meeting he has coming up with a ready meal buyer.

Brenda wishes him luck.

The later calls to say she needs to take a stool Phoebe had made for her. Then, she’ll leave her keys.

Well, Brenda can’t have much stuff to move in the first place, but it must be a shock for Tom to see how quickly she’s separating them (in each and every way possible).

Maybe he’ll start to realise it’s most definitely over?

Paul’s openly laughing at Matt

Lilian’s told Paul about her lying to Matt about her trip to the races.

[Paul] “I bet you had him eating out of your hand!”

[Lilian] “It wasn’t easy, I really didn’t like being put in that situation …”

Paul really isn’t taking Lilian’s concern seriously. He tells her to relax.

Anyone else think Paul is going to try ruin Matt and Lilian on purpose?

Paul dumps Charlie

Paul’s son, Charlie, shows up on his doorstep.

Charlie is not a happy bunny.

[Charlie, shouting] “We’ve had enough … you’re telling us, laying down the law as usual.”

[Paul, shouting] “I want you to stay away from your mum’s wedding, and that’s that. Aren’t I entitled to a bit of respect from my own kids!”

[Charlie] “After the way you’ve treated us, you’re not entitled to anything.”

[Paul] “I am warning you, if you go near that wedding, you or your sister, then that’s it. You won’t get a share of my business.”

(seems Paul’s already threatened that before. When he and their mum got divorced in the first place, perchance?)

[Paul] “You’ll get nothing from me. Not a single penny, do you understand … and if things don’t work out, don’t come running to me … you're on your own!”

[Charlie] “You know just what you can do with your money, I don’t want it. You’re not going to stop me going to my mother’s wedding. You say I’m on my own, well so are you. You’re not running my life anymore. You do whatever you want. You’re so busy slagging mum and Frank, do you ever stop to listen to yourself? Frank makes mum happy in a way you never did, and do you know what, he’s been a  better granddad to my kids than you’re ever been!”


That Paul really does seem to be a bit of a controlling nutter.

Matt’s reading Lilian’s diary

My word!

Brenda walks in to find Matt looking through Lilian’s diary.

[Matt] “This is just between you and me. I’ve been worrying about her, she’s not herself.”

Matt spins Brenda a line about how he wonders if Lilian is ill, and not telling. He even ropes Brenda into helping snooping on Lilian, by deciphering her appointments diary. And by asking how Lilian is acting when she is in the office.

Well, that eased open the floodgates for Brenda.

She told Matt how Lilian is often not there. How she’s sharp. And, how she went “ballistic” when Brenda answered her mobile.

Matt found that very interesting.

He reckons it’s all symptomatic of Lilian over working, and they need to keep a closer eye on her.

[Matt] “She obviously needs looking after, eh?”

At least Kirsty’s interested

I was saying the other day that there seemed to be no-one there for Tom, apart from his family (and, I suppose, his pigs).

But, the ever lovely Kirsty, cares.

[Kirsty] “Tom, I heard about you and Brenda. I’m sorry,. I really am. Must have been hard for you both, never saw that coming.”

[Tom] “Me neither. Still, it happens, you know. Just have to deal with it.”

He’d popped into Ambridge Organics to see Helen, after he’d been to London for a ready meal meeting. He was about to leave, but Kirsty asks him how his meeting went. The poor lad is just chuffed that someone else had noticed him.

Seems the buyer was interested, and has asked Tom to send samples to a tasting.

[Kirsty] “This could be a good time for you to break into a bigger market … this could be the moment for you, After all, there aren’t many links in your food chain.”

Tom doesn’t sound as sure. He reckons he’s keeping himself steady, as it’s far from a done deal, but it sounds like he just hasn’t got the enthusiasm anymore.

[Kirsty] “Good luck with the contract Tom. I really hope you get it.”


Kirsty might just be the difference for Tom between getting on, and going down.

Paul tells Lilian what to do

After his run in with Charlie, Paul’s upset.

So he calls Lilian.

He tells her (tells her!) that they’ll meet in Felpersham. This Thursday. In the Italian up the alley by the Cathedral. At 12.30pm.

[Paul] “And please, no excises this time. Just be there, okay!”

Boy, he’s brave! And lucky it was Lilian’s answer machine that he was making the demands of.


caroline_venezia said...

I'm starting to wonder about Kirsty, who I always used to think was just a nice, uncomplicated, down-to-earth lass. But first there was that (to me) odd comment about Ifty not being marriage material. And now... she went out with Tom before, is she now angling to get her hands back on him and his fabulous (!) prospects? Although she did previously tell him he was boring (on about the ready meals) and people were laughing at him. What do you think?

Inga McVicar said...

You'll ahve noticed I've been playing catch-up ... sooo sorry that has meant not getting back to your marvellous comments!

And now ... we know that Kirsty is after Mr Tom Archer's sausage ... silly, silly Kirsty.