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Tom is definitely dumped: Thurs 11.04.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Thursday 11th April 2013
  • Paul’s apologetic
  • Alice keeps her job
  • Brenda finally sleeps in a different room

Paul’s apologetic

Lilian’s been ignoring Paul’s calls.

When he finally gets through, he tells her he’s come back up to their flat.

[Paul] “I behaved so badly on Tuesday, I had to come up, I had to say sorry face to face.”

What does Lilian do?

Run over to him.

He’s got a huge stack of flowers in:

[Lilian] “I don’t want flowers, or chocolate, or champagne …it’s not what I want from you Paul.”

[Paul] “How about I’m so Sorry … I’m ashamed.”

[Lilian] “If you want to shout at me, go ahead, have a blazing row, I can give as good as I get. But the silent treatment, that hurt too much. I’ve had too much of that, I won’t take anymore!”

[Paul] “You want have to.”

[Lilian] “Why did you do it to me?”

[Paul] “I was in a foul mood when I got here, I had an awful phone call on the train. A guy from the Council.”

Lie! As we know too well. He spun Lilian a line about the Council chap demanding something about load baring rods on a job he’s doing.

[Paul] “My reputation’s at stake, Lilian.”

[Lilian] “Then why the hell didn’t you tell me?”

[Paul] “I didn’t want you to see that side of me … when I get anxious, depressed …”

[Lilian] “If you ever treat me like that again …”

[Paul] “Believe me darling, from now on, I’ll tell you everything, Absolutely everything.”

Oh poop!

This isn’t going to end well for Lilian.

Though I do wish she stop being such a wimp and start being … well … more … Lilian!

Alice keeps her job

Alice comes home early, with a curry.

She’s had her meeting with her boss, Brendan.

[Chris] “So is this a celebration, or are we drowning our sorrows?”

Seems Brendan wanted to know why she wanted to leave. So, she told him what she really thinks about her job.

[Alice] “When I finally shut up, he just sat there,. Shell shocked. Then he started to laugh … he said he was delighted I was so passionate about the job!”

So – Alice will not be on fast track promotion. Will get project she’s interested in. And will soon get more money. AND she’ll get a 3 month project in Paris next year.

[Chris] “That’d be so much easier than Vancouver.”

[Alice] “New challenges, new responsibilities, it’s everything I wanted in Canada but without …”

[Chris] “All the problems.”

There we are.

Problem solved.

Brenda finally sleeps in a different room

Brenda has to call Tom to make him answer his voice mails. He’s been screening, as he doesn’t want to talk to anyone. But, he agrees to go home to sort it out. And:

[Tom] “Maybe we can talk about this awful mess we’ve got into as well.”

But, when Tom gets home, Brenda’s move all of her stuff out of their bedroom, into the spare room. She has seen sense, and realised they can’t keep sleeping in the same bed while she’s dumping him.

[Tom] “How could it be better ? What could be worse?”

Brenda has realised that she’s been selfish in needing Tom still to be with her in that way 9not the sex bit, just the sleeping next to each other bit). But Tom thinks they can still make it work.

[Brenda] “We have such different dreams.”

[Tom] “I thought we have everything we wanted. What are your dreams?”

[Brenda] “Good question. I wish I knew the answer.”

[Tom] “Well there you are then. You’re mixed up.”

[Brenda] “I don’t know what I want, but I know what I don’t want. There’s going to be more to life than having my brain stuck in neutral at Amside, I've got so much energy, so many ideas. I want a job that uses that, that means something, And no matter how hard we try, this isn’t quite right for me either.”

[Tom] “It is for me!”

[Brenda] “I know, but it only works if I’m not really me. If I fit in with you.”

[Tom] “I can change now I know.”

[Brenda] “You’d give your dreams to follow mine?”

[Tom] “Yes.”

[Brenda] “Give up the farm, your business …?”

[Tom] “If that’s what you really want me to do.”

[Brenda] “Giving up wanting children, having a family of your own … I don’t want you to. Our paths are going in such different ways. It’s for both our sakes, Tom. I’m sorry.”

[Tom] “You absolutely mean this, don’t you. You really think we’re finished!”

Goodness … I almost feel sorry for Tom.

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