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Matt knows it’s Paul – Mon 13.05.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Monday 13th May 2013
  • Lilian still believes Paul’s rubbish
  • Darrell’s staying, Elona’s not
  • Single Wicket, single-minded Alistair
  • It’s non-conclusive news for Bridge Farm
  • Jonathan still hasn’t called Helen
  • Matt suspects
  • Darrell drops Lilian right in it

Lilian still believes Paul’s rubbish

Seems Paul hasn’t been returning Lilian’s calls. He’s not in the mood. Far too busy obsessing about his ex-wife getting married. Which Lilian is now siding with him about:

[Lilian] “I can’t believe how much trouble she’s stirring up with this wedding. Doesn’t she about anyone but herself … and to drag the children into it … not just them, the grandchildren too. You mustn’t let her.”

[Paul] “I don’t know what I’ve done wrong.”

[Lilian] “Nothing, you’ve behaved like you always do. A perfect gentleman.”

[Paul] “Thank goodness you understand.”

[Lilian] “You must answer your phone or I’ll worry.”

[Paul] “Honestly Lilian. That’s so kind.”


Why can’t Lilian see Paul for what he is? She must surely think it’s bizarre that he gets so, so, so upset over her. Even the grandkids being involved doesn’t explain his rather drama queen reactions.

Darrell’s staying, Elona’s not

Darrell was back up at the Stables trying for work. Alistair told him the answer was as before – nothing doing.

[Alistair] “You’re staying in the village then? I’m sorry, but I heard about you and Elona splitting up.”

[Darrell] “I’m hoping to. I won’t be able to stay on at the Green, not with the ways things are going. I’d rather move somewhere smaller, anyhow … I’d like to make a contribution there, obviously.”

(well, I don’t think you’ll have a  choice, Darrell)

They all have to move, as neither one can afford the house by themselves. But Elona is being a tad more pragmatic than Darrell (which isn’t hard to do). She’s going to move to where she can find more work.

Single Wicket, single-minded Alistair

Amongst all of Darrell’s woes, Alistair still has the nerve to ask him if he’s going in for the single wicket.

[Darrell] “I couldn’t even think about it. Not while  everything’s like it is.”

(quite. The poor man’s just been dumped by his wife and kids!)

But, it is the time of year when most sensible folks steer well clear of Alistair.

It’s non-conclusive news for Bridge Farm

Tony and Pat are having a bit of a bad day. They’re waiting to find out if poor number 27 has TB, or not.

But, Tony’s keeping positive, though is still a bit sad at the thought of the cows being sold. As he takes the milk to the dairy:

[Tony] “Here’s a job I don’t won’t be doing much longer.”

It’s an odd thing to get used to, but Tony has become super positive since his heart attack. He even has the nerve to call Pat a pessimist.

When they see Alistair arriving:

[Pat] “Has he come to tell us in person because it’s bad news or good?”

Seems it’s a bit of both.

The results weren’t conclusive enough to say it definitely was TB. And as there isn’t TB in the area, plus bridge Farm has a good health history (well, apart from issues with E.coli), there’s no restriction of movement on the rest of the cows.

All that needs to happen now is cow 27 will be tested again in eight weeks’ time.

Which worries Pat.

If the test then comes back positive, they’ll have to trace each cows sold. Test them. Which will damage both the farm and the Ambridge organics brand.

[Tony] “That’s the worst case scenario.”

[Pat] “And we’ve have the worst case scenario before, or have you forgotten E.coli?”

[Tony] “I still thin, on balance, we should take the risk … What else do you suggest we do? Send a cow that might be perfectly healthy to slaughter?”

Pat really doesn’t fight hard these days.

She gives in, and agrees to press on with the sale.

Jonathan still hasn’t called Helen

Or texted.


Matt suspects

Lilian’s trying to mover her meetings around on Friday so that she can see Paul at the flat.

So … she lies again to Matt.

[Lilian] “I suddenly fancied seeing James. I thought I'd go down on Friday.”

[Matt] “This Friday?”

[Lilian] “That’s alright, isn’t it?”

[Matt] “I’m not your keeper!”

[Lilian] “Are you alright Matt? You seem a bit tense.”

[Matt] “Yeah, stupid innit. I’m thinking about me golf. I’ve been right off form for the last couple of weeks, played some stupid games.”

[Lilian] “Off par?”

[Matt] “No, quite the opposite.”

Odd that Lilian doesn’t suspect that Matt suspects.

Darrell drops Lilian right in it

Alistair did at least give Darrell the tip that there might be work for him at Lilian and Matt’s old mill project.

Darrell sucks it up, and goes round to see Matt. He’s out practising golf in the garden. And isn’t in too good a mood.

[Matt] “If I want advice on my swing, I’ll call Rory McIlroy!”

Ever oblivious, or just plain desperate, Darrell presses on and asks for work anyway.

He tries to impress on Matt that he’s the perfect man for a specialist job like the mill. Matt just needs to remember the work he did on the Fawcett Magnor church. In fact, he tells Matt that Lilian saw his work there … oops.

[Matt] “Lilian. Saw the work at Fawcett Magnor?”

Darrell confirms she did.

And that she went off with his boss for a “good catch-up”. Oops …

After Darrell was sent away without any yes or no to work:

[Matt] “Paul … of course!”

[Lilian] “Tiger. Tiger woods, are you coming in …Matt, what’s the matter?”

Paul and Lilian are (finally) about to get interesting … go get him, Matt!

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