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Tom and Brenda are still sleeping together … what?????: Sun 07.04.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Sunday 7th April 2013
  • Tom’s not interested in weaners
  • Windy riding
  • Shula doesn’t approve of Ifty
  • They really shouldn’t be sharing a bed
  • Mark’s poem
  • Who’s Jackie Woodstock and Sarah Locke?
  • When’s polka dots worse than padded shoulders?

Tom’s not interested in weaners

Never mind. Neil will bring them anyway, without noticing that Tom’s not as interested in them as he is.

Windy riding

Shula and Caroline are out on their horses.

[Caroline] “There was some real gusts on the top.”

Well, perhaps that’s best kept private, Caroline …

Shula doesn’t approve of Ifty

But her objection isn’t probably what you think it is.

[Caroline] “You don’t think Ifty’s right for her?”

[Shula] “Well, it’s not so much him. I just don’t think anyone is right for her, not yet.”

I do like Shula for the sheer detail of what she cares about, but surely Elizabeth’s big enough to decide herself when the mourning veil should come off.

They really shouldn’t be sharing a bed

Tom’s back home to get something to eat and have a shower. He doesn’t sound comfortable.

[Tom] “Don’t worry, I’m not staying long.”

[Brenda] “Take as long as you like, it’s your home.”

Actually, Brenda sounds just as uncomfortable. She’s going to cook chilli tonight, and rather sheepishly suggests she can make enough for them both.

[Brenda] “It’s weird, isn’t it?”

[Tom] “Just a bit.”

[Brenda] “I feel so strange .. the kitchen is exactly the same, you’re still the same, except there’s a streak of mud on your neck … It’s just like nothings’ really changed.”

[Tom] “Except you don’t love me the way you used to.”

[Brenda] “I care about you so much Tom.”

[Tom] “I know you do … but in a different way. That’s what’s weird.”

Later on:

[Tom] “I’ve been so stupid, I can see that now. I knew you were going through a bad time at work, I never realised how bad.”

[Brenda] “It’s not that.”

[Tom] “I know it’s not. It’s the way I reacted … I should have been much more supportive … no wonder you’re so stressed, mixed up about everything.”

[Brenda] “I’m not mixed up.”

[Tom] “You say that … suppose we take a few days off, right here and now?”

[Brenda, emphatic] “No.”

[Tom, desperate] “Go somewhere nice. Anywhere you like, Italy or the States. Get away from all the stress, space to think straight.”

[Brenda] “That’s not going to work.”

[Tom] “It isn’t even worth considering?”

[Brenda] “I think the world of you Tom, but there’d be no point.”

[Tom] “Why not, one last chance, where’s the harm ?”

[Brenda] “If I said yes, it’d be wrong. I’d only hate you worse later on … I’m so sorry … I know I’m right.”

Now here comes the kicker … they’re still sleeping in the same bed!


Funnily enough, it’s messing with Tom’s head.

[Tom] “I reached out, and you were there, same as always. It felt so normal. So right.”

[Brenda] “Look, if it’s making it worse for you … I thought about going in the spare room … I guess I’m not quite ready for that … I thought if we take things slowly, carefully … “

For goodness sake – no. No. No. No. How on earth that they cope and also have a hope of being able to move apart if they’re still sleeping together?


At least Brenda has had the sense to take her engagement ring off. Not that anyone else has actually noticed.

[Brenda] “I’m dreading tomorrow, going to work, having to explain.”

[Tom] “If you want, I can bring it down now?”

[Brenda] “I think it’s better if it just stays where it is.”

Quite right Brenda.

But oh so wrong about the sleeping arrangements.

Still, I suppose years of being with Tom Archer is bound to have made one a tad unstable.

Mark’s poem

Reg is moving to Yorkshire

His (and Bunty’s) house has sold, so he’s off to live near his daughter Joanna.

[Caroline] “So, that’s another link with Mark gone.”

Yes and no.

Reg gave Shula a box of Mark’s belongings:

[Shula] “It’s been interesting …”

In the box is a photo of mark when he was about 15 – he’s the spit of Daniel.

[Shula] “Half shy, half full of himself!”

They also found a poem Mark had written when he was about the same age as his photo. Caroline wonders if it would be okay for her to read it:

[Shula] “I’m sure Mark wouldn’t mind now.”

(oh ho!)

The poem started:

When we are old, and look back together …

[Caroline] “Poor mark. I could never have imagined.”

[Shula] “No. That’s what’s so shocking. He never had time to grow old.”

Who’s Jackie Woodstock and Sarah Locke?

Mark’s photos also include a few Ambridge blasts from the past:

Jackie Woodstock – went out with David, split up with David, moved in with Mark (after he and Shula had momentarily split up)

Sarah Locke – engaged to Mark, while Shula went out with Nigel, split up with Mark before he went to Hong Kong

Mark was a busy chap …

Ben Warner – Shula went out with him for a bit, but was then done for burglary

Shula was just as busy a chapess

When’s polka dots worse than padded shoulders?

When it’s fashion according to Caroline .

Still looking at Mark’s photos of days gone by:

[Caroline] “That is seriously  big hair … you could land a helicopter on it! … but I never succumb to polka dot jackets.”

[Shula] “You had quite a penchant for should padded jackets.”

[Caroline] “Hmm, better draw a veil round that …”

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