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Need to raise £50k? Hold a Flower Festival - Sun 05.05.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Sunday 5th May 2013
  • Jill and Clarrie’s Flower Festival
  • Elona’s leaving
  • The Ambridge drums give Peggy a fright

Jill and Clarrie’s Flower Festival

Talking to Alan after church about the problem of having to raise £50,000 to fix the organ, Peggy makes an offer to gift a “sizeable” donation.

[Alan] “Peggy, I wasn’t fishing.”

(will the bank of Peggy ever run out?)

Alan also tells Peggy about Clarrie and Jill’s idea to hold a Flower Festival to raise funds. They reckon it’d get the whole community involved, as well as gathering cash.

Jill later explains to Alan that Flower Festivals are popular and good fundraisers. (really? £50k worth??? Or am I just being too cynical? I suppose any effort is worth it).

[Jill] “Though we do need to get a move on.”

They want to get all the groups in the village to di an arrangement, as well as the Church folks. So, the WI, bell ringers, the village community shop, groups who use The Bull …

[Alan] “I doubt the darts team has many flower arrangers!”

Ah, Jill’s thought of that (course she has!). They would allocate expert arrangers to each group.

[Jill] “And the arrangements don’t just have to be flowers.”

As their theme is Saints (Clarrie once went to a Flower Festival that used that theme – mimicry is the best compliment!), they could include Lions (St Jerome in his cave), bags of chocolate coins (St Matthew, the tax collector), and the like.

[Alan] “It would be half the fun. Finding out who the appropriate saint would be for your group … I think you and Clarrie should be canonised yourself. As the patron saints of hard pressed clergy!”

Elona’s leaving

Peggy’s having coffee with Elona.

It’s a bit of a love-in. Elona’s grateful to Peggy for all her support, as is Peggy to Elona for hers.

Elona starts crying.

[Elona] “I’ve been so happy here in Ambridge working for you and at the laurels … I’m going to have to give all that up. I shall have to leave here … I’m so sorry.”

Elona tells Peggy that she and Darrell are splitting up.

[Peggy] “I know things haven’t been all that easy for you two, but that’s marriage, isn’t it. You’ve just to hang on and wait for the good times … Are you sure there’s no way back?”

[Elona] “I’ve given him so many chances.”

[Peggy] “Yes, I do know what that’s like.”

(oh boy does Peggy ever … remember the first Jack?)

Peggy’s worried about Elona now talking of leaving. She needs her friends at a time like this.

[Peggy] “Is it because Darrell … isn’t being difficult about it?”

[Elona] “No, no. it’s just the money.”

Elona will now need to cope alone (Darrell won’t be bringing in much to give to her and the girls). Realistically, she’d need to look to Borchester and Felpersham for more work. But that’d cost in transport, plus she has to be there for the girls.

[Peggy] “I don’t think you should do anything hasty. I’d be happy to pay the rent on the house for a few weeks while you sort yourself out.”

I did have my suspicions when Elona first arrived in Ambridge. She looked to be taking Peggy’s generosity without too might of a fight.

But, I was wrong. She says thank you, but no to Peggy’s suggestion.

[Elona] “I’m so sorry, but I have no choice, I’ll let you know what my plans are.”

The Ambridge drums give Peggy a fright

[Elona] “I know you have worries of your own. I’m sorry to have given you another problem.”

Elona then tells Peggy that she’s heard Tony is selling Bridge Farm.


Elona was saying that to Peggy, just as Tony was saying to Pat that he was off to The Bull to make sure the rumours about them selling and retiring were stopped:

[Tony] “I really don’t want it spreading any further.”

[Pat] “You don’t need to tell everyone personally.”

Seems they’re mainly worried about anyone else knowing they’re selling the herd, before they get the TB results tomorrow.

[Pat] “If you go on about it too much, people will think you have something to hide.”

(and affecting the price of their cows, one would assume)

Just then, Peggy, Peggy telephones to say she’d like to come round. They need “to talk” …

When she gets there, she’s obviously relieved to hear they’re not selling.

And Tony is still blaming Trevor to spilling the beans (well, cows, I suppose).

PIP! Tony, it was Pip. Go get her …

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