Thursday, 16 May 2013

Tom realises Brenda’s gone for good – Thurs 16.05.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Thursday 16th May 2013
  • Clarrie got Nic to help with the flowers
  • Jim and Jill go for tea
  • Tom to branch out into haggis?
  • Jazzer runs to his ma
  • The kids worry Jill
  • Clarrie gets Nic to church
  • Everyone fancies Rob?
  • Jazzer protects his girls
  • Tom accepts Brenda’s gone

Clarrie got Nic to help with the flowers

Well, she was absolutely determined.

Clarrie also reveals some of the secrets of the church flower arrangers …

…. Don’t tell anyone, but when they need certain flowers that aren’t ready yet in their own gardens, they buy them in. They even have a kitty to cover the cost. Shhhhhh

Seems Nic is a natural at flower arranging. She’s even agreed to help Clarrie with her Flower Festival arrangement.

 And Clarrie seems to be arranging Nic in her own image.

But, it’s nice to hear Clarrie having a pal in her own family. She seems quite giddy with the excitement.

(I also thought Clarrie said “perfick” when she saw Nic’s work. But, I’m hoping I just misheard)

Jim and Jill go for tea

I wasn’t aware that Jim and Jill were great pals, but seems they are. They’re off out today to a tea room (Christine will be jealous …). But, where to go?

[Jim] “That’s the problem with Borsetshire, too many tea rooms.”

When they finally make their choice, Jim’s living life luxuriously.

He had a second scone.

[Jim] “Don’t tell Christine, that’s all I ask.”

[Jill] “What’s it worth?”


Tom to branch out into haggis?

Jazzer reckons he needs Tom, at the Highland Games.

Perish the thought. Tom would only try and ‘improve’ on the traditional recipe. Which, we all know, is impossible to do.

Jazzer runs to his ma

Jazzer’s working with Tom to shift the pigs, but gets a call from his mum.

[Jazzer] “It’s all kicking off at Meadow Rise … ma ma needs me.”

And off he dashes. Leaving Tom to try and manhandle the pigs himself.

We never do get to find out what was happening at Jazzer’s mum’s house.

The kids worry Jill

Especially Pip:

[Jim] “So she’s the spinner of your cobwebs.”

[Jill] “Well, she and David. They keep rubbing each other up the wrong way at the  moment”.

Clarrie gets Nic to church

Not content with just having Nic help with the flowers, Clarrie now suggests Nic gives church a try.

[Clarrie] “The other thing I;m wondering, is if you’d ;like to come to Church with me on Sunday. I’m not trying  to convert you. I always get a lot out of it, and I think you would too.”

[Nic] “It’s not that I’m against it. It’s that I only ever go to Church for special occasions, Christmas and weddings and that.”

[Clarrie] “I only thought, you could try it and see how you like it. It’s an hour a week to yourself.”

And the kids could go to junior church.

Everyone fancies Rob?

Seems Rob is going in for the Single Wicket.

[Jim, rather wistfully] “Rob Titchner, in his cricket whites …”

(eh? Jim!)

And seems Vicky is lost in a daydream of Rob being Mr Darcy, coming out of the pond … shame she voted against the regency fete.

Jazzer protects his girls

On their way back home, Jim nearly crashes into Tom’s pigs.

[Jill] “Hello you lot. Having a stroll?”

They’re wee dander make Tom late to meet Roy at the pub. Where he is confronted by a furious Jazzer.

[Jazzer] “What did you dae, or what did you no dae. Leave the fence open?”

Seems Tom forgot to switch the electric fence on.

[Jazzer] “If it hadn’t been a careful driver like Jim, there would have been fatalities there. My lovely girls, mown doon, and you’ve got the nerve to talk to me about concentrating. You need to get back to the start Tom, your wee Empire, your heid’s that full of ready meals and supermarkets and being the big I am, you’re losing touch wae reality!”

[Roy] “Yeah, ok Jaz, I think Tom’s got the message.”

[Jazzer] “Who asked you!”

[Tom] “He’s right. I;m sorry Jazzer. I was careless. It won’t happen again."

Jazzer grunts and leaves Tom be,

Blimey – I realise didn’t realise just how much Jazzer really (really) loves those pigs.

Tom accepts Brenda’s gone

[Roy] “I have to say, if one of my staff spoke to me like that, there wouldn’t be a tomorrow!”

[Tom] “He’s right, he’s right about everything … I am thinking nonstop about this supermarket thing next week, and not just about that either.”

[Roy] “Brenda … it’s only natural. Jazzer’s being too hard on you, and you’re being too hard on yourself.”

[Tom] “I don’t think so. Brenda’s not going to come back to me, is she Roy?”

[Roy] “Well, no. I don’t think so. I don’t think she’s going to change her mind.”

[Tom] “So that’s it then. It really is over.”

Again – I actually feel sorry for Tom.

Maybe now he’s accepted Brenda’s gone, he can move on. BUT, hopefully not completely back to the old, odious Tom.

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