Sunday, 12 May 2013

Ambridge on Sea – Sun 12.05.13 #thearchers

The Archers Sunday 12th May 2013
  • Nic has a list, and she’s checking it twice
  • David shows the tyres what’s what
  • Ambridge on Sea
  • For Josh, the computer says …
  • Clarrie’s determined to hook Nic into flower arranging

Nic has a list, and she’s checking it twice

Nic and Eddie are getting ready for Clarrie’s birthday surprise.

Sounds like they’re at home. Need lots of glasses. And Eddie has the home brew ready:

[Nic] “Now don’t go getting sizzled before Clarrie gets back!”

And, they have tunes outside.

[Eddie] “Edward, watch what you’re doing with my speakers.”

David shows the tyres what’s what

David’s chucking tyres around. Quite brutally.

[Ruth] “Looks like you’re enjoying it. Getting rid of some frustrations, are you?”

[David] “I don’t know how Spencer puts up with her. The boy’s a saint. He should have a flower arrangement dedicated to him at the festival!”

Ruth’s more or less out of ideas. All she can think to do is try and have another talk with Pip. David seems to be still wanting to teach her a lesson …

[David] “She’s got to learn to live within her means. There’s not always going to be someone behind her to make up the difference.”

Ambridge on Sea

It’s Clarrie’s birthday today.

When she gets back from church, she’s a tad surprised to see the grandkids in their swimming costumes, clutching buckets and spades.

[Eddie] “Welcome to Ambridge on Sea!”

[Clarrie, delighted] “You done all this for me?”

Yes he has.

Rock pools (paddling pools), a beach (manmade), Belinda the donkey (borrowed from Shula) for rides,  deck chairs and …

[Clarrie] “Your best speakers, on the grass!”

Which is a sign of commitment in itself from Eddie, but he’s also found a track that plays seagulls.

[Eddie] “Without the risk of them plopping on your head!”

[Clarrie] “It’s incredible!”   

Later on, once Clarrie sounds a bit tipsy (though Eddie claims he only “showed the punch the brand”), she reckons it’s the best party she’s ever had.

She has a dance with Eddie. Then Nic, until her baby moves, for the first time:

[Eddie] “At least, one of my grandkids is finally going to inherit my musical talent!”

[Clarrie] “Trying, innit, enjoying yourself!”

(hurrah! Clarrie gets to have fun, for once)

And just when Clarrie thought she had seen it all, the front door goes.

They’d even invited her sister Rosie. All the way from the real seaside …


For Josh, the computer says …

… yes!

After his pitch on Friday, Josh had been thinking David and Ruth might be even more tempted to loan him £700.00 if he gave them interest. Ruth is aghast!

And she and David have made their decision.

It’s a yes.

[David] “But … if you want to be business-like, we’d like the repayments on a proper business footing, each month.”

[Ruth, still reeling] “But definitely interest free.”

[David] “Listen, when you’re a multi-billionaire, don’t forget your old mum and dad.”

[Josh] “It’s alright. I’ll find some old hen coup to convert for you when you’re completely decrepit.”

[Ruth] “Just chuck us some bran mash from time to time!”

Once Josh heads out to tell Phoebe the news:

[Ruth] “The only problem now …”

[David] “Is telling Pip. Want to toss for it?”

The news that her wee brother can get money, and she can’t, is surely going to set off a tantrum of epic proportions in Pip.

Clarrie’s determined to hook Nic into flower arranging

Seems Clarrie’s a bit worried about it being her turn to do the church flower arranging again. Seems it was Jennifer last week, and she’s a “hard act to follow”.

So, she suggests Nic comes along to help. Despite Nic having two shifts at The Bull and the kids to meet off the school bus.

Looks like Nic won’t have much choice in the matter.

Though why Clarrie is so hell-bent is anyone’s guess.

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