Monday, 27 May 2013

It’s Sticky Wicket 2013 – Mon 27.05.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Monday 27th May 2013
  • Brookfield hopes for a non-exciting Open Farm Sunday
  • Sticky Wicket time

Brookfield hopes for a non-exciting Open Farm Sunday

David and clan are marking arrangements for this year’s Open Farm Sunday. All except Pip – who can’t help prepare due to revision, but is helping on the day itself.

[David] “Hopefully, it’ll be a lot less exciting than last year.”

[Pip] “Yeah, no stampede!”

(remember that? And the gang out to ‘get’ David, led by Keith Horrobin?)

Sticky Wicket time


The first draw was:

Daniel V Roy
Josh V Richard Thwaite
Ed V Lucy (somebody. Any ideas?)
Jamie V Barry Simonds (who he?)
Rob v Rhys
Will v Alistair
Nathan Booth v Tom
Adam v Jamie
 … and, they didn’t say the rest.

Josh beat Richard, and was then drawn against Pip.

[Clarrie] “Oh!”

[David] “Yeah. This isn’t going to end well.”

[Pip] “Prepare for humiliation, little brother!”

[Josh] “You’re joking, aren’t you? If you hadn't had a buy in the first round, you wouldn’t even have got this far!”

But, Pip reckons he shouldn’t be so cocky. She’s been taken lessons with Spencer.

Which paid off, as she won.

It was inevitable that Ed would play Will at some point,

[George] “I hope you both win.”

[Ed] “It don’t work that way George.”

From what I could come up with:

Tom caught out Nathan. Rob knocked out David (which David was delighted about, as it meant he could have a beer). The Ed versus Will highlight didn’t come to much – no blows, just Ed winning.

[Clarrie] “It’s just a bit of fun, ain't it?”

[Will] “If you say so mum …”

Rob then beat Pip. Ed beat Jamie. To leave Rob and Ed in the grand final.

[David] “Mega dairy versus the little guy, It’s almost as if they’re batting for the future of the dairy industry!”

[Neil] “Well let’s hope it doesn’t come down to a cricket match.”

And … Ron won.

(which is actually irritating, I don’t like that chap, I don’t)

[David] “It’s the taking part the counts.”

[Pip] “It’s the beating your brother.”

And that, ladies and gentleman, was Sticky Wicket 2013.

What a  thrill!


caroline_venezia said...

Sorry, didn't catch "Lucy" or "Bary Simonds" - also no idea! But how old is Nathan Booth meant to be? Isn't he about 80? He seems to have been around for ever! (Or am I confusing him with Mr Pullen?)

Inga McVicar said...

Easily confused. if only they'd utter a word ...

Nathon is Neville's nephew. If that remotely helps ...

caroline_venezia said...

Ah! Thanks, Inga.