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Paul behaves badly: Tues 09.04.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Tuesday 9th April 2013
  • Paul’s a proper looper
  • Pat wants to eat lunch at lunchtime
  • Helen’s first date shall be bowling
  • Tom annoys Pat and Tony
  • Lilian bought delicious ham and olives

Paul’s a proper looper

Celia calls Paul:

[Celia] “You’ve been pestering Charlie now, haven’t you ? … You’re no right, absolutely no right to drag him and Grace into this. Do you understand. I won’t stand for this! … You got nowhere with me, so you’re trying emotional blackmail on them.”

Celia reckons Paul has been trying to tell this Charlie and Grace what to do, he reckons he just wants them to “reflect” on encouraging Celia to not make a “bad mistake” in marrying again.

[Celia] “How dare you … how dare you impose your own pathetic inadequacies on our children … do you want them to become as bitter and twisted as you are … it won’t happen as they’re too decent and they’ve got too much sense! … Are you just too obtuse to see that!”

[Paul] “Don’t talk to me like I’m an idiot.”

[Celia] “Then find someone else to inflict yourself on. The sooner the better.”

So … Paul’s now bullying and harassing his over his ex-wife remarrying, while professing his love for Lilian.

He’s a nutter!

Run Lilian. Run!

Pat wants to eat lunch at lunchtime

How quirky!

Helen’s first date shall be bowling

Tony seems horrified.

Though he doesn’t really say why … one assumes he’s just terrified for his Helen embarking on (what potentially could be another disastrous) foray into relationships.

Far safer off sticking with wee Henry, he probably reckons.

Tom annoys Pat and Tony

But not In his usual manner.

Unlike Tom normally harassing and haranguing Tony and Pat, they’re stunned that he doesn’t seem to want sit down and talk about the next steps in getting rid of the dairy herd.

[Pat] “I thought he’d be buddling over with the when, who, how to do it … Barely a thank you.”

[Tony] “You complaining because he’s not actually pestering us for once … He’ll be hurrying us along soon enough, wanting the cows sold yesterday.”

Lilian bought delicious ham and olives

Paul wasn’t remotely interested. The b*stard.

He’s monotone. Monosyllabic. He didn’t even want wine.

[Lilian] “You weren’t impressed by the ham.”

[Paul] “It was alright.”

[Lilian] “I won’t get it again.”

(who is this Lilian we hear before us? Apologising to a man for the ham? Submissive? Ridiculous)

Lilian continues, thinking Paul is angry at her for being late.

[Lilian] “Paul, I know I should have got here sooner.”

[Paul] “I didn’t say anything.”

The she tries inviting him to sit in the lounge with her. Just sit, nothing else.

[Lilian] “I’m happy to have some quiet time. Sometimes you need that in a relationship.”

Her final attempt is to suggest they put on a DVD or some music …

[Paul] “Will you stop it! Organising me. You have been, ever since I got here.”

[Lilian] “I’ve been longing to see you all week, but not to sit in silence for two hours,. If I’ve done something wrong or said something wrong, tell me.”

Paul claims nothing is wrong. But her “going on and on” make it worse:

[Paul, shouting] “Don’t you understand, or are you just too obtuse to see it!”

With that, Lilian leaves.

About bloomin’ time too!

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