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Lilian hangs up on Paul: Sun 26.05.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Sunday 26th May 2013
  • What’s important in a designer?
  • Will nobody help Jennifer?
  • Matt’s hitman sounds clueless
  • Joe gets a pint for taking from Tony
  • Lilian and Paul have a right spat
  • Lilian won’t help Tony
  • Neil’s commenting on the Single Wicket

What’s important in a designer?

[Lilian] “A really interesting style. Quirky without being bonkers.”

Ah, I did always wonder.

Thanks for that, Lilian.

Will nobody help Jennifer?

Seems Jennifer is trying to get  Lilian to help her find a new home help for Peggy.

[Lilian] “I don’t why Jenny’s got to involve me. It’s not as if she’s got much else to do.”

Very true that Jennifer has a slightly less hectic schedule than most (well, she’s busy at times, but it’s because she chooses to be) – but Lilian also forgets that Peggy’s her mum too. Maybe the search should be a family affair.

Matt’s hitman sounds clueless

Matt’s hitman calls him to say that he’s having trouble tracking down Paul. He’s not been home for the few days. The hitman asks Matt if Paul could be on holiday …

[Matt] “How should I know, I’m not the one having an affair with the bloke!”


I suppose if you pay for a hitman, you want them to be able to at least find the target.

Joe gets a pint for taking from Tony
Tony’s sorting things out so that everything is neat for the sale. Joe happens along. He knows about the sale, but “hasn’t told a soul”.

Tony tells him he’s still been silaging. He’ll sell some of it, then Tom wants to try and use the rest for his pigs,

[Joe] “Feed pigs on silage, he’ll have them flying!”

Anyoo – Joe’s then to offer his support. He knows exactly what it’s like to sell up your beasts (albeit Joe had to, rather than chose to).

[Joe] “I’ve been there, if you needs any advice, you’ve only to ask.”

[Tony, pleasantly surprised] “Oh, well that’s very good of you Joe.”

[Joe] “I can still remember that feeling as the last wagon went down the lane. Terrible, it was.”

[Tony] “Yes, I’m not looking forward to it.”

Joe then spots an old churn.

[Tony] “Why on earth did I keep a churn with a hole in the bottom?”

[Joe] “And a handle missing.”

Joe offers to get it out of Tony’s way. He reckons Eddie could get a “couple of bob” for it.

And, as he’s saved Tony the trip to the dump with it;

[Joe] “As I saved you the trouble, it’s worth a pint. Wouldn’t you say?”


Down the pub:

[Joe] “You scratch my back …”

[Tony] “I’d rather not!”

[Joe] “Well, it’s neighbourly.”

[Tony] “We’re short of a body for leak planting …”

(Joe starts coughing …)

[Joe] “I ain’t really up to riding on a planter anymore.”

But Tony was looking for Joe to work it, he just wanted ideas of who could help. Joe suggests Eddie.

Joe’s not done yet though. It’s nearing tea time …

[Joe] “If you fancy something to keep you going, I like salt and vinegar. No scratchings mind, it plays havoc with my bowls …”

Lilian and Paul have a right spat

Seems Paul’s been leaving lots of messages for Lilian.

[Paul] “I wouldn’t need to leave them if you had the common courtesy to call.”

(you can’t fault the logic!)

[Lilian] “That’s rich, after what you said last week … Do you really think I owe you anything after that?”

[Paul] “You’ve got to Understand what a terrible state I was in.”

[Lilian] “I’ve got to understand!?!”

Yup, Lilian’s quite right.

Paul did call Lilian a whore.

[Lilian] “As if I would tolerate being in a relationship with Matt like that. It’s demeaning.”

[Paul] “Some men are like that.”

[Lilian] “You don’t know Matt at all!”

[Paul] “I know all I need to. You’ve told me enough about him. Think of all the times he let you down.”

[Lilian] “Do you want to sabotage my entire?”

And at last – Lilian’s seeing through Paul’s lies about his kids.

[Lilian] “I’ve been thinking about it, and it doesn’t make any sense”

Paul’s said that he was upset because the kids were upset at their mum’s new boyfriend. Now, he’s saying he’s upset because they accept the boyfriend, and want to be at the wedding.

[Lilian] “They can’t both be true. I just don’t know where I am with you.”

[Paul] “That’s why we need to talk.”

[Lilian] “Actually, I’m not sure there’s any point. I don’t think I can do this anymore. I don’t recognise you, you used to be so kind, so caring.”

[Paul] “I still am, I can look after you. You just need to let me … I haven’t changed at all, if you’d just let me explain …”

But Lilian hangs up. She has to, as Matt’s come back. As she does, Paul’s screaming down the phone not to leave him hanging like this …

When matt comes in:

[Matt] “Looks like your sister really has wound you up .. I think you need  a hair of the dog.”

Off to the Bull it is!

Lilian won’t help Tony

Tony spots Lilian in the pub, and asks her about how he can put money into property.

[Lilian] “Tony, please, it’s Sunday, I haven’t come to the pub to talk about work.”

[Tony] “I was just asking for a bit of advice … I didn’t think it much to ask of my sister!”


That’ll be noted for many a year.

Neil’s commenting on the Single Wicket

Rather than Kenton. Who is doing the music.

Folks seem disappointed by that. They don’t think Neil has the “gift of the gab like Kenton”.

[Joe] “The only sound you need at a single wicket match is the whack of willow on leather, and the sound of gentle applause.”

Tony concurs, but reckons the Single Wicket is a family event. And they get peace at the cricket the rest of the time.

[Joe] “Still, a bit of noise might drown out the arguing. Edward ain't the only Grundy playing. Will is an all. Clarrie’s hoping they’ll stay well away from each other.”

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