Friday, 3 May 2013

The Llamas can live! – Fri 03.05.13

Pondering The Archers Friday 3rd May 2013
  • Do the Llamas have TB?
  • Eddie wants to whisk Clarrie away to the seaside
  • Lynda spreads gossip without wanting to spread gossip
  • Does Bridge Farm have TB?
  • Single Wicket time!
  • Welfare Friendly labels
  • One man and his dog (and a bottle of pop and a sausage roll)

Do the Llamas have TB?

[Lynda] “Oh Constanza. Cheer up …”

[Eddie] “Morning. Not interrupting anything?”

Seems Constanza has been rolling around, so needs a good brush down.

[Eddie] “She looks alright to me.”

[Lynda] “It’s as much about psychology than anything. She’s a bit down in the dumps .”

[Eddie] “Yeah. I get mornings like that.”

[Lynda] “She’s still missing Wolfgang, of course.”

[Eddie] “Yeah, a shame about old Wolfgang. Still, these two look loom healthy enough, apart from the mood swings …”

Eddie’s popped by to pass on a cupboard making job to Robert. While he’s there, he wants to know a bit more about Lynda’s electric fence:

[Eddie] “You’re wasting a nice bit of pasture.”

Lynda won’t say a word why. Which will leave Eddie to keep thinking it might be cannabis growing (!). Still, at least Constanza gets a peppermint from Eddie.

Alistair also comes by with results from Animal Health (my word, that cold a while!). They’ve completed their post-mortem on Wolfgang.

[Lynda] “Oh dear, I’ve been dreading this moment.”

[Alistair] “It’s alright. It’s good news. Wolfgang died from chronic pneumonia, there’s no sign of chronic TB … well, that and old age.”

Lynda starts crying with relief. If Wolfgang had had TB, it could have also meant curtains for her other two llamas.

[Lynda] “Constanza, it’s alright. You can stop worrying. You’re safe.”

Later on, Lynda’s back to being chirpy:

[Lynda] “Everything’s looking glorious out there. Almost makes me want to burst into song!”

Eddie wants to whisk Clarrie away to the seaside

This is very uncharacteristic of Eddie. He’s still pondering what to do for Clarrie’s birthday.

How odd of him to put so much thought into her!

Though Clarrie would love to go to the coast, she thinks it’s simply impossible.

[Eddie] “Why don’t we take a few days and go stay with Rosie in Great Yarmouth?”

[Clarrie] “Oh, that would be so lovely,. Just wish we could … for a start, I can’t take the time off, not now. Not the way things are at bridge Farm. Lovely thought, but not this birthday.”

Instead, Clarrie just wants a nice dinner with the family.

Eddie doesn’t seem to think that’s enough.

So he hatches a crafty plan with Nic … not that we got to hear anything about it today.

Lynda spreads gossip without wanting to spread gossip

[Lynda] “Well you know me, I’m not one to spread idle gossip and tittle tattle. But I’ve just heard rather upsetting rumour …”

Lynda tells Clarrie that Pat and Tony are selling up the whole farm, and retiring.

Clarrie then tells Pat.

Pat and Tony then try and work out who could have betrayed their confidence. They reckon Trevor … no mention of the (actually guilty) Pip.

Pat then calls Lynda to try and stop the gossip. It’s not even right!

[Lynda] “Pat if I’ve got the wrong end of the stick, then of course you have my deepest apologies.”

Seems Lynda heard it from Robert. Who heard it from Bert Fry. Who heard it at The Bull (from Pip shouting down her phone, but Pat and Tony don’t know that).

[Pat] “Tony and I have absolutely no plans to retire or sell the farm.”

[Lynda] “If I hear anyone else repeating the rumour, I’ll put them straight in no uncertain terms .”

When Pat gets off the phone.

[Alistair] “Problems? “

[Pat] “Just that the whole world seems to have gone mad!”

Not mad, Pat.

Just gossips …

Does Bridge Farm have TB?

Alistair’s at Bridge Farm to test the herd for TB. He’ll come back to check for reactors on Monday.

Hope it’s as good news for the cows as it was for the llamas.

Single Wicket time!


Which means no-one can escape Alistair, and his pleading for them to take part. It’s only 3 weeks away, but not many folks have signed up.

[Alistair] “I can’t even persuade Daniel to commit.”

Though he does have exams.

It was Tom’s turn to be asked today. He was just as noncommittal …

Welfare Friendly labels

Tom’s new labels have arrived. They make mention of Welfare Friendly, but no mention of Organic.

[Pat] “We knew it was coming, of course, but to see it printed out like that.”


It’s a big departure for any label associated with Bridge Farm.

One man and his dog (and a bottle of pop and a sausage roll)

Well sung, Eddie.

Though not as professional as some of his other efforts.

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