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Lilian’s Paul is a stalker: Tues 02.04.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Tuesday 2nd April 2013
  • Pig admin or mucking out?
  • Brenda calls Tom “pompous”
  • Who is Celia?
  • Now Tony’s not for the cows?
  • Brenda and Lilian have a right set-to
  • Brenda soon to dump Tom?

Pig admin or mucking out?

Tom would prefer pig admin.

Well, there’s a surprise … Tom choosing pigs over cows. He really thinks he’s far too good for working with the cows.

[Tom] “Such a waste of my time.”

[Brenda, sounding fed up] “Another nail in the dairy herd coffin …”

Brenda calls Tom “pompous”

As Tom goes on (and on) about how he needs to make Pat and Tony “see sense”, and get rid of the cows, Brenda’s trying to get a word in about her horrific work situation.

[Brenda] “At least you don’t have Lilian giving you the evils every time she walks into the office.”

[Tom] “We all have our issues at work, Brenda.”

[Brenda] “Oh don’t be so pompous!”

Tom reckons he’s got the worst of it, with a “dysfunctional family business”. Brenda reckons at least he’s his own boss.

Halfway through their ‘discussion’, Brenda seems to give up. As she walks out of the room, she mumbles:

[Brenda] “I guess sometimes things don’t work out the way you expect them to …”


More about the ideal of her and Tom than working for Matt and Lilian?

Who is Celia?

As Lilian and Paul have a ‘breakfast meeting’ (ahem!), Paul seems distracted. He seems to be getting “important” calls from someone he won’t disclose to Lilian, nor talk to while she’s there.

Not that she really notices. She’s too busy having breakfast (!).

Lilian heads off:

[Lilian] “Brenda is bound to have assumed her sulky face by now …”


Paul listens to his voice message:

[Some woman] “Paul it’s me, I’m not going to tell you again, you need to stop calling me. I don’t want to see you or talk to you. I know you’ve spoken to Grace and she’s told you about my plans, but what I do with my life is my business, so please just leave me alone.”

Later on, Paul calls back the woman.

[Some woman] “Why do you want?”

[Paul] “To talk to you.”

[Some woman] “There’s nothing to say.”

[Paul] “Celia, please, listen to me. I have to speak to you. Doesn’t what I think or feel mean anything to you anymore? You can’t just forget who I am. What I am to you.”

[some woman, who we now know is some woman called Celia] “What you are to me? Nothing, Paul … I want you out of my life. Once and for all.”

Celia hangs up.


As well as being obsessed with Lilian, is Paul also obsessed with this Celia?

Now Tony’s not for the cows?

Tony’s a happy chappy in his work these days:

[Tony] “Good thinking work, weeding.”

But the peace doesn’t last. He and Pat get onto talking about Tom’s idea to get rid of the cows.

[Tony] “He’s a grafter, and he’s dedicated, you have to give him that.”

[Pat] “His heart’s not into keeping the cows … and now he’s got Helen on his side.”

[Tony] “Come on Pat, Helen’s made her own mind up ...and she made some good points yesterday.”

Goodness – even Tony is now siding with Tom. Though not unexpected after Helen chose the dark side as well. Seems Tony can now see the logic, beyond the “emotional attachment”.

[Pat] “The choices we’ve made for Bridge Farm have never been solely based on money. And we’ve won out against the odds.”

[Tony] “Helen’s right, we’ve got to approach his as a business decision.”

Tony can now see that selling the herd would mean a lump sum of cash, which they could put into the farm, or even their pensions. And they’d save money.

[Pat] “Okay, so Tom can make it look good on paper, that doesn’t mean it’s a good thing to do.”

But there’s more.

Without cows, bridge Farm could give over their rented land to Tom and his pigs. More pigs means he can get the quantity of meat he needs for the ready meals. And more ready meals means he’ll be buying more of Bridge Farm’s veg. AND the organic milk they’d need to buy in for the ice cream, yoghurt and cheese would still be cheaper than running their own dairy herd.

[Tony] “And we’d be released from the lottery of the milk price for the rest.”

[Pat] “We’ve chosen a way of life, and the cows are an integral part of that life. I’ m sorry but I can’t agree it’s the right thing. I just can’t.”

Will Pat simply be outvoted?

Would they dare?!?

Brenda and Lilian have a right set-to

Brenda’s on the phone to an angry builder (who hasn’t been paid) when Lilian’s mobile goes off.

Brenda answers Lilian’s mobile.

Lilian walks in as Brenda is answering her mobile.

Lilian gets very, very angry …

[Lilian] “Oh, so you’re spying on me now!”

[Brenda] “I thought it might be an emergency.”

[Lilian] “Well, you’re not paid to make those judgements.”

Brenda bites back that the angry builder she was talking to wasn’t paid because Lilian didn’t transfer money to the right place.

[Brenda] “Next time, you can take the call from the builder’s yard!”

Matt really needs to be around more often.

He’ll find them scrapping in the pond next …

Brenda soon to dump Tom?

When Brenda gets in from work (and her stooshie with Lilian), Tom’s on about bloomin’ ready meals again.

[Tom] “The tides clearly turning against cheap meat.”

He reckons that folks still need (hmm, I reckon ‘want’ would be more apt) ready meals, but now also want British, traceable and high welfare standards.

Which means he’s spotted a massive market before it’s even happened.

And on, and on, and on he goes …

[Brenda, sarcastically] “Hi Brenda, how was your day?”

As Brenda hits the wine, she explains hew row with Tom.

Tom thinks it is actually “annoying” when someone else answers your mobile.

(is he an amateur at being a boyfriend? Obviously …)

[Brenda] “What a cow! She wouldn’t speak to anyone else like that.”

As Brenda lets it all out, Tom seems to have gone back to his spread sheets.

[Brenda] “Tom, are you listening? … what did I say then?”

[Brenda] “You were talking about Lilian … you answered her mobile and she got upset …”

Hmm, Brenda reckons she said far more than that.

[Brenda] “I don’t believe you. I’ve had an awful day and you’re not even bothered!”

[Tom] “So Lilian was in a bad mood. Try and forget about it. It’ll have blown over by the morning.”

Brenda she’s treated like a skivvy. Tom reckons she’s lucky just to even have a job (ouch!).

[Brenda] “Then I come home, and you’re so obsessed about your pigs and your ready meals and your spread sheets that we can’t even have a conversation about my day!”

[Tom] “We can. We are. Look, I'm turning this off now, okay.”

[Brenda] “How can you expect me to be interested in what you’re doing if you’re not interested in me?”

And Brenda storms off.


Can’t be long before Brenda is sharing a room with Bethany?

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