Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Paul’s attacked – Wed 29.05.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Wednesday 29th May 2013
  • Paul's harassing Lilian (again)
  • Jennifer will have to go to an agency
  • How was their evening at the Orangery?
  • The hitman finally finds Paul

Paul's harassing Lilian (again)

He’s giving her a hard time for hanging up on him the other day. And then not calling back.

He reckons they need “to talk”.

(was there ever a more spine-chillingly awful phrase created in the English language?)

[Lilian] “Do we? I think we said everything we needed to say on Sunday.”

But, Paul wants to explain. He demands that Lilian meet him at the flat that very afternoon. Which Lilian can’t do – she has designers to meet.

[Paul] “More important than our relationship?”

[Lilian] “If I cancelled without reason, matt would be suspicious. And I wouldn’t blame him.”

So, Paul demands this evening.

But Lilian and Matt are off out for dinner.

[Lilian] “I do have a life, Paul. I don’t just sit around waiting for you to get in touch … You can tell me now, We don’t need to meet face to face to do that.”

Paul tries to explain about the anomaly (or lie, in other word) about what he’s been saying about his kids.

He now claims Charlie's on his mum’s side. Grace isn’t sure either way. So, Grace, being the family peacemaker, is going along with Charlie to cause less trouble.


Lilian catches Paul out. She tells him that he told her (!) that Grace had bribed Celia into letting her be a bridesmaid.

[Paul] “I’m sorry if I confused you, but now that I’ve explained, we can get back to normal. Can’t we?”

[Lilian] “It’s not that simple.”

[Paul] “Lilian, we have to … I need to be with you. You must feel the same. Not seeing you, it’s driving me mad, you’re the one good thing in my life, I love you so much, I couldn’t cope without you.”

[Lilian] “Look Paul, I’m very sorry …”

Good god – Paul is getting desperate. And a bit scary.

He tries to get her to let him come to her house now. Lilian says no.

He then tries a weekend in Cardiff.

Lilian says no.

[Paul] “You're not making this easy, you know.”

He really does sound desperate this time.

But Lilian’s quite right for not giving way.

Seems she’s worked out he’s not quite there …

Jennifer will have to go to an agency

Brian really isn’t fulfilling his duties as a husband, so what choice does she have?

Just kidding …

She’s having to resort to an agency to find a home help for Peggy.

The horror …

… and Peggy will not be amused. Remember what happened when Peggy had home helps in to help look after Jack?

Anyhoo, it would still seem no-one is helping Jennifer.

She’s printed off a list of possible Agencies, to go through with Lilian, but Lilian is distracted (as per).

Jennifer then notices something is wrong with Lilian.

[Lilian] “It’s, um … no. Nothing special. I’ve just been a bit out of sorts the last few days.”

How was their evening at the Orangery?

Lovely, it would seem.

[Jennifer] “Low lighting, and smart young waiters …”

(maybe I was right about Brian after all!)

Christian and Miranda Stretfield, – Richard and Sabrina were also there.

How very very.

The hitman finally finds Paul

Matt called his hitman again to see if he’s managed to track down Paul.

[Matt] “Spoke to him yet?”

[Hitman] “Not yet, but I know where he is.”

Later on, we hear the hitman trying to attack Paul on the street. When he attempts to tell Paul the message, Tom comes to Paul’s rescue. The hitman runs off.

(goodness, he is useless)

Tom wants to call the Police, but Paul says no.

[Paul] “He only just grabbed hold of me … probably a druggie … Thanks for wading in though. A lot of people would have looked the other way.”

So, Paul lives to stalk Lilian another day …


caroline_venezia said...

Well done and thanks for catching up, Inga - and you are still ahead of us :-) I never seem to be able to listen 100% these days, so we need you more than ever! Hope the business is going well. Caroline

Inga McVicar said...

Cheers m'dear!

Bang up to date now. Should have the blog back up to date tomorrow. Glad I am of some use :-)

Business is going grand!

MASSIVE delay has been due to a rather massive change in personal circumstance. All for the better, but am only just settled again. New hoose, 2 hounds, living in a nature reserve with badgers a-plenty ... (don't tell David about the badgers)

caroline_venezia said...

LOL! Sounds lovely.