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Darrell’s been aiding dog fighting: Tues 16.04.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Tuesday 16th May 2013
  • Ed can’t even go to darts without being nagged
  • Ed wishes Nic and Will well
  • Darrell cleans up dog blood
  • Clarrie soothes Emma
  • The Bull darts team win
  • Neil helps Darrell

Ed can’t even go to darts without being nagged

Emma’s not happy that Neil has roped Ed into the darts match, after Darrell let him down.

[Ed] “I can’t let him down at the last minute. I’m all he’s got.”

[Emma] “You should have stood up to him.”

Ed reckons not so, specially while he’s staying in his house.

Emma reckons that with both Neil and Susan out tonight, they could have had some alone time. Now she’ll just be alone. Though Ed reminds her Clarrie will be round to see her, Emma thinks that’s small consolation considering Clarrie will be all talk of Nic and Will’s baby.

Goodness, that girl is a spoilt brat.

Ed wishes Nic and Will well

[Ed] “Good luck to them, I say. I would’ve thought Will’s got enough kids already, but that’s his business.”

Emma’s still on about how it will impact on George, but She’s on her own with that one. The rest of the family is delighted.

Darrell cleans up dog blood

Darrell’s on the job with Des again. It’s his job to show the cars in, and where to park (on Home Farm’s land, without Brian’s knowledge, let alone permission)

[Des] “There’s no need to look like a frightened rabbit. You’ve got your walky talky to back you up … I might need you to help clean up afterwords … it’s not a job for the squeamish, if you’re going to go all girly on me …”

Darrell sounds scared, but says it won’t be a problem.

Later on:

[Des] “You did a good job of getting rid of all the blood.”

When Des leaves, Darrell throws up.


I don’t care what financial problems Darrell has – he deserves everything he gets for helping those evil b*stards do what they do.

Clarrie soothes Emma

Round to see Emma, Clarrie does her best to allay her fears that George will be forgotten with Nic and Will’s new baby.

[Clarrie] “He’ll always be the first born, and that will always make him special … No-one can ever take that away from him.”

And, Clarrie reminds Emma that Keira was their first granddaughter.

[Clarrie] “Course, I’m very excited about the new baby, but it won't be a first.”

So – rather than having to worry about George – Clarrie says they will have to fuss the new baby to make it feel special.

Emma falls for that, and seems happier.

What a Princess … she’s lucky Clarrie has the patience of Saint Clarrie.

When Ed gets back from the darts, she’s not even angry that he’s a wee bit tipsy. She just makes him coffee.

[Emma] “I feel much better about it now. She’s so lovely, your mum.”

[Ed] “You shouldn’t let those two get to you.”

Well, technically Nic and Will have done nothing to Emma … but if making Emma feel better by lying is what gets the result, then so be it.

The Bull darts team win

Well done chaps!

Neil helps Darrell

As Ed and Neil walk home from their triumphant dart team, Ed has to shove Neil out of the path of a speeding car.

Shocked, they realise that someone else has nearly been hit.

It’s Darrell.

Ed heads off home (before he gets shouted at again by Emma), but Neil stays to make sure Darrell is okay.

[Neil] “You did know them, didn’t you … I saw them swerve towards you”

[Darrell] “It was just a joke.”

Darrell obviously has more to say, so Neil suggests they go back to his shed to talk.

(what is it with Neil and the Makepeace’s? Just the wrong place at the wrong time?)

Darrell explains that he needed the money, but is now in too deep, and doesn’t know how to get out. Tonight was the first time he’d seen for himself exactly what they were up to.

[Darrell] “I saw pitbulls in cages in the back of some of the cars … I don’t want to think about it.”

[Neil] “Dog fighting?”

[Darrell] “What I saw tonight …”

[Neil] “Made you sure?”

[Darrell] “Badly wounded dogs, and blood all over the place … it makes me sick to think about it.”

Seems Darrell had a Staffie when he was a kid.

[Darrell] “The thought of her being involved in something like … lying there in her own blood …”

Darrell reckons he can’t go back, but can’t stay away. He thinks them driving at him tonight was a warning to keep quiet, and keep on.

Well Darrell … stop being such a wimp, and stand up for those dogs! He’ll get no sympathy from me for knowing all this time, yet doing nothing.
Neil will sort this out so that the dog fighting is stopped, but I hope Darrell gets in as much trouble as the organisers. He deserves nothing less.

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