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Jonathan doesn’t approve? – Tues 07.05.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Tuesday 7th May 2013
  • Pat lies to Clarrie
  • Clarrie’s cooking her own birthday treat
  • Helen’s got a date
  • Matt’s snooping on Lilian’s phone
  • Matt turns up unexpectedly, admires Brenda and gets jealous over a gay chap
  • Jonathan expected a dad

Pat lies to Clarrie

Clarrie was interested to know if the TB tests on the dairy herd went well.

Pat said it did.

[Pat] “I didn’t exactly lie, I said we were waiting for the paperwork, which is true.”

[Helen] “I know how hard it is for you not to be straight with people.”

Uh-oh … there’s no point lying to Clarrie. She always knows … as Pat said herself.

Clarrie’s cooking her own birthday treat

[Pat] “Are the children cooking for you?”

[Clarrie] “Oh no … I enjoy it!”

So, Clarrie thinks she’s cooking her own Sunday roast to celebrate her birthday. She reckons the lads will do the dishes (!), and having her family round her is all the gift she needs.

Thank goodness Eddie has a surprise in store …

Helen’s got a date

So Pat and Tony are babysitting, and might even treat themselves to a takeaway.

(steady on!)

Pat reckons it’s still early days for Helen and Jonathan.

[Pat] “Although she did buy a new dress yesterday.”

And, she’s had her hair cut.

[Pat] “I like it, always like your hair a bit shorter.”

[Helen] “I need a bit of a lift … it certainly perked me up.”

[Pat] “Nothing to do with your date at all?.”

[Helen] “Of course not … it’s nice to have something to take my mind off things.”

Ah … a new dress and a new do. It must be love!

God … I really hope Jonathan doesn’t turn out to be a bad ‘un. Or kill himself.

Anyhoo – Helen’s pleased to have her making taken off of the possible TB in their dairy herd.

Pat hasn’t that luxury. And she’s also worried that Tom seems to be so negative at the moment (in complete contrast to Tony constantly looking on the bright side).

[Helen] “It’s not like him to anticipate the worst.”

[Pat] “It’s like he’s cursed, what with this and Brenda … Thank goodness your love life is going well at least.”

[Helen] “I’m pleased about that too.”

And with that, Helen tells Pat not to wait up … ooer!

Matt’s snooping on Lilian’s phone

What’s worse, the silly man doesn’t think to do it when he can’t be caught by Lilian.

She walks in on him looking at her phone. He claims he was just checking if it was charged.

Come on Matt … you can lie better than that!

Matt turns up unexpectedly, admires Brenda and gets jealous over a gay chap

Yup, Matt knows Lilian’s playing away.

As well as checking her phone, he turns up at an interior designer event she went to solo.

Luckily enough, Lilian was actually at the event, and not with Paul. Matt wandered in, claiming he was bored of paperwork. He would have tackled it if Brenda could have stayed late, but she had to babysit for Roy and Hayley so that they could go out for their anniversary. Matt didn’t want to get in the way of that.

[Matt] “I wanted to keep her onside, she’s a good little worker.”

[Lilian] “If not always the most cheerful one.”

Ah – but Matt reckons Lilian should be grateful to Brenda. She’s been covering for her a lot recently …

[Lilian] “Sorry if you feel I haven’t been pulling my weight.”

[Matt] “I didn’t mean that at all Puss, don’t be so sensitive.”

Course, Matt just meant that Lilian had so much on …

Matt then seems to be very jealous about Ric the designer. Lillian seems to be enjoying a chat with him far too much for Matt’s liking.

[Lilian] “Honestly Matt, he wasn’t chatting me up, he’s gay!”

[Matt] “Are you sure?”

Lilian’s sure. Ric’s business partner is his boyfriend.

[Matt] “Ah, good. They sound like just the men for the job.”

[Lilian] “Because they’re gay?”

[Matt] “Because you liked him.”

[Lilian] “I liked his ideas.”

[Lilian] “I can’t believe you were jealous.”

[Matt] “Well, you can take that as a compliment too.”

(was Matt seriously jealous? Or was he just proving a point to Lilian?)

Seems Matt also likes Ric’s ‘edgy designs’. Lilian’s now not so sure.

[Lilian] “Ric was a bit airy fairy with me.”

[Matt] “As it were!”

[Lilian] “Matt, it’s not worthy of you.”

Matt turning up might have actually proved some sort of point to Lilian. By the end of the evening, she again appreciated the superb business team she and Matt makes.

Lilian butters them up, Matt nails the price.

Worth keeping hold of?

Jonathan expected a dad

So, on their date, Helen is having a “nice” salad. Jonathan, the pate.

[Jonathan] “Fantastic herbs!”

[Helen] “Are you teasing me?”

(what? Do they have their own private jokes already, as that meant nothing to me)

Jonathan seems smitten. He even suggests she come and meet “the lads”. Even the one who, very surprisingly, is a plumber, but knows about food.

(Helen can be such a snob sometimes)

[Jonathan] “Have I said you’re looking particularly gorgeous tonight?”

[Helen] “No, but you can.”

[Jonathan] “You’re looking particularly gorgeous tonight … I like your new haircut.”

[Helen] “You noticed, that’s a lot of brownie points.”


[Helen] “Henry doesn’t like it. He’s very conservative.”

(note the small ‘c’ … so far)

Seems Jonathan has a daughter called Tara, who wouldn’t come near him when he once grew a beard.

On Henry:

[Helen] “I do worry sometimes. I do wonder if he’ll mind when he’s big enough to notice that most kids have two parents.”

[Jonathan] “So, Henry’s dad not still on the scene then?”

(oh … he doesn’t know!)

[Helen] “No, never was … it’s just, well, it’s a long story.”

Which Helen then proceeded to tell Jonathan. From the very beginning. Including Greg.

[Helen] “Some of it was my fault … But it’s getting to be what I think about now is the good times.”

(Greg? Not Helen’s fault. Mike nearly being killed, definitely Helen’s fault)

[Jonathan] “You haven’t re4ally told me about Henry’s dad.”

(ah, she missed out that rather crucial bit)

[Helen] “Oh well, that was very straightforward. I wanted a baby, so …”

[Jonathan] “So, you and Henry’s dad were just ships that passed in the night?”

[Helen] “Good heavens no, I wouldn’t do anything that random. I had Henry by artificial insemination.”

(Helen having random sex … ha!)

[Jonathan, shocked] “Oh. Oh, I see …”

[Helen] “I won’t go into the gory details.”

[Jonathan, horrified] “No, I get the general idea>”

[Helen] “Do you think I was very selfish, a lot of people do.”

[Jonathan] “No. of course not, I think that was very brave.”

[Helen, oblivious about Jonathan’s discomfort] “Anyway, shall we look at the desert menu?”

When Jonathan later drops Helen off home, he declines her offer to come in for coffee.

[Jonathan] “That’s very sweet of you, but I’ve got an early start tomorrow.”

[Helen] “Another time perhaps.”

[Jonathan, sounding far from definite] “Definitely.”

And he leaves it at ‘I’ll call you’.


Does Jonathan disapprove of Helen making Helen without a dad? After all, he is a dad himself.

Is this over before it’s even begun?

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caroline_venezia said...

Re the herbs 'tease' - very strange, now you mention it! I can only think that Ambridge Organics must sell herbs, and these are either from there, or not from there? I don't remember Helen ever mentioning herbs.

Oh dear, poor Helen...