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Fixing organs, selling cows, odd fencing – Mon 29.04.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Monday 29th April 2013
  • Lynda’s fence perplexes Eddie
  • Eddie thinks of Clarrie!
  • There’s ‘casual’, then there’s supper at the Aldridges
  • Clarrie and Susan are told the cows have to go
  • A proper organ, for proper weddings
  • Susan starts the gossip
  • They got Des

Lynda’s fence perplexes Eddie

[Eddie] “Maybe she’s planning to grow cannabis.”

[Clarrie] “What?”

[Eddie] “Lynda Snell!”

Of course, growing drugs is the only rational explanation for Lynda fencing off a perfectly good strip of land.

Very glad Eddie’s on the case …

(as a reminder – Lynda’s worried her llamas might have TB, so has fenced them further away from Brookfield land, rather than tell David and Ruth)

Eddie thinks of Clarrie!

Stop the press!

Not only has Eddie been thinking of Clarrie, he’s already remembered it’s nearly her birthday AND wants to plan something special.

What is going on here? As far as we know, he hasn’t even been up to any of his dodgy shenanigans.

When Eddie asks Clarrie what she’s like to do, she reckons she’s been yearning to get to the coast.

[Clarrie] “Walk along the beach again, watch the waves, hear the seagulls, smell the sea air. Silly though, it’s much too far for a day trip. And that’s enough day dreaming anyway.”


Why can’t they go to the beach?

There’s ‘casual’, then there’s supper at the Aldridges

Jennifer’s been on the phone to Susan, making sure supper on Thursday night is a definite.

Neil sounds thrilled (!).

[Susan] “It’s her and Brian’s way of showing their appreciation for what you did. I think it’s a very nice gesture.”

[Neil] “Yeah. I suppose.”

[Susan] “Well, I’m looking forward to it, anyway. It’s been a while since they asked us round. I wonder what I should wear?”

[Neil] “Well, Brian said it’s nothing formal, just a family supper.”

[Susan] “Yes, well, what they mean by a family supper is different to us. It’s got to be a special occasion, hasn’t it, I mean it’s not every day you get shot chasing a gunman from his barns.”

[Neil] “No, I’m glad to say.”

[Susan] “Maybe me silk top and me blue trousers, or do you think I should wear a skirt?”

[Neil] “I’d be careful, you don’t want to outdo Elona.”


That was a bit of a bombshell for Susan. She had assumed it was just be herself and Neil invited round, not also Darrel and Elona. After all, the Carters and the Aldridges are family. But Susan manages to rally herself round:

[Susan] “You're right, we’ll have to be very careful, I’m sure they haven’t been to Home Farm before, not for dinner … we’ll have to do our very best to make them feel at home.”


Clarrie and Susan are told the cows have to go

Susan and Clarrie are shocked when Pat tells them the new that they’re selling the dairy herd.

But, that it makes no change to the work in the dairy.

[Pat] “You really don’t need to worry about your jobs. They’ll be just as safe as they are now … And I’m sorry to spring this on you out of the blue. We wanted to be quite sure before we told you. And no one else knows yet outside of the immediate family, so if you could keep it to yourselves just now.”

[Clarrie] “Yes, of course.”

(interesting Susan didn’t also say ‘of course’ to keeping mum …)

[Clarrie] “I know things were very different for me and Eddie at Grange farm, all those years ago, but I’ll never forget how difficult it was selling the herd. I’m not saying it’ll be the same for you, but, well I know it can’t be easy for you, that’s all.”

[Pat] “Thanks Clarrie. It’s been a really hard decision for all of us, but Tom and the family, they think it’s for the best.”

Did I hear that right?

“They think it’s for the best”


Is Pat secretly not in agreement?

A proper organ, for proper weddings

[Christine] “I’m warning you, Jean Harvey’s already talking about trying to replace it with an electronic keyboard … well, it does raise some difficult moral issues. You've only got to think about all the people out there who are in real need, for one reason or another. And here we are thinking of spending all that money on a musical instrument. On the other hand, I’m sure a lot of the parish would be up in arms at the very thought of replacing it.”

[Neil] “I’m not against using recordings for some occasions, but what about weddings, not everyone wants to walk down the aisle to a piece of pop music.”

[Christine] “A proper organ, playing the wedding march, filling the whole church with a tapestry of sound.”

Well, that’s surely that then.

Christine Barford has spoken!

Susan starts the gossip

[Susan] “Losing the cows on a dairy farm, it’s almost like selling the family silver. It could mean the whole business is in trouble …”

Stop it Susan.

Stop it, now!

They got Des

Seems the Police have managed to catch Des. Which gains Neil a hug and a kiss from Susan (steady!).

Darrell will be pleased.

Will Elona?

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