Thursday, 9 May 2013

Kirsty wants the old Tom Archer back – Thurs 09.05.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Thursday 9th May 2013
  • Jonathan’s gone to ground?
  • Kirsty is Tom’s one woman cheerleader squad
  • Lilian turns up, as Paul demanded
  • Paul’s a fibber
  • Tom is Brian without a Jennifer?

Jonathan’s gone to ground?

Seems Helen, Jonathan, Kirsty and some other bloke (who Kirsty didn’t even bother naming) are due to go on a double date. But, Jonathan hasn’t been getting back to Helen.

Oh dear.

Scared off by Helen’s penchant for turkey basters?

Kirsty’s gutted. She’s not sure about this other bloke:

[Kirsty] “I want to be sure there’s a lot one person there I’d like to talk to.”

Kirsty is Tom’s one woman cheerleader squad

Again, thank goodness for Kirsty. His family aside, Kirsty really is the only person giving a hoot about what’s happening in Tom’s life.

She’s remembered he has big meeting with the supermarket buyer.

[Kirsty] “This could be your big chance.”

[Tom, still in Mr Negative mode] “Or it could be one more thing that goes wrong.”

Hearing enough negativity from Tom, Kirsty insist they go out for a coffee.

[Tom] “And you’ll slip something in it to perk me up?”

[Kirsty] “If that what it takes, yes!”

[Tom] “I know that I shouldn’t’ let what’s happened with Brenda affect the business, but it’s hard not to.”

Kirsty reckons he should completely focus on the business – that’s what’s going well for Tom, at the moment.

[Kirsty] “I’m not worried about you. You’ll rise to the occasion … where’s the old Tom Archer, the arrogant, single minded one who thought he could take on the world and win?”

(well, though I am feeling sad for Tom at the moment, I certainly wouldn’t want that egotistical wee numpty back!)

Kirsty tells Tom that he’s already won with the business. It’s expanding, his family is fully behind him, and the big break is just round the corner.


Can I also have a Kirsty to cheer me on?

(now, if Kirsty wasn’t such a sensible lass, I’d say there might be a wee twinkle between Tom and Kirsty. But she’s been there, done that and got dumped).

Lilian turns up, as Paul demanded

Paul was worried Lilian wasn’t going to meet him, at 12.30, at the Italian, as he demanded.

[Lilian] “I was worried when I got yours, just telling me to be here ion a certain day, it’s not on Paul!”

Paul says sorry, and explains that he’s been under a bit of stress this week.

Lilian’s not had it any easier. What with Matt turning up everywhere and anywhere unexpectedly. And acting oddly.

[Lilian] “He’d have to be pretty paranoid if he thought I was having an affair with Eddie Grundy!”

(well, quite)

[Paul] “Well, Matt’s never sound like the most rationale of men.”

[Lilian] “I don’t know about that, everything that Matt does have a purpose, and that’s what’s worrying me.”

But Paul doesn’t give a monkeys. He’s only interested in himself. And cheering himself up with seeing Lilian.

[Paul] “But I suppose it was selfish.”

Aye. It was.

Paul’s a fibber

So, Paul explains to Lilian why he’s been so stressed.

He reckons Celia (his ex) is getting married again.

That’s true.

[Paul] “Not that I care about that, she can do what she likes … Surprise, surprise, she didn’t make a very good choice, and it’s upsetting the children. And Celia’s handling it very badly.”

That’s not so true.

Paul reckons Celia is dragging their kids into it:

[Paul] “Putting all sorts of pressure on them, making threats, she told them that if they didn’t come to the wedding, they wouldn’t see her again … as usual, it’s me who has to pick up the pieces.”

Definitely not true!

What a warped man that Paul is.

It’s getting embarrassing that Lilian can’t see that.

Later on, Grace, Paul’s daughter, calls him. She’s quite upset about what Paul had said to her brother Charlie.

[Grace] “I can’t believe you can be that cruel.”

[Paul] “And you two aren’t being cruel to me, taking the side of that man against your father? … Why is what she wants more important?”

[Grace] “It’s you that’s making us all miserable, how far are you going to take this? … Don’t make us choose. Not again.”

Paul’s visibly upset after the call, so Lilian offers sex as TLC.

Embarrassingly, again for Lilian, he refuses her offer …

Tom is Brian without a Jennifer?

As well as being geed up by Kirsty, Tom gets a pep talk from his gran.

[Peggy] “You know, you do remind me of your uncle Brian sometimes.”

[Tom] “Is that meant to be a compliment?”

Yes it is. Seems Peggy has always admired Brian for his business sense.

Well, I suppose I could see Tom with an empire like Brian.

But, who will be by his side?

(actually, does he even need someone by his side?)


Ralph Corderoy said...

You know, you do remind me of your uncle Brian sometimes.

Does Peggy think it's time for Tom to learn the true source of the frigidity between Pat and Tony, and Brian?

Inga McVicar said...

The true source?

I have no ken!

Do tell ...