Friday, 17 May 2013

Matt follows Lilian to Pauls – Fri 17.05.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Friday 17th May 2013
  • Matt kisses Lilian off to Paul’s
  • Has Tom topped himself?
  • When Celia met Lilian
  • When Celia met Matt

Matt brings tea in bed

Matt brings Lilian tea in bed. And lets Lilian sleep in until 10am.

He’s then got to go off and work, while Lilian goes to James’ (not!). Matt reckons he won’t have as good a day as hers.

[Matt] “Don’t suppose it’ll be as enjoyable as yours though, eh?”

(oh-ho! Why isn’t Lilian spotting that he knows)

When Lilian is ready for the off:

[Matt] “Wine and flowers, I see you’re spoiling him. Though I thought James drank red?”

[Lilian] “Well he does drink white, and with it being summer.”

(it’s almost as if Lilian’s an amateur at this!)

Matt wants to know what route she’s taking. And also wants a proper kiss before she leaves.

[Lilian] “But I’ve got my lipstick on!”

[Matt] “I don’t mind.”

And they have a (rather uncomfortable, listening wise) smooch.

What’s Matt up to? Now that he knows Lilian is having an affair with Paul, I’d have thought he’d be going ballistic by now.

But, then again, Matt’s a clever chap.

Has Tom topped himself?

In a reversal of roles, it’s now Roy who’s leaving messages on Tom’s answer machine.

[Roy] “I’m getting worried about you, mate.”

Roy eventually tracks him down to the unit, where Tom’s working on the presentation he’ll be giving to the (potential) ready meal buyer.

[Roy] “I wanted to know you were still alive … I was wondering if you’d even been bothered to get up this morning, just pulled the duvet over your head and decided to stay put. I was really worried about you Tom.”

[Tom] “I know, thanks mate.”

Tom reckons he was just tired, fed up and hungry last night. Which was why he seemed so depressed.

[Tom] “I’m feeling much more positive about things today.”

[Roy] “Well, good for you, you’ve put me through it today … I;m not a supermarket, you don’t need to put an act on for me.”

[Tom] “Honestly, I went home, had a bowl of cereal, went to bed.”

And had a great sleep.

[Roy] “So, everything really does look better in the morning?”

[Tom] “I don’t know about better. It’s the same, really. I’ve still got this supermarket tender to get through, and me and Bren are still finished. I feel like I can cope with it, that’s all … and it’s not going to happen again, getting things out of proportion … I haven’t got a life at the moment, so I don’t need to worry about work life balance … I can let work take over … for as long as it takes. But honestly, I think it’s the best thing I can do.”

[Roy] “Well, it sounds like a plan, anyway.”

So, Tom’s going to focus on work. Which can’t be a bad thing. He’ll be a millionaire this time next year (won’t Brenda be mad …).

When Celia met Lilian

When Lilian turned up to Paul’s, she could hear argy bargy coming from his flat. Paul was shouting at Celia that she’d regret the impending marriage, while Celia was telling Paul to “go to hell”.

Celia bumps into Lilian as she storms out.

[Celia] “Well, if you’re the new girlfriend, I hope you know what you’re letting yourself in for!”


[Lilian] “Paul, I thought I’d surprise you.”

[Paul] “You certainly managed that.”

[Lilian] “I wanted to surprise you, but I couldn’t have timed it worse.”

[Paul] “You haven’t been there long? …”

(he’s checking to see if Lilian heard that it’s him who is the unreasonable psychopath, not Celia)

[Paul] “Now you see what I’m up against?”

[Lilian] “Absolutely. What a witch! “

[Lilian] “Oh Paul, you poor darling, you don’t deserve any of this.”

LILIAN! What on earth are you doing? Why are you being so bloomin’ stupid?

I’m starting to think you deserve everything Matt has in store …

When Celia met Matt

As Celia makes her escape from Paul, she drops her car keys.

Matt’s there to pick them up … he hands them back without uttering a word of who he is, and why he's there.

Oh my!

We then hear Matt call Brenda to cancel his afternoon meeting.

[Matt] “Just tell them I've been unavoidably delayed.”

Back with Paul and Lilian., she’s taken him for a cheer-up lunch at his favourite Italian.

[Paul] “Don’t leave me Lilian. You’re all I’ve got left … I can’t have you leave me as well … when can we be together … properly, all the time … well?”

[Lilian] “I don’t know. I can’t say. This isn’t the time to think about it anyway. You’re too upset.”

[Paul] “I need you Lilian. Stay with me. Stay the weekend. I can’t get through on my own.”

Seems the wedding is this weekend, so Paul wants Lilian to comfort him.

(aye. That’s normal!)

[Lilian] “Do you want him to find out about us? … I can’t Paul, I’m sorry, I can’t.”

[Paul] “Sometimes I don’t think you care at all.”

[Lilian] “How can you … okay look, I’ll stay longer.”

So, Lilian will stay today until the traffic clears.

[Paul] “Thank you.”

With that, Lilian goes outside for a cigarette and to call Matt. She tells him that she’s staying on at james’ until Leonie gets back from work.

[Matt] “No need to rush. I may be back late myself tonight, so that’s alright. Innit?”

Is Matt going to sit outside Paul’s flat until Lilian leaves.

This could end very, very badly.

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