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Matt’s stalking Lilian – Wed 08.05.12 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Wednesday 8th May 2013
  • Eddie lets Clarrie down
  • Fat ducks
  • Vicky offers up her soft toys
  • Eddie impresses Lilian with his slab prowess
  • Matt turns up unexpectedly again
  • While Matt’s at golf …

Eddie lets Clarrie down

Seems it’s Eddie’s job to make sure the family know about the dinner Clarrie is cooking for them, for her birthday.

He hasn’t been very proactive. Which is irritating Clarrie.

Nic later tells Clarrie that the kids have been invited to a party the same day, including a pizza place.

[Clarrie, resigned] “So they won’t be wanting my Sunday roast.”

But, Clarrie remained chirpy. She reckoned the family could still come round later for a “nice birthday tea”.

But Eddie has something else in mind. We know not what, but it’d better be good.

We do know it’s something to do with Nic ordering fish and chips in, and sorting out bucket and spades.

[Nic] “But we’ve drawn a total blank with the deck chairs.”

(which was fine, as Eddie had a mate who could provide)

So … Clarrie shall go to the beach?

Fat ducks

[Nic] “These must be the most well fed ducks in Borsetshire.”

[Vicky] “Well, that one over there’s very picky.”

Seems Bethany really lucks the ducks. She likes to hear them quacking.

And seems Nic has got over her fear of Bethany. Must be her own impending baby.

[Vicky] “And you’re coming along nicely too, of you don’t mind me saying so.”

[Nic] “I like being pregnant. I’d forgotten.”

(about how much she likes being pregnant, not that she’d forgotten she was pregnant)

Vicky offers up her soft toys

Jill as trying to recruit Nic and Vicky for the Flower Festival.

Neither seemed keen, but Vicky did offer to led her soft toys. For the Saints. As required. Like St Jerome needing a lion.

[Vicky] “I was just wondering, did any of the saints have special relationships with bears?”

Ah, gotta love that Vicky.

She’s odd, but nice with it.

Anyhoo, Jill tells Clarrie about Vicky’s offer.

[Clarrie] “That’s kind of her, but were there any saints who were kind to bears?”

Jill asked Alan. Though he reckoned there were no saints, the Prophet Elisha had:

[Jill] “A very good relationships with two she bears … she sent the bears to eat some children who had been bothering … I thought junior church would jump at it.”

Seems The Bull is also struggling to find their patron saint.

[Jill] “I don’t see why not, Jesus did turn water into wine.”

[Clarrie] “And liked the odd party.”

(did he?)

Jill has found a possible candidate – St Martin of Tour.


Answers on a postcard, please.

Eddie impresses Lilian with his slab prowess

[Lilian] “I knew it would be good, but not so artistic .”

[Eddie] “I don’t just throw down a  few slabs and cement them in.”

Yup, Eddie still knows how to impress the ladies.

Matt turns up unexpectedly again

As Eddie is showing Lilian his patio work (she’s considering him for some work at the Mill development), Matt turns up.

Seems he saw the appointment in Lilian’s diary, and thought he’d pop along.

[Matt] “Just taking an interest.”

Once Eddie leaves:

[Lilian] “Well, that as embarrassing.”

[Matt] “Was it, why?”

[Lilian] “It looked like it was me you were checking up on, not Eddie.”

[Matt] “It was a spur of the moment thing.”

[Lilian] “You seems to be having a lot of these this week.”

[Matt] “Alright, I’ll come clean … I was a bit worried. I thought you might be using Eddie for sentimental reasons.”

Matt’s excuse was that as Eddie is an ‘old mate’ of Lilian’s, he wanted to make sure the quality of his work was up to par, in case Lilian hired him out of friendship.

Even Matt knows that’s not likely.

But he seems to be doing a fine job of letting Lilian know that she can no longer be wherever she wants to be …

While Matt’s at golf …

Lilian’s now getting into the habit of checking Matt’s diary. She’s especially keen to see what he’s doing on Thursday (the day Paul demanded he see her … I can’t believe she’s doing as he bids!).

Matt’s golfing. Lilian jokes that she could turn up, unexpectedly.

[Lilian] “I could advise you on your putting, check if you’re doing it right.”

[Matt] “It was silly of me to be suspicious.”

(hmmm … job done though, Matt. Though what a horrible way for them both to live)

As soon as Lilian can. She calls Paul to say that they can meet, but they have to be extra careful.

Let’s hope Lilian doesn’t tell Paul that Matt’s onto them. Paul will only use it to his advantage.

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Ralph Corderoy said...

Martin of Tours is the patron saint of innkeepers.