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Elona demands a divorce – Thurs 02.05.12 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Thursday 2nd May 2013
  • Darrell’s waiting to be arrested
  • Josh wants a share
  • Supper at the Aldridges
  • Can Josh play with the eggs?
  • Darrell’s on his own

Darrell’s waiting to be arrested

[Darrell] “It’s been two days now, waiting for the knock on the door.”

Ah – now that the Police have arrested Des, Darrell reckons it’s only a matter of time until Des grasses him up, and he gets arrested.

[Neil] “If he was going to grass on you, he would have done so by now … you can’t spend your whole time worrying about it.”

Aye, but Darrell will spend his whole time worrying about it. Worrying is the one thing he is good at.

And joy of joys – he’s also got supper at the Aldridges to look forward to tonight. Neil tries to put a positive spin on the dreaded evening:

[Neil] “Jennifer’s a great cook, and Brian’s always got a nice bottle or two.”

Josh wants a share

Josh is certainly as tenacious as he is hard working.

After Neil and Hayley turned him down when he suggested he buys the egg business, Josh has come back with another plan.

He wants to buy a share. That way, he’ll still get a wage, but also a share of the profits. And it would mean the whole business doesn’t rest only on him (while he’s still at school). In return for a share, Josh would do more marketing, be able to learn more and (he reckons) buy Hayley and Neil completely out in a few years.

Neil sounds interested. And is impressed by the research Josh has done into niche markets. He reckons they could make more of their free range during promotion, which means they could charge more and have higher margins. 

[Neil] “Can I just ask you a question first, what do your mum and dad think about this?”

Supper at the Aldridges

[Jennifer] “Remember it’s only a kitchen supper, so there’s no need to get dressed up.”

Aye right! Imagine turning up to one of Jennifer’s supper in jeans and a t-shirt … actually, Jennifer is staring to sounds more and more like Mrs Bucket (and her candle light suppers).

Elona is not amused.

[Elona] “Oh Darrell, why do you make me do this … now I have to sit through a whole evening, lying to Jennifer and to Brian.”

When they get there, Jennifer has to (of course) show off her (fairly) recently decorated rooms.

[Jennifer] “You’ve got a very talented husband, Elona.”

Jennifer then claims that she’s been thinking of having Elona and Darrell over for ages now, what with Darrell doing their decorating, and Elona’s work for Jack and Peggy.

[Jennifer] “You’ve made such a difference to her life.”

So, Jennifer’s a tad ashamed that it took Darrell’s actions to finally get that (golden) invite:

[Jennifer] “After Neil and Darrell’s daring-do the other night.”

Whole Elona at least is trying to be sociable; Darrell is literally trying to hide in a corner.

[Jennifer] “Step forward and be proud of what you’ve done.”

[Elona] “I hate this dog fighting. It’s all so terrible. I just wish it had never happened in the first place.”

[Jennifer. Perplexed] “Well, I’m sure we all agree with that.”

Can Josh play with the eggs?
Neil has a chat with David about Josh’s plan to buy shares in the egg business. Seems Neil and Hayley are happy to talk to Josh about it, but want to make sure Ruth and David approve.

David sounds delighted. He agrees to talk to Josh:

[David] “I just wondered if you were, um, doing okay. Just generally. Is there anything you feel you want to talk about?”

[Josh] “It’s the hens. I’ve asked Neil if I can buy a share in the business.”

Josh explains that he can use his savings. Enjoys the work. And has plenty of ideas of how to make even more profit for the business.

[Josh] “I’d really like to be part of it, you know. So, what do you think then dad?”

[David] “I don’t think you’re totally mad. I think it’s very enterprising of you … you might have the makings of a very nice business. I’m proud of you.”

So, once Josh can show David the costs and details, he might be in business.

It’s hard to believe Pip came from the same stock.

Darrell’s on his own

Neil may be supportive, but Elona has had enough.

Elona and Darrell left the Aldridges before the brandy was served. Elona couldn’t cope with it anymore.

[Elona] “Never again, Darrell. That’s the last time you make me do a thing like that.”

[Darrell] “I doubt they’ll be in a hurry to ask us again. Despite what she said tonight.”

[Elona] “I mean everything. My whole life. All I get from you are more lies and debts and broken promises.”

[Darrell] “Oh Elona, be fair!”

[Elona] “Be fair, be fair … were you ever fair to us? To me and the girls. You swore to me you’d go straight, you’d never risk going to prison again ... .why should I ever listen to you again ... all I ever asked was for you to be a good husband, a good father to your family, and always you let us down … I’ve had enough Darrell. I can’t take this anymore. You and me, we are finished … it’s all over between us. I can’t live like this anymore. I want a divorce.”

Quite right too, Elona.

That Darrell’s too daft for you.

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It’s hard to believe Pip came from the same stock

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